Has YOUR WordPress Site Been Hacked?

Apr 25

Have you ever had your WordPress blog hacked? Maybe you have… maybe you haven’t … yet! I don’t know whether there really ARE more WordPress sites being hacked lately or not, but I do know that hackers are becoming smarter and there is certainly a high risk of the majority of WordPress sites becoming a very real target at some point in their lifespan – more than likely sooner rather than later.

I know of at least THREE subscribers in the past week who have been inconvenienced by having their WordPress blog hacked. It’s certainly not a pleasant experience when it happens to you. And the problem is that once the hackers are in, they can do all sorts of nasty things such as redirect traffic, send out spam emails or set-up phishing sites. And that’s just the start…If they’re feeling particularly nasty, they can even delete your valuable data. In fact, once your WordPress blog has been hacked, there’s really not much these hackers can’t do if they put their mind to it!

When people have their WordPress blog hacked, more often than not, they start asking themselves “why me?” In reality, it’s not just them – there are probably tens of thousands of blogs that are being hacked every single day. It’s a waiting game because if you own a WordPress site (or any website in fact), then chances are you’re going to become a victim one day unless you do all that you can right now to reduce your chances of being a target.

One important thing to realize though is that you CAN substantially minimize the chance of having your WordPress blog hacked by simply implementing a few basic steps. The problem for most people, unless they are some sort of WordPress security expert, is that they have ABSOLUTELY no idea where to start. Many will try and “guess” how to secure their sites… only to be lulled into a false sense of security.

Because of all the people I’ve seenPBOOK002 Has YOUR Wordpress Site Been Hacked? fall victim to these hackers over the years, I’ve decided to release a step-by-step guide called WordPress Lockdown that will show you exactly how to secure your WordPress installations so that they’re almost impossible to hack… or at least so difficult that these hackers move on to someone else’s site!

Once you know what you’re doing, it’s actually very straightforward. My step-by-step guide will take you through every step in detail so that you can once again sleep well at night knowing that you’re FAR LESS likely to become a target.

Unfortunately, most people won’t actually take any action until AFTER they’ve had their WordPress blog hacked.

But by that stage it could be all too late. I don’t mean to instill fear into WordPress users unnecessarily, but it IS important to realize that this IS indeed a very real threat and something that could happen to you – at any time. If you think this is some sort of scaremongering tactic then I can assure you it’s not… and if you don’t secure your WordPress sites, then you’re playing a game of “Russian Roulette.”

Most people think that hackers only go after high-profile sites or those run by famous people or companies. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, because the larger high-profile sites are usually more aware of any security flaws, hackers tend to focus their attention on smaller sites.

I really want you to see the importance of taking action and securing your sites as soon as possible so that you are spared the distress of becoming another victim. I’m NOT saying you have to grab a copy of WordPress Lockdown, although I’d highly recommend it… What I AM saying is take action!

Don’t fall victim to having your WordPress blog hacked – be sure to grab your copy of WordPress Lockdown before the inevitable happens.


  1. Hello Aron..

    Thanks for the warning. Luckly my site has not been hacked and the very thought of it is dreadful. So much work, time and effort. Our blogs really are our hub of our business. I’ll be sure to take the right precautions form now on.


  2. Hey Aaron!
    I had my blog hacked many (7) years ago and I can assure your readers it is not fun restoring everything!

    Since then, I have taken many steps to secure my installation(s).

    Hope your book covers all the steps required when changing the default mysql tables so no-one goes through the major hassles of figuring out why they can’t log in to their admin panel… Took me days to figure out what happened!

    Good post Aaron. It IS essential to secure your blog(s) installation!

  3. Hi Aaron,
    Thank you for your info, I know it’s not fun to see your site being hacked,therefore I will make precaution from now to secure my site.

    Thanks and keep the work.

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