PlatinumPopup v1.5.0 (WP v3.0 Compatible Released!)

Jul 08

We’ve just released v1.5.0 of the PlatinumPopup today. This one is WordPress 3.0 compatible and has a ton of extra features over v1.0.4.5

platinumpopupboxes1 300x262 PlatinumPopup v1.5.0 (WP v3.0 Compatible Released!)Although I might be a “little biased” here, I believe that this is one of the best WordPress Popup plugins on the market – if not THE best.

Take it for a whirl and you’ll see what I mean. There’s a Lite version which is totally free to download whilst the Premium version (which boasts some extra “bells and whistles”) is still going dirt cheap.

You can download PlatinumPopup from


  1. i am a platinum popup pro plugin user…

    Yes, i admit this is the best popup Plugin! 😛

  2. Aaron /

    Thanks Fadzri… We aim to please :-)

    Glad you like it!


  3. Excellent product Aaron that just keeps improving… Thanks for that!
    Is there any chance that this will someday work on standard websites rather than just blogs?
    I can think of a million applications for businesses to use this form of slide-in ad.


  4. Aaron /

    Hi Daryl

    Good to hear from ya. :-) I think you may be referring to PlatinumSlideIn as opposed to PlatinumPopup – however both of these are really only designed for WP.

    Having said that – since I have seen such a demand, I am looking at developing a slidein script for html as well. This would unfortunately require me to start totally from scratch as it’s not easy to convert a plugin to work for non WP based sites.

    But… in essence, yes – that is something I am SERIOUSLY considering!

    Thanks for the feedback.


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