Your $1500 Per Month Guarantee?

Jun 04

If you’ve tried all sorts of ways to make a living off the internet but never had any real success, then it’s time to seriously consider taking some sort of positive action that will virtually ensure your success is guaranteed …. that IS if you’re SERIOUS about making money online!

My friend William can help you – and not only that, but he’s guaranteeing that you’ll make money when you use his training system ….

“Join My Training Program And By The Time You Finish It You Will Be Making AT LEAST $1500 Per Month – Guaranteed”

“If you join my program, implement the lessons, contact me when you need help and follow all of my instructions exactly as they are and don’t make money, I’ll make money for you.”

It’s a bold claim but he’s that confident that he can help you.

You can see from his Warrior Forum profile (below) that he’s  no “fly-by-nighter” either and delivers real value to the Warrior Forum as a whole:

williamrs Your $1500 Per Month Guarantee?

Interested in hearing more? Click the link below:


I’m not going to try and trick you here – the program will take a bit of effort so if you’re into looking for “pushbutton riches” then this ain’t for you… then again – I’ve yet to see ANY “pushbutton” system that actually works as claimed!

Stop chasing your tail and consider using a “system” that delivers real and sustainable results:


With William’s guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

“Together we can help each other succeed!”

Your friend in success,


P.S. You could easily spend the type of money we’re talking about investing in William’s training very quickly on garbage products that don’t deliver. If that’s what you’ve been doing up until now and you still haven’t seen results – then how will continuing to do so be any different?

This is definitely worth careful consideration – surely? What could YOU do with an extra $1500 per month?


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Grab Your FREE “Instant Cash Injection” Report

Apr 12

I’ve just released a new report that focuses on showing you a SIMPLE blueprint for virtually anyone to make money online. This is one of the easiest ways I know to start making money online.

The best part is that I’ve added a “unique twist” which actually gives you a SECOND stream of income from this very report!

Comes with free Giveaway Rights…

cover175 Grab Your FREE Instant Cash Injection Report

Download Your Copy Of Instant Cash Injection Today – It’s FREE!

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[NEW FACEBOOK WSO] – Video Series Shows How To Make Money With Facebook – Rave Reviews

Mar 19

You know I only look to bring you the very BEST products that will actually HELP your internet business – right?

Generally I’ll only tell you about 20% or less of the products I ACTUALLY buy. Most of them just aren’t worth it.

Well, today I wanted to let you know about a brand new Facebook WSO I bought. It’s a 6-part video course on making big money with Facebook and it’s been getting rave reviews – so I just couldn’t resist grabbing it to see what it was like.

facebook 256 [NEW FACEBOOK WSO] Video Series Shows How To Make Money With Facebook Rave Reviews


I’m glad I did because it’s inspired me to get back into using Facebook to promote some different niche products!

There are just two other things you may want to know about this Facebook WSO before you jump in and grab it:

1. There IS an upsell but I didn’t take it. It’s NOT necessary to succeed with the Facebook WSO product itself.

2. There is some talk on the thread about opening a second Facebook account for your business. This is NOT what the Facebook WSO product is about so don’t worry about that. I personally understand that right now it’s against Facebook’s terms and conditions to have more than one account but I know many people that have one for their business and one personally…. I’m not saying that I recommend doing that though 😉 But again – that’s NOT what this Facebook WSO product is about and you can succeed with it using a single account.

Right now it’s going for such a low price, this is fantastic value. Unfortunately though, the price is creeping up as more people buy… so check it out now if you have time:

Click Here To See The Reviews From ACTUAL Customers Of This Facebook WSO

Here’s a quick overview of what this Facebook video course covers:

Video 1: How To Find A Profitable Niche In Under 10 Minutes. Do This   Right And You’re Setting Yourself Up For Long Term Profit..Most People Make One Big Mistake Here.

Video 2: Finding Affiliate Offers To Promote That Are Going To Convert Into Money.

Video 3: Creating Your Landing Page – Facebook Fan Page Magic. No Technical Skills Required.

Video 4: Adding Content To Your Landing Page. This Is Where I Show You Exactly How To Position Your AffiliateOffer To Make Maximum Number Of Sales – Again Most People Get This VERY Wrong.

Video 5: Create An Ad Campaign On Facebook To Send Ultra Targeted, Cheap Traffic To Your Money Page!

Click Here For Details On This Facebook WSO

“Together we can help each other succeed!”

Your friend in success,


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These 9 Words May Change Your Life!

Feb 11

I have been literally blown away by the feedback I’ve had over the past few days regarding my recent blog post about the crappy $37 software products that have been bombarding us lately. It’s really got me believing that “together we CAN make a difference.”

[I apologize for not having replied to everyone individually. I definitely will post a lengthy reply to address any points as soon as possible.]

Anyhow… today I have an insight for you. I hope you’ll see where I am coming from with this one.

Here goes:

I was having my breakfast this morning whilst flicking through a magazine that was lying on the table. It certainly wasn’t one of my usual reads… in fact it was one of my wife’s magazines! LOL

I flicked to one of the pages and read a small quote:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish!”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 – 1944)

Immediately I thought about how relevant this was to many of my readers. I honestly believe this is the CRUX of why so many people do such a miserable job of making any real money online. They have a goal – “they want to make money online” – but they have no real PLAN. And therefore, time and time again, they fail. But the most important thing these people need to realize is that it is NOT that they are not CAPABLE of achieving the goal. They just don’t have anything or anyone to guide them step-by-step to that goal.

Ironically, the most bizarre thing was, just the night before, I had stumbled upon the very thing that I thought might REALLY help my readers.

As you know, I very seldom recommend products to you these days. I’m not interested in “peddling crap” to you like some of those other “marketers” who make out their doing you a real favor by letting you know about the latest and greatest pushbutton solution! You and I both know, you’re smarter than that! I’m sure you’ve wised up to those guys.

Well, I just purchased the Adsense $100k Blueprint (Yep – that’s MY affiliate link and I’ll stake my credibility on the fact that this could just be one of your best IM purchases for a very long time, if you decide to grab it AND follow it.)

And just so I can PROVE to you that I’ve actually PURCHASED a copy for myself so that I can thoroughly review it and I’m not just trying to make a fast buck… you can see my short video below. (I’ll even show you a quick peek behind the scenes!”)

I bought this blueprint so that I can work on it with my wife who knows virtually nothing about marketing online. I want to have something she can follow along to and build sites to build an income for herself.

If you want a bit more info on this one, you can download this free report which gives you more info.

What I like about this so far:

1) The sales video is not 30 minutes long, only to leave you wondering what it is you might be purchasing. It’s less than 5 minutes long and shows only proof that these guys are actually making the income they claim.

2) This is NOT a brand new product so there are countless real reviews from countless real customers on the Warrior Forum. They are almost all positive (something that VERY RARELY happens on the Warrior Forum. Usually products there are RIPPED TO SHREDS!) I have NEVER seen reviews like this on the Warrior Forum.

Click here to read those reviews

3) The creators are actually RESPONDING TO queries or comments made as part of the reviews on the Warrior Forum.

4) The blueprint is comprehensive and detailed.

5) You don’t have to do anything BLACKHAT, or breach of Terms Of Service or anything dodgy like that to make this work for you. The same cannot be said for some of the “pushbutton / one-click software” that has been released recently.

6) There were NO dodgy sales tactics such as price reductions when trying to leave the page without buying! (I REALLY HATE that tactic. It oozes desperation and also leaves a good portion of customers with a foul taste in their mouth when they realize that they could have got the product cheaper.) I’m really pleased that these guys did not use that awful tactic.

7) I didn’t have to navigate my way through countless high priced upsells. I will say there IS one upsell but it is just a forum membership and is certainly not required to make the most of the blueprint itself. In fact, at this stage, I have not bought it. I may do once I start working through the blueprint.

What you MAY not like about it:

1) It’s not a pushbutton solution. You’re going to have to work a little bit and follow the blueprint but the rewards should definitely be worth it if you stick with this and follow the plan. Plenty of others have already done it and there is no reason why you can’t too!

So who do I think Adsense $100k Blueprint is for?

– Anyone who has not made any real money online yet.

– Anyone who is not afraid of doing a few hour’s hard work. (Just think about how much time you invariably waste surfing the net looking for the “next big thing.”)

– Anyone who wants to add additional income streams to their existing business.

What Adsense $100k Blueprint is NOT!

– It’s NOT a get rich quick scheme (even the creators clearly state that in their short sales video)

Here’s the deal!

If you purchase the Adsense $100k Blueprint through my affiliate link, I’ll make sure I help you in any way I can to get the most from this purchase. I’ll also give you my latest MP3 audio called “Success Mindset Solution” which I haven’t even advertised yet to help you get yourself into the right frame of mind for success. I’m a firm believer in the power of your mind to achieve incredible results and if you go into anything with the wrong mindset, you’ll undoubtedly be disappointed with the results.

once I have verified that I have been credited with your sale I’ll send you your bonus within 24 hours along with details of how to best contact me if you need assistance to the email address you used with your purchase.

So – if you trust me enough to make a recommendation to you based on my thorough research and personal experience so far with the Adsense $100k Blueprint, click here to order through my link and I will make sure you are personally looked after.

There will probably be a few people who will “question my integrity” in making this recommendation and to that I will say “I have NEVER said I wouldn’t recommend products to you that I HONESTLY THOUGHT will work for you. I have no problem in doing that. If I DID NOT DO THAT, I would in fact be doing you a DISservice.”

So click here to join me in working through the Adsense $100k Blueprint.

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Why 99% Of People FAIL To Make Money Online

Jun 27

I’ve been marketing online since 2002 and during this time I’ve learned a great deal about how to make money online.

Make Money Online Why 99% Of People FAIL To Make Money OnlineAs much as is humanly possible, I try to help others succeed with an internet business however only a small percentage of people will actually go on to reach their goals. In all honesty – that really saddens me because many of those people have the “potential” to achieve amazing results but they are often a victim of their own actions.

Over the years I have analyzed why so many people fail to make money online and I’ve come up with my “top 4 reasons” below:

REASON #1. They’re Looking For A “Silver Bullet”

If you’re looking for that elusive “silver bullet”, take my advice and stop hunting right now. You won’t find one.

There is no such thing as INSTANT RESULTS and if someone has told you otherwise, I’d be extremely cautious.

I’ve personally seen it first hand. A lot of those who turn to the internet to make money online are so desperate for quick cash that they start chasing INSTANT RICHES and then, once they’ve exhausted all their available cash or maxed out their credit cards, they throw in the towel with the belief that making money online isn’t possible.

NOTHING could be further from the truth and the internet is still an incredible platform for those looking to build an extremely profitable business that will produce income for them for years to come but you need to keep in mind that the days of INSTANT RICHES (if there ever was such a thing) are long gone. Be prepared to work hard and you WILL achieve surprising results.

REASON #2. They Do Not Set Themselves Realistic Goals

At best, most people set themselves very general goals whilst others are outrageously unrealistic.

One of the most important factors in achieving success in whatever you wish to do, is to set realistic goals. By setting realistic goals you are more likely to succeed because you can easily see that you are making progress towards your overall goal at each milestone.

As an example (and please keep in mind that the exact figures themselves are not particularly important here)…

If you want to make $3000 per month online, then you should try and think realistically how this can be achieved.

Firstly – you would probably not expect to see $3000 per month in your first month. (If you did, that would be sensational but for 99.9% of people this won’t happen.) So be sure to set yourself a realistic goal.

Maybe in your first month it is your goal to earn $300 (or an average of $10 per day). By achieving even this level of income, you are PROVING to YOURSELF that making money online is in fact possible.

(Important note: In most cases, you won’t make ANY money in the first month of joining a program. That’s reality. But don’t let that put you off. You have to do the groundwork first before you will see the fruits of your labor.)

Perhaps your second month’s goal is to make $600 for the month (or an average of $20 per day).

If you keep your goals realistic and “bite-sized” you are more likely to attain your longer term goal of generating $3000 per month rather than trying to shoot for it in Month #1 only to fail and become demotivated.

HOT TIP: If you can focus on ways to make RESIDUAL INCOME (i.e. income that rolls over every month) as opposed to ONE-OFF INCOME, then you can really make some awesome money in just a few short months as each month’s income essentially gets added to the previous months’ (with the exception of any cancellations).

REASON #3. They Don’t Stick With A Program Or Plan For Long Enough To See Results

This is a biggie and it’s easy to see why this happens, especially to those who are new to the internet marketing scene. Every day, we are bombarded with money making offer after money making offer and 95% of them SEEM great on the surface of things. The problem is that, even if 50% of those offers actually WORKED, most people won’t stick with them long enough to see results.

My advice to anyone who asks me how to make money online is this:

Find a step-by-step blueprint that has been proven to work for others in your position or is recommended or created by someone you trust. Stick with that blueprint and do not deviate for at least 3 months… I say “AT LEAST” because virtually every good system will take a few months to start working for you – especially if you are starting out from scratch.

I see it all the time…

“I’ve been trying for the last 3 months to make money online. I’ve tried virtually everything there is out there and nothing seems to work! I’ve tried PPC, blogging, CPA, MLMs and heaps of other things but none have made me any money. I’m at my wits end trying to get something to work because if I don’t make money online within the next month or so, I’ll be kicked out of my apartment and living on the street. Please help.”

If only these people would stick to just ONE program and devote all their time to it, in many cases, they would have been successful. But instead, they are swayed by all the tempting offers out there and end up doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that but not enough to actually make any income.

My mother always used to say to me “good things take time” and although I didn’t always believe everything my mother used to tell me (lol), I do believe that to be true. You have to allow enough time to see results. If you skip to the next program without giving the previous one enough of a chance to work properly, you’re doing yourself (and the program) a disservice.

The key is truly to stay very focused on the tasks at hand and not being distracted by all the other offers out there. As tempting as they may be, becoming distracted will be a massive reason why you will not succeed at any.

REASON #4. There Are TOO MANY WAYS To Make Money Online So They Simply DO NOT Take Action On Any…

Despite what many might think, there are actually TOO MANY WAYS that you can make money online and that can often be the biggest reason for failure for some. They just don’t know which route to take.

There is another group of people that simply freeze at the starting gate. Often these people are too scared to take ANY action and that is what holds them back from being able to make money online. It’s a shame but it’s partially the fault of there being so many choices that the individual just simply does not know where to begin.

Whatever you do – if you decide that you are going to do something, then DO IT. Don’t sit and procrastinate. Procrastination is time wasted. By all means, do your own “due diligence” but once you have reached a decision, don’t be afraid to take action!

Stay focused on your goals and stick with your chosen plan and I can virtually guarantee that in the months ahead, you WILL make money online!

I’d love to hear from you if you have yet to make any money online. Perhaps you could take 30 seconds to complete my poll? You may even like to share your comments below so that I can help you to succeed. Also – perhaps you HAVE had success and would like to share how you achieved this?

Your friend in success,


If you have yet to make any real money online, why do you think that is?

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