My Video Review Of SourceCodeGoldmine V9

May 12

As you will know from my earlier post, I have purchased the SCGMv9 package and I have to say, as in previous years, I am very impressed.

Find out more about it in my video review:

Any questions, please ask as I would be happy to assist you. Be sure also to read my “warnings” in the previous post before purchasing.

If you order through the link below, I will give you new graphics to the Forex video series that I will be getting done for myself in the next couple of weeks. This will make it much easier to sell as a “semi-unique” product.

Your friend in success,



  1. Hello,

    Nice video!

    But I don’t understand the kind of downsell Jeremy is offering that you bought? You said it was for PSD files of all the 10 products, why wasn’t that included in the original $200 purchase?

    Why pay for PLR products only to be hit with the Photoshop files as an extra upsell fee? Doesn’t make sense to me.


  2. Aaron /

    Hi Stephen

    Great point you make there. Here is my take on it…

    A good majority of people will never make use of the PLR part of this whole package (I’d guess that over 90% will sell the products “as is”) – therefore I suspect that Jeremy has simply kept the price low and offered the upsell of PSD files to no doubt make a little extra cash.

    For the majority of people they can probably skip the upsell / downsell because 3 sets of graphics are provided for each product anyhow.

    And for those REALLY SUPER SERIOUS about using the PLR component, then they would probably go and get their own graphics made from scratch anyhow so again it’s not necessary.

    Personally I don’t like the number of upsells or upsells in general (except for free items which offer an upsell to a paid version or some sort of paid upgrade) – but I am sure that Jeremy would and could have charged much more on the front-end if the PSDs were included in the price… so on balance, I still think (for me) it was a good deal.


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