UnderGround Traffic Blueprints – Adwords Proof

Jul 15

I’ve been testing out just ONE of the methods outlined in Simon and Jeremys’ Underground Traffic Blueprints.

So far I’m very impressed with the results.

See the video proof I’ve put together where I show you that it IS possible to get 1 cent clicks – even in traditionally high-cost keyword niches.

(If you’re having trouble seeing things on the small screen click here to watch the video on YouTube itself)

If you like what you see, grab your copy through my link and I’ll give you my bonus package (outlined in the my review).

Your friend in success,



  1. Your pimping of Underground Traffic Blueprints is undermining your goal of becoming a thoughtful, unbiased reporter/commentator on Internet marketing programs.

    You need to decide if you are going to promote this stuff or if you are going to be the “Consumer Reports” of IM. You can’t have it both ways. You either report or you promote. No going back and forth allowed.

    Just my thoughts.

  2. Hey Thanks Aaron,

    Brilliant little video – I really appreciated it.
    Brilliant product review! Its pleasing to know there are some good products out there.

    You are quite right to recommend it and also offer bonuses! What have people got to lose?

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Aaron /

    Joel…I would like to respond to your comments first.

    The point of this blog is NOT necessarily to put me in a position in which I am not able to PROMOTE a product I believe in. (I still need to make money too and can’t simply review products endlessly with no financial gain otherwise there is little point because I still have to pay for purchasing most of the products and how will I recoup that?) I have had hundreds of people recommend products for me to review. If I can’t promote the good ones then how will I afford to recoup my costs not only for purchasing the GOOD products but also for all the ones I purchase that turn out to be nothing but junk (currently averaging about 5 to 1!) What I promised was to ensure that my reviews were HONEST. And I believe they are. I said I would NEVER promote a product that I wouldn’t use or hadn’t tried myself. I believe this blog is very balanced and as you will know, I have foregone potentially huge commission checks by exposing some of the crap products for what they are rather than promoting them in order to make a quick buck at my readers’ expense.

    Whilst I respect your opinion :-) I must disagree here and believe that it’s fine for me to “promote” products which I honestly believe will help my readers.


  4. Aaron /

    Thanks Richard

    I agree. Whilst there are no real SECRETS in internet marketing, this product has some “gems” even for experienced marketers. I think at the pricepoint, it is very worth the spend.


  5. Aaron /

    UPDATE: In just over 36 hours of using this method, I have received 1513 clicks for NZ$27.79 (approximately $19 USD) so averaging a little over 1 cent per click. :-)


  6. Hey Aaron – great review and update. In your review you stated: “Although the course is probably not aimed directly at someone who is literally just starting out online…” – Well, that’s me!! lol

    I like what I see, but I’m still only at the learning stage right now. At this point, I don’t even have a place to drive traffic to, but I’m wondering if this would be something I should grab even if it sits on the shelf for the next month or two as I get rolling. I’ll need traffic, but at this stage should I even consider paying for it (as opposed to just going all SEO for my traffic until I’m seeing some return). BTW, I’ve pretty much decided to go the micro-niche blog route as an Amazon affiliate for starting out – if that helps answer the question of whether this is something I should take advantage of.

    I’m also wondering how targeted the low cost traffic is that you’re getting. Granted you got a ton of clicks for your $20, but in the end, what’s the payoff?? On the one hand, I’m assuming it must be somewhat targeted – afterall, someone is clicking an Adsense link, but on the other hand we didn’t see any sales – and rather I believe you converted the site to a squeeze for a mailing list – correct?

    Just curious. And, again, thank you for giving us the feedback that you do – it really DOES help (and one reason why’d I’d like to support ya by picking it up!) lol

  7. Aaron /

    Hi Pogul

    All great questions. I still think this is something that could benefit someone just starting out but I guess that probably wasn’t their “target market.”

    The only thing I would say about getting it now and waiting to use it is that (although there really are NO SECRETS to making money online – by that I mean, everyone these days seems to have “the secret” yet there really are no SECRETS as such), the more the methods become used by the mainstream, the more their effectiveness will be watered down.

    Now – I should qualify this. Many of the methods are going to work indefinitely, however things like 1 cent Adwords clicks (and this is just my opinion – I COULD easily be wrong) are likely to become harder to get simply because the more competition there is, the more the prices are driven up. But that may be months or years away. Given that, in the overall scheme of the internet, only a small number of people will own UTB (or know about the method), I think there is still a fair bit of life in it. :-)

    Re the ROI on my Adwords campaign – to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to make sales immediately as I have a followup sequence via email however I was initially sending traffic to a sales page WITH an opt-in form. Problem is that the product itself is $200 odd and so I decided to change tact and go with a straight squeeze page fairly early on so thus the reason why I cannot as yet report sales figures. I like to warm the prospects up before trying to get them to buy my $200 product.

    Re your own situation. The only problem with SEO is that it generally takes a LONG time to see any substantial results. Often, people are discouraged before they manage to even see any results and eventually quit. The great thing about Adwords (in any form) is that it allows you to quickly drive targeted traffic to your sites and test conversions. The downside is that is can be VERY expensive. Whilst I have no doubt that the method taught in UTB is less targeted than traditional Adwords methods, the cost differential is crazy and to me it warrants extensive testing – especially since I am selling a $200 product. That basically means even if just ONE in every 10,000 visitors bought my product, assuming I am getting 1 cent clicks, I am basically doubling my ROI.

    One thing I WOULD say though, is that you would need a little “extra money” over and above the cost of the UTB course to be able to run your Adwords campaign obviously… but if you are promoting a product with good returns AND using the other methods outlined in the course, then you should see some nice traffic and good returns. In many cases, you might be best to use the traffic to build a targeted mailing list (which is basically what I am doing for my $200 product which is outside the IM niche.)

    Hope this helps and if you need any further advice, I am here to help.


  8. Hi Aaron
    I laughed to myself when I saw this comment from JoelinPDX:
    “Your pimping of Underground Traffic Blueprints”
    As you are not a registered charity, I am surprised at some people’s attitude.
    My advice is to ignore him and carry on promoting GOOD products like Underground Traffic Blueprints from Simon and Jeremy, that in your opinion are ‘Worth the Money’ and will HELP US in pushing forward with our own websites.
    Graham in UK
    P.S. Aaron- I’m pleased that you have made the money to buy some crap products and test them out in order to save us wasting our money on them!!

  9. Aaron,
    nice blog. I thought the demo was a great idea. For those that have experience with Adwords, it’s nothing new but It’s a great technique for those that don’t know how to use the display network!


  10. BTW,
    I did the same thing, pointing my 2 cents traffic to my squeeze pages!


  11. Aaron /

    Hey Graham

    Thanks for your support. It means a great deal to me. Whilst I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, I have come to the conclusion that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never please everyone :-)

    I’m going to continue testing products for my readers as I have done well from internet marketing over the years and want others to have a chance to do so as well. I still believe that there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to succeed in this industry if they really want to.

    Thanks again Graham!


  12. Aaron:

    First, I would like to thank you for your singular honesty. The first person to comment on this post was way out of line. You are in a category by yourself, unafraid to rip apart the dross that most affiliates present to their lists as the best thing since sliced bread. If you occasionally discover a product that is actually good, why shouldn’t you promote it? Indeed, you are doing us a huge favor by promoting it! We want to know what works and what doesn’t, and your blog is one of the very few places I know I can get a genuine answer to that question.

    I bought UTB on the strength of your recommendation and was very impressed with it. In fact, it is by far the best IM product I have ever bought – and I’ve only gone through about one third of the content. I would point out, though, that the “secret” Google code in the article-marketing section has already been discussed by Tim Gorman in his WSOs.

    The approach to Adwords given in UTB is well-timed, coming shortly after the release of another product, recently panned on this blog, that purported to reveal cheap sources of PPC traffic on lesser-known sites. UTB also coincides with a new product, fb Siphon, that claims PPC on Facebook is as good as Adwords was six years ago. I would very much like to hear your thoughts on that, Aaron.

    The UTB approach to Adwords does have one barrier to entry – proficiency with Photoshop or an equivalent graphic-design program. (That is why I am currently immersing myself in Gimp tutorials.) If that skill can be mastered, this traffic “blueprint”, as verified by Aaron, is indeed brilliant. Let’s just hope the whole world doesn’t find out about it in 2010!

  13. Aaron /

    Hi Richard

    Firstly – thanks so much for the kind words and support. It really means a lot to me to get that type of feedback and makes me more determined than ever to be sure I am making the right kind of recommendations to my readers.

    Re Tim Gorman’s WSO… I must admit I haven’t seen his WSOs but I would imagine that it’s not a new thing (the code), just not widely known.

    As I might have touched on in previous posts or comments, there is virtually no “secret” in the IM niche these days and it’s more a matter of being able to get access to all the information you need in one place and at a reasonable price. I think UTB does a great job of this. But if you wanted to spend hundreds of hours scouring the net, then I wouldn’t mind betting you could find at least a good majority of the information for free but only if you knew exactly what you were looking for :-)

    Re the learning curve for GIMP, if you need any help there I would be glad to give you another bonus video tutorial on using GIMP effectively (just let me know and I will upload it for you). I must admit, I have used Photoshop for years so I kind of took that for granted HOWEVER I actually decided (because I was pushed for time) to outsource that part and get my “images” made by a graphic designer. I ended up getting the entire set for $50 and I am sure if I had pushed hard enough I could have got them cheaper than that too.

    Once again, I really appreciate the feedback Richard and am delighted that you are liking what you’ve seen so far. As I say – even if some methods are already known to you, the gems that can be taken from the product are well worth the $77 spend in my opinion.


  14. Aaron:

    You’re welcome.

    I wanted to give a little progress update and request some assistance, if I may. After wading through hours of GIMP tutorials, I made a set of banners that I was pretty happy with. Armed with thousands of keywords that should be reasonably relevant to the niche I’m in (an automotive product), I created a campaign in Adwords, currently with eight ad groups, each with eight image ads, and totalling close to 16,000 keywords. (Incidentally, Google didn’t like all the keywords, even when they looked perfectly o.k. to me.) Approval of the campaign was delayed by a careless error on my part – incorrect display URL – but once I fixed that the campaign was live.

    Here we are six hours later and nothing has happened. I have my bids set at two cents, as suggested in UTB. All the keywords in the campaign were reported as being below the bid necessary for display on the first page. UTB recommended leaving the network and device options untouched, but I have just tried changing that setting to display network only, since we obviously aren’t going to be on the search results anyway. Also, I have my geographical settings as the U.S. and Canada because shipping of a physical product is involved.

    I noticed that in your experiment, Aaron, you were in a fairly expensive market and that still didn’t hurt you. What am I missing here?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  15. Aaron /

    Absolutely I will help you Richard :-)

    As soon as I get back to the office, I will reply again – might be a few hours though.

    In the meantime if you wanted to send me any more info (in a more private way) that might help me assist you then just send it through to the email address that I sent your bonuses from. :-)

    Don’t worry buddy… I’ll make sure all gets sorted for you.

    One thing to check is the REGION in which you are advertising. One of my campaigns I ran in New Zealand only (inadvertently) and I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any clicks. Took me a while to realize. I targeted it to all English speakers and we were away laughing :-)


  16. Aaron /

    Hey Richard

    Let’s get together via email and I will help you.

    Just email me at the address I sent you the bonuses from or contact me at my support desk and I will personally help you. :) http://trans-pacific-marketing.com/support



  17. Hi Aaron,

    I guess so you used google adword content network.

    Which product do you promoted, and how is look your landing page.

    How do you get backlinks?

    All ingredients I told you you can smatch google cost per click for a penny or less!

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