Restoring Your PC To New Again!

Aug 09

A couple of weeks back, I started to run into some major issues with my Dell PC. It was running slow, wouldn’t load half my programs, had difficulty accessing some sites on the internet and was generally just being a pain in the butt!

After persevering with it for a few days longer I decided to brace myself to do a full install and reset it to factory settings. Fortunately I have a good backup system in place in terms of backing up my important data files to secondary hard drives so I knew that my data would be safe.

The great thing about Dell’s (and I am sure many other manufacturers have this feature too) is that as a factory standard, they have a partition of the main hard drive setup so that you can simply revert your hard drive back to the factory original standard. This is GREAT but it does have a couple of drawbacks:

1) You need to re-install all your software that was installed since you purchased the PC. That can be quite time-consuming.

2) You need to be very careful to ensure that all your data is backed up to another drive because once you’ve hit the button to revert to factory, there is NO turning back.

Here are some pieces of FREE software that I found VERY useful and thought that you may like to know about them.

DriveImage XML – Get More Details Here

This is an awesome piece of software that will come in very handy for me next time my computer starts to run slow.

Basically what you can do with it is create an exact “image” of your main hard drive so that it can be restored to exactly the same state as it was when you created the image. Now that I have gone ahead and reinstalled all my software (which took several hours) after reverting back to the factory settings, I have created an image of the main hard drive and saved it to one of my portable hard drives. This means that even in a years time, if need be, I can revert back to a fully setup system just as it was when the image was created. This will save me HOURS of time and also mean that I will never have to put up with a slow running system again.

Microsoft Security EssentialsGet More Details Here

I used to run Norton’s Internet Security on my computer but Norton’s can be very memory intensive (even on my 4GB RAM Quad Core PC). Once my Norton’s subscription ran out, I decided to look for an alternative.

I then used Comodo for a while, which I actually found to be very good. In fact, Comodo found at least 15 infected files on my hard drive that Norton’s did not! And Comodo is free.

But I ran into an issue with Comodo in that it was for some reason, preventing my Dragon “Naturally Speaking v10.0” from working. Ultimately I had to uninstall Comodo and look for a better alternative.

That’s when I stumbled across Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s free for all Windows’ users (assuming you have a valid copy of Windows installed on your computer.) So far I have found it to be very good and I now wonder why I was paying a subscription for Norton’s when there are several very good free alternatives!

Outlook 2007/2003/2002 Add-in: Personal Folders Backup – Get More Details Here

I’ve used this FREE Add-in for a while now and found it to be very handy. Basically it allows you to create regular backups of your Outlook .pst files. (These files contain all your folders and emails in Outlook). This is great if you don’t want to ever run the risk of losing any vital emails.

You can set the frequency for backups in the options and then once you close out of Outlook, the Add-in will check to see when the last backup was performed and if it was longer that the frequency you set, it will create a backup of the .pst files you specified in the options menu.

Well – finally I am ready to get back to my businesses again but at least next time I will be up and running in no time flat.

If you’ve got a great free resource that you’d like to recommend, feel free to post a comment! (Please keep it solely to free resources – no free trial registry repair software etc because we all know that they don’t work until you pay for the upgrade!)

Hope this helps in the event of a computer disaster or prevents one from happening in the first place simple smile Restoring Your PC To New Again!

Your friend,


Outlook 2007/2003/2002 Add-in: Personal Folders Backup

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  1. hello Aaron,

    i found iolo system mechanics and tuneup utilities when i needed my dell to boost to original speed. They require a small fee but will do a excelent job on optimizing your pc without the hassle of backing up or reinstalling all your software. Then finnish with running Advanced system care (free) this will also set your start up settings and closing settings automaticly and your all set to go…

    to your succes,
    ed | netherlands

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