Web Hosting

If you’re not wanting to become a member of the MyMarketingGoldmine private membership site, then the ONLY OTHER hosting provider that I ever recommend is Hostgator.

I have had a long business relationship with Hostgator and have spent over $50,000 with them. I highly recommend their services.

If you order your hosting package through Hostgator and enter the coupon code: MYMARKETINGGOLDMINE you will receive a substantial discount on your first month’s hosting to the point that it’s virtually FREE!

So – why do I recommend Hostgator?

Firstly, their support is excellent. They always have a fast turnaround time on any support request and they have multiple support channels such as phone, live chat or their ticket system.

Secondly, they are very competitive in their pricing. You’d be hard pushed to find cheaper web hosting with the same level of support, anywhere else.

I strongly recommend that you consider either MyMarketingGoldmine or Hostgator for your hosting needs.