PlatinumSlideIn PLR Offer

Jan 30

Late last year I offered a limited number of PlatinumSlidein PLR (Private Label Rights) licenses to my lists. The PlatinumSlidein plugin had been one of my best selling products over the previous 12 months.

SIDENOTE: You can view the specs and demos of the unique PlatinumSlideIn plugin here.

At the time, I promised to only sell 30 license EVER – so this was a fairly exclusive offer and not anywhere near the same as most of the PLR offers out there these days.

From a couple of mailings to my list, I sold a total of 9 PlatinumSlideIn PLR licenses. So I still have 21 to sell. Rather than post an ad on the Warrior Forum to sell the remaining licenses, I have decided to remind my blog readers of the offer once more.

Owning your own PlatinumSlideIn PLR license could be extremely profitable for you. I have personally made many thousands of dollars selling the plugin with little advertising and there is plenty of opportunity for PLR license holders to earn that AND MORE themselves.

So why is getting the PlatinumSlideIn PLR offer such a good deal?

Getting hold of a PlatinumSlideIn PLR license is a great investment because if you look around at other PLR licenses, you’ll notice that many do not limit the number of licenses sold. For starters, this ultimately ends up in the market becoming saturated and it doesn’t take long until there is a “price war” – meaning that in a lot of cases, the license becomes worthless.

I am restricting the sale of PlatinumSlideIn PLR licenses to 30 only worldwide. I have given my promise not to sell more than that. So competition will be minimal and you can really cash in on this.

I have also made the rights “relatively tight” whilst still allowing you to go out and market the plugin as your own. Again, this makes the license more valuable.

A lot of PLR licenses allow license holders to pass on PLR to THEIR customers. If this is the case, even if the original creator limits the number of licenses THEY sell, there still could be thousands of people trying to sell the same product. I have specifically not allowed the sale of resell rights in any form or PLR rights for my PlatinumSlidein PLR license holders. Again – this protects their investment.

There are many more reasons to get hold of a PlatinumSlidein PLR License right now and I encourage you to give it some serious consideration. I have put this offer together because I’m determined to see my PlatinumSlidein PLR license holders generate impressive returns of their investment.

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