Paypal Button Generator With PLR (Free Plugin Download)

Jul 30

I bought this plugin that I thought many of you may find useful and since it comes with Giveaway Rights, I have decided to give it to you.

I’ve seen plenty of other people selling this one!

But since you’re a valued reader of my blog – it’s yours FREE.

What it does is make it easy to create Paypal buttons on your blog. And because it comes with Private Label Rights, you can actually modify it in any way you choose either for your own use or to sell.

Download Paypal Button Generator With PLR Here

Hope you find it useful.

Your friend in success,



  1. Matt /

    Thank you for your generosity.
    I really Appreciate It.



  2. Thanks guys. This will come in very handy. I was just looking for something like this when I received your email. Talk about great timing!

  3. Sharon /


    Like yourself, I’ve had others trying to sell this to me.

    Imagine my surprise (and delight!) to find you GIVING IT AWAY!

    Thank you for this…I was considering buying it but you’ve just made my day by making it a freebie.

  4. Thanks alot Aaron for your generousity and I am really surprised at your gesture. I can’t count the number of emails I have received from people trying to sell this stuff to me, even people I regularly buy products from. You are a good man and an unselfish marketer and believe me there’snot many of you around. Cheers

  5. Thanks so much Aaron, I actually bought this a couple of days ago, but the download failed and support keeps telling me the Transaction ID isn’t valid!

    That’s $6 down the drain then! 😉

  6. I appreciate that!

  7. Thanks, Aaron
    for the plugin I am sure this will come in handy for my site. Keep moving the free-line :)

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