SOLD! Ready To Go iPhone Unlocking “Membership Site” For Sale – Minimal Support Required!

May 02


I am “considering” selling a “ready to run” membership site that I simply don’t have the time to promote. I had the best of intentions but have decided that I need to invest time in other areas of my business. This site is in the lucrative “iPhone” niche!

screenshot of site SOLD! Ready To Go iPhone Unlocking Membership Site For Sale Minimal Support Required!

I have done nothing to promote the site at all so I am not making any revenue claims here although I have no doubt it could be a good earner with some promotion. provides its members with step-by-step PDF guides which show them exactly how to unlock their iPhones. (Whilst this is a highly popular market, the site will require a little work to improve its search engine rankings. Currently I have too many projects on the go to be able to devote enough time to this – even though I KNOW it is a VERY lucrative market and could be very profitable in time. If I don’t sell it however, then I will just keep it until I can devote more time to it.)

Here is what you’ll receive if you are the successful purchaser of this site:

– The site and domain name.

– 3 months pro hosting on one of my dedicated servers.

– Lifetime access to my fully automated Delavo, member management and product delivery system. (This will be specifically for the running of the site and you won’t be able to setup additional products for other sites though.)

– Assistance to transfer the site to a host of your choice if you choose.

– All the guides which are available in the members’ area. This is a great opportunity for someone to pick up a membership site which is already fully setup and “ready to run.” It is an html based website (i.e. it’s NOT WordPress) and would require minimal support.

– FOUR unique and freshly written iPhone unlocking / jailbreaking articles (one of which has been uploaded to the site today and can be seen here.)

This site can ONLY be sold to ONE person…. First person to make payment will be the proud new owner.

If you’re keen, but wanted to suggest a price you’d be willing to pay for such a ready to go site, then you can post a comment in the comments section and I’ll definitely consider it. (No crazy offers please – keep it realistic.)

How much am I asking for this ready to run business?

Just $267.00


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Ok.. Ok… I’ve had 2 more blogs built for you!

Feb 03

Since I announced the sale of a couple of my blogs that I did not have the time to maintain, I’ve been literally swamped by customers wishing they’d had more time to get in on the offer.

As a result, I asked my team to build another couple of blogs to help out a couple more of my subscribers. and (SOLD!) are now available!

These are “ready-to-run” so that all the grunt work of finding domains, getting hosted and then setting them all up has been done. I’m even throwing in 6 months hosting for FREE!

Teeth Whitening200 Ok.. Ok... Ive had 2 more blogs built for you!

GreenLivingTips 200 Ok.. Ok... Ive had 2 more blogs built for you!

You can get full details on how to grab one of them here.

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Jan 31

UPDATE: Unfortunately both of these blogs have now sold. However – I asked my team to build another one for my subscribers today. They’ve done just that! is now for sale! Also – you may want to check out the others I am selling in my original post.

The other day I told you about how I had decided to rationalize my web businesses because I simply had FAR too many.

Well, today I’ve got a couple more websites which I basically forgot about and don’t have the time to do anything further with them.

The first one is

This domain is a PR1 domain and was first registered back in May 2010

It gets about 200-300 unique visitors a month right now and could do MUCH better with a bit of backlinking and promotion.

This would be a great site for someone wanting to earn affiliate commissions from the various web hosting affiliate programs. The Hostgator affiliate program pays a minimum of $50 PER REFERRAL (regardless of how long they keep their account) so you wouldn’t need to do much to turn a profit with this one.

bwa screenshot2001 and are FOR SALE!

The second one I’m selling is This would be a great site for those wanting to get into the lucrative “six pack ab” niche. There is good money to be made in this niche (I’ve previously earned some great commissions in that very niche) however again, I needed to rationalize and don’t have the time to promote and develop this site further.

Ultimate Ab Guide 200 and are FOR SALE!

Details On How To Purchase Either Of These Blogs Can Be Found Here

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