10 PLR Videos Just Went Live!

May 11

For years now I have purchased Jeremy Burn’s SourceCodeGoldmine packages because they always contain fantastic value. (I think I have bought almost every package that Jeremy has released!)

I’ve always been able to turn the products into something great and resell them for tens of times what I purchased them for. That’s the great thing about getting the actual SOURCE CODE – you can modify them to create your own unique products.

Well, this year the package is slightly different than in previous years. There’s no software as is usually the case and all ten products are video based. The first video series alone is worth the entire price of the package (in my humble opinion) because the market that it’s focused on is FULL of hungry buyers.

Here are the titles included:

=> Forex Trading For Newbies
=> Building Big Email Lists
=> Extracting Maximum Cash From Your Email List
=> Email Deliverability For Marketers
=> PPC Treasure
=> Resume Rockstar
=> Continuity Cash Secrets
=> Squidoo Lens Genius
=> Clickbank Approved
=> Start Making Decisions To Start Making Profits


Here’s my advice though (for what it’s worth….)

Only get this package if:

=> You plan to get out there and sell the products (or you are at least going to be able to use the information yourself)

=> You’re into selling video products for big profits

=> You’re creative and want to turn these into unique products that you can put your own name on.

Don’t get the package if:

=> It’s just going to sit on your hard drive gathering dust. There’s no point as you might as well save your money.


Remember – I’ve said it time and time again, but I’ll say it again. I will NEVER recommend a product to you that I haven’t tried myself just to make a “quick buck” from you. That’s NOT how I do business.

So – just to PROVE to you that I am a man of my word… here are my receipts simple smile 10 PLR Videos Just Went Live!

Just a word of warning – there ARE a few upsells, downsells and cross-sells but I got through them ok and actually decided to grab one of the downsells.

SCGMv9receipt1 300x262 10 PLR Videos Just Went Live!

And I DID in fact choose to take one of the downsells.

SCGMv9receipt2 300x258 10 PLR Videos Just Went Live!


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