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Jun 29

seopressor reviewed SEOPressor Currently Under ReviewI have just purchased SEOPressor and my initial impressions are very positive. I want to do some further testing to see if it can really improve my Search Engine rankings but so far I’m impressed.

I’ll be sure to update you once I have some solid results (or lack thereof.)

Right now though, it’s priced at an introductory pricing. I really don’t know if this is just a tactic and whether the price WILL actually rise but I thought I should let you know.

One other word of warning: The sales process does involve a One Time Offer HOWEVER this is clearly stated on the sales page above the order button. Basically the One Time Offer just allows you to install the plugin on UNLIMITED SITES that you own as opposed to just one.

Now – if I had wanted to, I could have made a LOT more money promoting this to my readers as soon as it was released without even having tried it, however I am not in the habit of doing that. I’ll only promote something I actually use or have tested and found that works.

More soon….

In the meantime, you can check out SEOPressor here.

If you already use SEOPressor, what are your thoughts?

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  1. Just at the right time as always…

    Actually, i went here today because i want to ask you about This SEOPRESSOR and amazingly, You already answered my Question .

    Thanks Aaron,

  2. Aaron /

    Hi Fadzri

    I must say that so far I am impressed. :-) As you will already know, I took the upgrade to get the multiple site license and have it install on two sites now. I am testing it on this site and it’s given me some great information. Whether or not it will improve my rankings is a bit too early to tell, but right now, I like what I see so far.


  3. BigDawg /

    Hi Aaron,

    It’s been a little over a week since your original post, so what’s the latest? Still too early to tell?

    Thank you,


  4. Aaron /

    Hey BigDawg

    It’s probably really too early to tell to be honest. I CAN say though that I am liking the plugin as it certainly helps me focus on my on-page SEO so from that perspective it has to be helping. Whether or not it is helping my actual search engine rankings at this stage I cannot tell. I’ll be sure to let you know though once further results come to light though.


  5. Tried it Aaron and admittedly learned a bit from it

    It did give me a problem in as much as it made my site ran very slow and YSLOW highlighted it as a possible cause.
    Given this issue and having learned about the limited areas of SEO it tackles I asked for refund and all credit to them got it at once.

    I would recommend the single site option and see how it goes from there.

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