PlatinumPopup v1.5.0 (WP v3.0 Compatible Released!)

Jul 08

We’ve just released v1.5.0 of the PlatinumPopup today. This one is WordPress 3.0 compatible and has a ton of extra features over v1.0.4.5

platinumpopupboxes1 300x262 PlatinumPopup v1.5.0 (WP v3.0 Compatible Released!)Although I might be a “little biased” here, I believe that this is one of the best WordPress Popup plugins on the market – if not THE best.

Take it for a whirl and you’ll see what I mean. There’s a Lite version which is totally free to download whilst the Premium version (which boasts some extra “bells and whistles”) is still going dirt cheap.

You can download PlatinumPopup from

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PlatinumPopup… Your Questions Answered

May 19

I’ve been fielding emails ever since I sent out the earlier update on the release of the PlatinumPopup Plugin.

Here are the answers to some of the common questions: 

What is the difference between the Lite and the Premium Version?

Obviously the Lite version is not as feature packed as the Premium version  however it is still a great addition to your WordPress Blog.You can compare all the features from the table at this page:

How long will you be keeping the Beta price of the Premium version at the current price?

Only until the first 50 are sold. 

Do we have to pay for future updates?

No. We are offering free upgrades to anyone who purchases a copy of the Premium version (i.e. the first 50 people). 

Is it easy to setup?

If you can FTP to your hosting account, you’ll be fine. It is simply a case of uploading the PlatinumPopup folder to the wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress blog. If you’re not confident doing that then we’re happy to assist you as much as possible.

What will the official release price be?

That is still to be determined. What we can say though is that plugins currently selling for $47 do not have half the features that PlatinumPopup Premium version has!

Do you have any demo popups available so I can check them

Not yet but we are working on setting up a demo blog and hope to have this completed within 48 hours.

Doesn’t this directly compete with your MyMarketingListBuilder SlideIn plugin?

Yes and no. Both are great plugins. And each can be used in different situations or even both on the same blog! They actually can work nicely together but you can always test which yields the best results for your target market. Well that’s about all the FAQs so far…

The previous post gives you details of how to get your hands on the Lite download or pick up your Premium version.

Your friend,


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PlatinumPopup Just Released… Lite Version Available For FREE!

May 19

My friend Phil Meyer and I have just released a wicked new WordPress plugin that sucks in subscribers like a vacuum cleaner on steroids simple smile PlatinumPopup Just Released... Lite Version Available For FREE!

We’ve called it PlatinumPopup and right now you can get it free.   BUT before you do, there is a very special PREMIUM version on offer RIGHT NOW for peanuts. But we’ve only got 50 copies available before we start rolling it out officially at a considerably higher price.

Check out the killer deal we’ve put together here:

or order directly here:

I HIGHLY doubt you will find a better WordPress popup plugin (and if you do, then tell us why and we’ll add the features YOU want to see!)   Usually plugins of this quality sell for AT LEAST $47 a pop… and ours is worth that and more.

Order today at the super low price and we’ll also throw in free updates…

Oh – and if you decide that you want to go with the Lite version for starters, it’s available from the link below… just go to the right hand side of that page and choose the Download Version Lite option.


Your friend in success,

p.s. Remember – we’ve only got 50 copies at the killer BETA release price. Secure yours today ….

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