PlatinumPopup 2.0 Is Coming Soon…Wanna Copy?

May 15

Almost 1 year ago to this very day, we released PlatinumPopup and vowed to make it the very BEST popup plugin for WordPress!

platinumpopupboxes 300x262 PlatinumPopup 2.0 Is Coming Soon...Wanna Copy?

Over the past year we’ve added a ton of additional functionality, features and bug fixes…. and even though our customers are raving over PlatinumPopup, we’re still not “satisfied.” There are still a ton of features we want to add and are hard at work with our programming team on PlatinumPopup 2.0. We’re expecting to release it at some point around the end of August but that will depend on how quickly our programmers can complete all the additional features.

PlatinumPopup 2.0 WILL be the most advanced popup plugin for WordPress that you’ve ever used.

So why am I telling you all this? There’s a very good reason. Rather than charge existing users for this MAJOR UPGRADE, we’ve decided to include it as part of the package when you purchase the current version of PlatinumPopup.

You heard correctly! I wanted to let you know that if you decide to grab the Premium version of PlatinumPopup today, we’ll GIVE YOU FREE OF CHARGE, the upgrade to version 2.0 when it’s released. The other reason I’m letting you know about this today is because we’re looking to increase the price of the current version very soon so there is no better time than right now to grab your copy. You can even test out the Lite (Free) version of PlatinumPopup before you commit to paying the small one-off fee for the Premium version!

If you’re looking for a popup plugin for WordPress, you really want to make sure that you check out PlatinumPopup… many are already saying it’s “the best” but we know we can make it better.

PlatinumPopup v2 WILL be the ROLLS ROYCE of popup plugins for WordPress so be sure to get a copy of the current version to secure your copy of the new version when it’s released!

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