PlatinumSlideIn Plugin – Watch It In Action Here

May 30

You may already be aware that a few months back I started developing a plugin known as the MyMarketingListBuilder WordPress plugin. Well – this plugin literally caught on BIG TIME and people have been snapping it up since I first launched it.

Now I’ve decided to rebrand it under my Platinum range of plugins so very soon it will be renamed PlatinumSlideIn and further new features will be added.

Until then though, you can grab the plugin at the current low price from the link below. When updates become available, you will receive them free of charge for the low, low one-off price. There IS even a free version which will get you started but doesn’t have all the advanced stuff that the pro version has.

For more information – click here or watch the video below to see some of the cool features and what this plugin can do for you:

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