PlatinumPlugins is the brainchild of and fellow marketer Phil Meyer (below right) from Centurion, South Africa.

Noticing the need for and lack of specialized, unusual plugins for CMS and blog installations, we seized the bull by the horns and created PlatinumPlugins, resolving to continue creating plugins according to the need and desire of the online community.

Currently we have two popular plugins that have recently been released and are constantly being improved.

PlatinumPopup – an extremely advanced popup plugin that you can use to great effect on your WordPress Blog. Use it to do virtually anything – play video, add opt-in forms, add dynamic content… virtually anything’s possible with PlatinumPopup!

PlatinumSlideIn – a unique slidein ad plugin that allows you to add html banners, opt-in boxes and other content to the base of your WordPress Blog. This fantastic plugin is both eye-catching yet unobtrusive to your visitors and is sure to get you a ton of additional signups from your blog traffic!

If you have a strong desire or urgent need for a highly specialized or very unusual plugin that you are not able to find anywhere, or you believe a certain existing plugin could be very much improved on and it’s not happening, feel free to suggest it in our Platinum Plugins forum. Should we decide to use your idea to develop a plugin with a premium version, you’ll receive a copy on the house!