A Basic Guide To Proper Keyword Research

Jun 03

Hey there and welcome to our guide on how to do proper keyword research.

Keyword research should be treated as one of if not the most important aspect of your online business. Whether you’re building Amazon sites, Adsense sites, off-line business sites etc… A proper foundation based on good keyword research will be the difference between success and failure.

The Google Keyword Tool

First of all make sure that you have a gmail account and then do a search for the Google keyword tool. It can also be found here – https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

Make sure that you are signed into your account as this will allow the tool to return up to 800 results as opposed to 150 when you aren’t signed in.

Type in your first query and hit ‘SEARCH’ – You will notice that there are a whole bunch of results returned. First, make sure that you select [exact] from the left hand side and deselect Broad, this will ensure that you are receiving accurate results.

Second, click on the Global tab and this will sort the volume from highest to lowest. If you are new to keyword research and ranking websites then you’ll want to start looking at keywords that are around 5000 searches per month and lower.

Assessing Competition and Determining Value

This is the most important part of this guide. Just because you find a great keyword that has around 5000 searches per month does NOT mean that you should start building a website around this keyword.

We need to look at what other websites are currently ranking for this keyword and decide if it is something that we can realistically rank for within a few months.

For this section download the SEO Quake plugin, it is available for either Chrome or Firefox. After it is downloaded and configured go back to your Keyword tool and click on the keyword you want to check out. This will open up a Google search for the keyword in a new tab in your browser.

You should see that the SEO Quake has added a section below each search result. The ones we are most concerned with are PR, and Links. We also want to check to see how well each result is optimized for the keyword. Check each result in the following order:

  • Is the keyword contained in the title? Yes/No
  • Is the keyword contained in the description? Yes/No
  • What is the PR (Pagerank)?
  • How many links?

While there is no set formula for this we are basically trying to find keywords that have as many sites in the top 10 that AREN’T targeting the keyphrase in their title/description. Have low PR (under 3) and have a low number of links (usually under 100).

Some basic guidelines to stick by are:

  • If the keyword has 2 or more sites with a PR 3 or higher that also have the keyword in the Title and Description – skip it!
  • If the keyword has 6 or more sites that are both optimized for the keyword in the Title and Description – skip it!
  • If the top 5 results all have over 500 links – skip it!

While this is by no means a comprehensive guide (there have been entire books written on this subject!) this should give you a basic idea of what to start looking for when doing your keyword research.

Good luck! And I hope you enjoyed this guide on proper keyword research!


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[HOT WSO] Get A STAMPEDE Of Traffic To Your Sites!

May 30


The last time I told you about a Warrior Special Offer by a guy called Luke Brown (a member of Clickbank’s elite), it sold like CRAZY.

That’s because he offers incredible value for money.

His new WSO is no exception and I’m even going to show you “behind the scenes” at what you’ll get.

If you want more traffic => Grab this.

If you want more sales => Grab this.

If you’re doing anything online => Grab this.

At just 6 bucks (the price it is as I type this email) it’s insane value.

Here’s a screenshot of what you’ll get instant access to:

=> http://IMIntegrity.com/crazy-value.html

Of course, I snapped up my copy and the low priced upsell because I’ve purchased from Luke in the past and he over-delivers in a huge way.

I promise you WON’T be disappointed – except if you leave it too long and miss out on this awesome offer of Lukes.

“Together we can help each other succeed!”

Your friend in success,


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Have You Claimed Your Free Internet Marketing Video Training Yet?

May 22

A week or so back, I launched MyMarketingTraining – a free internet marketing video training website designed to help my subscribers with some of the common things they found “tricky.”

Have you claimed your free membership yet?

screenshot 300x159 Have You Claimed Your Free Internet Marketing Video Training Yet?

I often get questions from my subscribers asking how to do certain things in their online business so I wanted to help as many of my readers and subscribers by helping them overcome some of the basic stuff that is holding them back from succeeding.

That’s why I launched this free internet marketing video training membership and why I decided NOT to charge for this information. (BTW – I’ve seen “other marketers” charge good money for these kind of tips and I’m handing them all to you on a platter at NO COST whatsoever.)

In order to keep this a free internet marketing video training membership and ensure that I am motivated to keep it updated, I need your help. It won’t cost you anything except a moment of your time. I need you to head over to the site and signup and click the “LIKE” button either on the main page or inside the members’ area. That’s all…. if enough people help me to spread the word, then I guarantee to continue to add new and useful content on a regular basis. Simple huh?

So – what are you waiting for?

There’s something for everyone at MyMarketingTraining.com so don’t delay.

Grab your free internet marketing video training and finally overcome all those hurdles that have held you back from being a success!

Your friend,


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Claim Your FREE Internet Marketing Video Training!

May 16

I’m always looking out for ways in which I can help my subscribers to build better online business and make more money from them.

I want to help YOU too!

I’ve recently been working on a totally free video training membership site and I wanted to offer you a chance to signup. It won’t cost you a penny and the site will provide you with a big range of training videos over the coming weeks. The only small “catch” is that you will need to have an active Facebook account to be able to claim your free membership.

Not that that’s a big deal these days because virtually everyone has a Facebook account these days – right?

Grab your FREE spot here!


I’d love it if, in return you could spread the word about this new free training website. The more members that join, the more new training I’ll add to the site for free.

Grab your FREE spot here!

Have a FANTASTIC day.

“Together we can help each other succeed!”

Your friend in success,


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May 15

I’m going to show you a tool that will allow you to make instant Paypal payment to your affiliates… but first….

Running your own affiliate program is probably the VERY BEST way to get tons of targeted traffic for free.

Think about it – you only pay a commission once a sale is generated. No sales = no commissions.

That means, you get totally free traffic until such time as you make a sale.

But how do you best motivate your affiliates?

The best way I know of is to pay them INSTANT PAYPAL PAYMENTS but until now that has been almost impossible without expensive scripts and even then, there are limitations.

Most instant Paypal payment scripts pay on a rotational basis – meaning the first sale goes to the vendor and the next goes to the affiliate (in the case of 50% commissions.) This can be less than ideal for your affiliates – and cause YOU headaches in situations where someone asks for a refund.

Well – what if I could tell you about a solution that allowed ALL PARTIES (including an equity partner – if you had one) to be paid INSTANTLY at
the time of each sale?

Would that interest you? Well now it’s possible:

=> Get Full Details On WP InstantPay Here

Now you can in fact pay everyone instantly so your affiliates have no more waiting for commissions, you can better save time and manage your cashflow – and most importantly, you can attract more affiliates and earn more money. This is an instant Paypal payment plugin like no other I’ve seen and after talking to the developers, it’s only going to get better in the future.

Forget the basic looking sales page – it’s not the most “aesthetically pleasing” sales page I’ve ever seen but I urge you to look past all of that. Look at what this Instant Paypal Payment WordPress Plugin can do for you and ask yourself if your business could benefit from something like this.

=> Get Full Details On WP InstantPay Here

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

Q. Can I install one than one copy of WP InstantPay?

A. Yes – you may install as many copies as you want provided you are using the same PayPal account on all of them. If you need to install one or more copies using a different PayPal account, you will need to purchase additional copies of WP InstantPay because they are licensing this per PayPal account.

Q. Are you going to support Coupon Codes?

A. Yes, we are – most likely in the first upgrade coming within the month.

Q. Is it going to support Recurring Payments?

A. Yes it will – they are waiting on an issue with the Paypal API to be resolved before they can deploy it. This is going to be HUGE! Just think of the possibilities!

Q. Is support provided for 3rd party AutoResponder integration?

A. Yes – this is in progress.

Q. Can I offer suggestions for future upgrades?

A. Absolutely – as long as the suggestion will tend to benefit most users, the developers are than happy to incorporate them if at all possible.
I’ve grabbed my copy because I have never seen anything quite like this. I’ve bought a few so-called “instant payment” scripts but none do what this one will do. And most require you to be a technical genius to set them up!

Not WPInstantPay… it’s simple, powerful and super effective. And if you grab your copy now, you get future upgrades for free. I’m personally chomping at the bit to see the RECURRING PAYMENTS feature when
it is released very soon. Just imagine setting up a recurring membership site and having all your affiliates paid instantly each time a subscription
payment rolls in.

Well – stop “imagining” because it’ll be here VERY soon. In the meantime, you can use all the other powerful features of this instant Paypal payment plugin to grow your online business.

Grab your copy AND future upgrades here:

=> Grab Your Copy AND Future Upgrades Here

Scripts “similar” to this sell which offer instant Paypal payment usually sell for $197 or more normally and have limitations that this won’t. You won’t pay ANYWHERE NEAR that if you grab WP Instantpay today.

=> In My Eyes, This Is SERIOUSLY Good Value

Get your hands on the cheapest and most innovative instant Paypal payment script available today.

“Together we can help each other succeed!”

Your friend in success,


P.S. There really IS no better what to motivate your affiliates than to pay them via instant Paypal payment.

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PlatinumPopup 2.0 Is Coming Soon…Wanna Copy?

May 15

Almost 1 year ago to this very day, we released PlatinumPopup and vowed to make it the very BEST popup plugin for WordPress!

platinumpopupboxes 300x262 PlatinumPopup 2.0 Is Coming Soon...Wanna Copy?

Over the past year we’ve added a ton of additional functionality, features and bug fixes…. and even though our customers are raving over PlatinumPopup, we’re still not “satisfied.” There are still a ton of features we want to add and are hard at work with our programming team on PlatinumPopup 2.0. We’re expecting to release it at some point around the end of August but that will depend on how quickly our programmers can complete all the additional features.

PlatinumPopup 2.0 WILL be the most advanced popup plugin for WordPress that you’ve ever used.

So why am I telling you all this? There’s a very good reason. Rather than charge existing users for this MAJOR UPGRADE, we’ve decided to include it as part of the package when you purchase the current version of PlatinumPopup.

You heard correctly! I wanted to let you know that if you decide to grab the Premium version of PlatinumPopup today, we’ll GIVE YOU FREE OF CHARGE, the upgrade to version 2.0 when it’s released. The other reason I’m letting you know about this today is because we’re looking to increase the price of the current version very soon so there is no better time than right now to grab your copy. You can even test out the Lite (Free) version of PlatinumPopup before you commit to paying the small one-off fee for the Premium version!

If you’re looking for a popup plugin for WordPress, you really want to make sure that you check out PlatinumPopup… many are already saying it’s “the best” but we know we can make it better.

PlatinumPopup v2 WILL be the ROLLS ROYCE of popup plugins for WordPress so be sure to get a copy of the current version to secure your copy of the new version when it’s released!

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Sell MULTIPLE Products With SEPARATE Affiliate Tools Pages From The ONE Clickbank Account!

May 14

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like having to setup a new Clickbank account every time I want to sell a new product that has an affiliate program attached to it.

Sure you CAN sell more than one product from your Clickbank account but you CAN’T have your own affiliate tools pages and the like for EACH individual product. And if you want that, then traditionally you’d need to go and pay the activation fee (around 50 bucks) for a brand new Clickbank account!

Then you’ve got the hassles of logging into multiple accounts, qualifying for payout minimums on each account and so on.

Not any more….

cover 288x300 Sell MULTIPLE Products With SEPARATE Affiliate Tools Pages From The ONE Clickbank Account!

Grab The SIMPLE Solution Here

Now you can easily setup multiple products within the one Clickbank account and still have separate affiliate pages for each one. Sure – this isn’t new technology and there ARE a few scripts out there that have been able to do this for a while – but none are as low-cost as this.

I’m running a weekend special so you can save a ton of cash and never have to purchase signup for another Clickbank account.

Grab Clickbank Multi Product Manager While You Can!

Plus… there’s even an MRR option available simple smile Sell MULTIPLE Products With SEPARATE Affiliate Tools Pages From The ONE Clickbank Account!

This script will provide a simple cost-effective solution to Clickbank users. Grab it while it’s going so cheap.

“Together we can help each other succeed!”

Your friend in success,


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