Setting Up A “Review Style” Blog – Part 1 – Installing WordPress

May 10

I still have a lot to do on this blog but I didn’t want that to delay me from fulfilling my promise to deliver some content that many of my subscribers really want and need.

Perhaps you’ll remember that a couple of weeks back on my old blog at, I promised to show all my loyal subscribers how to setup your own “review style” blog using WordPress and Fantastico.

This was due to the overwhelming response generated by my two posts that talked about the state of the IM (Internet Marketing) industry as a whole and how I was fed up with many of the marketing tactics being used. In fact, the response from my subscribers was EXACTLY the reason I decided to start this new blog. ( is short for “Internet Marketing Integrity”)

So – without any further delay, please look past the aesthetics of this new blog and watch the first video in the series in which I will show you how to setup your own “review style” blog from scratch using tools that you most likely already have at your disposal (or at least can get for under 10 bucks!)

If you do not have a hosting account that has Fantastico as a feature then you can get one for 1 cent for the first month from Hostgator when you USE THE COUPON CODE: mymarketinggoldmine

If you have questions, I’ll be happy to assist you – just drop us a line at my support desk:

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s video in which I will show you how to customize the “look and feel” of your review site.


  1. Hi… that was a very useful video for me. I didn’t know fantastico was that much useful… thanks

  2. Nice video Aaron – and I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of this series. As someone that has been burned by so called “gurus” recently I’m a HUGE fan of what you’re doing here! :)

    Quick question though. I stopped using Fantastico about two years ago because I didn’t feel as though it was keeping pace w/ the WordPress updates. I would see that there was an update available for WP in my admin panel, but it wasn’t listed in Fantastico. Then, when I chose to just update via WP, my Fantastico panel was always out of sync. Not really a big deal, but just more of an annoyance.

    Is Fantastico updating versions faster these days – or do you just simply use it to do the quick WP install and then ignore if after that?


  3. Aaron /

    Hi Pogul

    I have always found it is pretty quick to update and use the automatic update ALL the time. I never upgrade manually :-)

    The good thing about waiting a little bit anyhow (if that in fact is the case) is that you get to learn if there are any bugs or glitches in any new updates before you go ahead and install them yourself.

    But as I say, my experience has always been that it is pretty quick to update nowadays.

    Hope this helps.


  4. Aaron /

    Just so everyone knows, I have just uploaded the second video in the series.

  5. Great videos – if you don’t mind I’ll be posting a link to this site from one of my membership courses where I tell people why they should have a WP blog.

    I see you too are a user of Elegant Themes – I have this theme loaded up on a couple of my sites too. It works really well with adverts.


  6. Aaron /

    Hi Clare

    Thanks for the comments. No problems whatsoever about posting a link… post away :-)

    Re the Elegant Themes, yes I think they are fantastic! I still don’t understand why they are underselling themselves though… $20 per year? That’s crazy! But I ain’t complaining.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post.

    Best regards,


  7. Aaron /

    BTW Clare…

    I only just added that theme about 12 hours ago so I’m still getting everything setup :-)


  8. Terrific short video on wp setup. Thanks very much

  9. Mike Wong /

    Hi Aaron,

    I like your tutorial…simple and easy to follow.

    I’m just a beginner.
    I really appreciate if you can show me how to post…

    1. A banner to a website and WP blog?

    2. A text-ad to a website & WP blog?


  10. Aaron /

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the feedback. I will try to put a video together on that over the next week or so. :-)

    Best regards,


  11. Nice and useful video. I will look for the following ones

    Thank you


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