Thanks So Much For Supporting The Earthquake Victims

Feb 24

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of you who offered words of support or donated money (either directed through the Red Cross or by purchasing one of my products over the past 48 hours) to help the  people of  Christchurch deal with the horrific earthquake that has taken the lives of so many people this week.

Rest assured that anyone who bought any of the products listed in my previous post will have 100% of the profits donated to the Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal and this will directly help the people of Christchurch.

This has been truly a terrible event (especially for those in and around Christchurch) and is certainly not over by a long shot, but I appreciate all the support you’ve provided.

If you’re interested in helping the people of Christchurch, please do send a small donation to the Red Cross


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