My latest rant… and your thoughts please?

Jun 16

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pretty quiet. That’s because I have been trying to hunt out genuine products that will actually WORK for you in your business.

It’s been a frustrating experience and I certainly see why so many people end up spending so much money with little in the way of results to show for it.

Below are just a couple of the products I recently tested that did not live up to my expectations (thus you never heard about them from me)

Extreme Traffic Suite (note that is a direct link to the site and that I am NOT recommending you purchase the product!) – Seriously misleading sales page! The product is basically an Article Submitter, Press Release Submitter, RSS Submitter and Social Bookmarking too. This certainly is not eluded to in the sales page and there are comparable products available for far less than you would pay for this one. The product itself is ok although documentation is virtually non-existent.

My advice – don’t buy it. If anyone recommended it to you as anything other than an article submitter etc – then they have mislead you and obviously have not checked the product out themselves.

Confidential Conversions (again it’s a DIRECT Link) – once again the sales page is over hyped and the product under delivers. For those who know NOTHING about PPC it may be ok but the quality of traffic will not be as good as what you’ll get with Google etc. The videos leave a lot of gaps and all they really show you is how to setup a campaign using each of the (so called) “hidden PPC networks.” I had already personally used some of these networks in the past anyhow so I would hardly call them “hidden”

My advice (yet again) – don’t buy it. It’s not worth wasting your hard earned cash. If you’re experienced in PPC, there is nothing to gain. And if you’re a newbie to PPC, you’ll probably need more info than what is provided in the videos anyhow. PLUS – from talking to other customers on a popular forum I belong to, many are finding it almost impossible to get support! Some weren’t even been able to access the members area but had not heard back from the product creator after several days!

If you’re CRAZY ENOUGH to buy after I have said all this, then make sure you try to leave the page (twice) and you should get a $20 discount… yep you KNOW my thoughts on that crappy tactic too aye? (If not then read here)

You may also remember that I posted a post about CBPredator on my old blog a couple of months back. That too was NOT a glowing review. To see my thoughts on that one, you can click here.

The only thing I’d say is these guys are “game” using Clickbank as their payment choice as I am sure that their refund rate will be fairly high when people realize that the products are not what they’re cracked up to be!

Personally, because I already have a successful online business, I can perhaps better afford to get “burnt” (to a certain extent) from time to time but I know many of my subscribers and readers can’t and so I want to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Ok… so was there any good to come out of my “tests?”

There were a couple of positives to come from the experience. I managed to come to several conclusions about much of what is happening in the Internet Marketing community right now.

Here are my top 5 conclusions:

#1 – Most “marketers” have no idea what it is they are actually promoting.

It’s true! I am on a LOT of marketers’ lists, which I suspect you are too. If these guys actually KNEW what it is they were promoting, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be promoting it.

Unfortunately though, many of them are quite content to blast out promo after promo for products –

a) they’ve never used themselves

b) they have no intention of ever using, and

c) they know very little about except what the creator has told them!

It’s no wonder there is so much confusion and despair out there by those who are trying to succeed and learn the methods which actually DO work.

#2 – Many of the latest launches have sales pages that are VERY misleading.

Yep – it’s sad but true. We’ve entered an age where marketers feel that deception is the only way they are going to sell their products.

Whilst I realize that to some degree, every sales page will have a little ‘hype’ –  it’s really NOT necessary to go to such an extent that it becomes deceptive.

#3 – A lot of products are being released to the market well before they are actually “complete”

I’m not sure why this is but I put it down to the fact that the product creators themselves have promised their “jv buddies” that they will launch on a certain date. Instead of delaying their launch with the possibility of inconveniencing their jv partners, they choose to inconvenience the CUSTOMER by having a product that is only half ready. Now.. that wouldn’t be so bad if only they mentioned that on their sales page and offered a sizeable discount for those who jumped in early.

#4 – To get the most from the product you need to purchase several upsells

I think this tactic, although widely used, is a rort. Surely if you buy a product that says it will do a certain task, you shouldn’t need to spend further cash just to get it to do that certain task properly?

Too many product creators are now using Upsells or One Time Offers in ways that they were not originally intended. Bottom line – the product itself should stand on its own. If it needs further investment in order to work properly then it should be included in the original product!

#5 – There is no such thing as a “silver bullet”

I think much of what has happened in the Internet Marketing arena lately is the result of the bulk of prospects searching for some kind of “silver bullet.” I’ve known this for a long time, but I will say it again… there really is no substitute for dedication and hard work.

The days of making a fortune overnight were gone years ago so if you’re still looking to wake up tomorrow to a pile of cash, then I strongly urge you to think again. I’d be 99.99% confident that it won’t happen. (Unless you happen to be lucky enough to win the lottery!)

So having said all this, it’s time we found out which products REALLY do work and which should be avoided like the plague.

This is where YOU come in…

I want to hear from you about YOUR experiences online.

Post your comments below with any of the following:

What is the BEST Internet Marketing related product / membership purchase you’ve ever made online?

What is the WORST Internet Marketing related product / membership purchase you’ve ever made online?

Your general thoughts and experiences with Internet Marketing related products / memberships.

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. BUT please… for the sake of ensuring that these comments will be helpful to other readers, please do NOT include affiliate links. (I think this will only lead to false recommendations and this is not what I am trying to achieve here.) If I decide to purchase and review the product that you recommend (assuming that I don’t already have it), I will try to contact you for your referral link so that I can purchase my copy through your link.

Ok… let’s hear your thoughts.

Your friend,



  1. These are the most honest reviews i’ve read yet. how about reviewing these: CB Predator, CWS, and Profit Instruments.

  2. Hi I joined quite a few memberships sites over the years but most have not lived up to expectation. There only one site I still a member now for three years off and will never quit. Now looking to go back to mlm which I have a legitimate one and great upline help.

  3. Hey Aaron,

    Very good information. I’m glad to see that there are still people who are really helping others and giving the best product and information for people like us to make real money. Look forward to even more imformation soon.

  4. Hey Aaron,

    What a breath of fresh air! You are so right on target. Whatever happened to honesty, integrity, and creating real value.

    It has all but disappeared! Most marketers, and I mean the major majority, just promote products blindly with NO regard for giving value to their lists.

    Thanks for speaking the truth and NOT just getting in line with all the B.S. floating around online. You have my respect!

    My very best to you,

  5. Best – Anything from Jim Edwards

    Worst – Some product that Stompernet put out that was never even delivered – People who got it said it was good – took me months to get my money back and the promised courtesy copy never arrived either…

    I have remained a paying member of only two sites Jim Edwards TNR for over 3 years now (And I do have an aff link) and also to Paul Colligan’s New Media Inner Circle
    The rest of the member sites that I have been through were either worthless, cliquey or good but not relevant to my needs at the time.

    I like your clarity and patent honesty.


  6. Charm /

    Hello Aaron,

    Thank you for this privilege.

    I’ve been involved with lots of PPC sites. I read all their TOS, FAQ, etc. Choose the sites which I think it is good sites. Started registering, and complying with
    upgrades and rent referrals, out from my hard earned money. I’m so zealous about my works for these sites. Thinking that it is a mutual benefits. They will give me my earnings while I’m helping them with the advertisements thru clickings. Sounds really good.!!!! When the time comes for cash out, I was shocked to learn that out of my actual total earnings, say $103.00 they just pay me $5.00..Well, I thought I could get the balance, but I was wronged. They never paid me. How many are they? Lots of these sites. 25 sites I joined. So much money and time I wasted for this kind of work. And much more of my emotion. There are two sites I experienced paying me my actual earnings really. 2 sites out of 25 sites. Imagine that.!!! One of this site I have to wait for how many days, then takes months to be paid. The other one paid me instantly the whole earnings. But then I realized this site tends to get my money also in the way of Direct Purchases button. I made a mistake one time when I made a request for payout/cashout,instead of clicking my paypal account I chose their menu provider, thinking that I can get my money anytime using itfor renting referrals. When its time for me to rent and click the direct purchases button, it’s not working. it’s not clickable at all. I send email but did not do anything at all. So my money stucked to that Direct Purchases button. These 2 sites has been advertised as the best PTC sites. It’s really a shame thing.

    Because of this reason, I shifted to another kind of making money online. I was offered with so many infos and strategies. Then I choose the automated websites controlled by the creator. In their giveaways content, it’s really amazingly seems to be real that I could make money with this kind of stuff. So, I accepted many offers with lots of money wasted again. I never learned how to be cautious, because I wanted to learn new stuff online to make money. I’m so serious about it. If these websites aren’t making money then I will shift to another field which is affiliate marketing. So far I’m on the get instant visitors for my websites. I will do it manually instead of paying that $49.95 which they offered me. I hope it would still make money even it is done manually. If not, then I have to learn how to operate affiliate marketing.

    I had encounter the creator of that PNK which he explained the whole concept with detailed steps. I found ir appealing. I wanted to try it. But not now, cause I am out of budget. I think this is different.
    This is a new thing which even the great marketers wants to try it. I saw their testimonials. Even me myself i”m convinced that it’s really terrific when I saw the videos and the pdfs. I want the whole pack. This is creating your own website and have control of it. One website to create for one product. It is all automated. The settings is the most consuming time but then after that you can relaxed and see your money is growing.

    I want to do a variety of making money online, so that what is really working, that’s where I should focus.

    Thank you Aaron, have a nice day.


  7. Chuck

    Thanks for your comments.

    I actually did a review of CBPredators on my old blog. You can see that at

    In fact – that very product and one other were the very ones that sparked my desire to create THIS VERY BLOG at

    The problem with most reviews is that they are biased from the outset. Most have one intention – that is to get YOU to BUY the product! Most are not really reviews but disguises for affiliate promotions.

    In my case, my last 4 or 5 reviews have actually advised AGAINST buying the products :-) I’d rather create loyalty amongst my readers than earn a quick buck but only have them distrust me. This honest approach has paid off in the past when I HAVE finally found a product that I am proud to recommend!

    Thanks again for your comments.


  8. I could not agree with you more. This is one of the main reasons I have opted out of close to 500 e-mail list over the last 3 days.

    I need to be focusing on what I already know and building my business. Not wasting time reading the same promo for the same useless product 10 to 20 times a day.

    Jeff C

  9. I really enjoyed reading your review! What a concept. An actual review with both positive and negative thoughts. Just what a review should be…not that you get to read many of them nowadays!

    The best membership site I’ve been part of is Master Resale Rights. They certainly give you a LOT of content for the amount you pay each month. It is the one membership that I have kept through good economic times and bad.

    I recently signed up for Resale Rights Weekly(?) I’m bad with remembering names. Anyhow, they look really good too, but there is a lot of content duplication between the two memberships, so I’ll have to choose one or the other eventually.

    Trying to pick the worst product you’ve been sold is kind of like searching for hay in a haystack. Too many to even think about mentioning.

    Thank you for the unbiased reviews.

    Another thing that has been going on recently that really gets my goat is the endless succession of free downloads from everyone and their dog. I’m already tired of this trend and it seems like it hasn’t been going on too long, but gheez…either tell me some useful information in your email or don’t send it. If you are just handing out the junk that no one can sell…don’t send it to me.

    Anyhow, now my rant is over too!


  10. Hey Aaron, thanks so much for sharing your comments. This is really a helpful gesture on your end.

    Before I purchase anything, I try to look for real comments and usually prospective buyers ask first at Warrior Forum. The rest, as you know are affiliate reviews with the intent of selling the product.

    I am having a serious look at Profit Instruments because even if I don’t use the mini sites, I think I’d learn many details on the course. If you have random thoughts on it, please rant again :-)

    Again, many thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for posting this info.

    I purchased The Clickbank Code when it came out, after recommendations from several marketers.

    I was disgusted with the product.

    It was advertised as containing ‘brand new’ revealing information that worked like a charm and has never been seen before.

    It consisted of over a dozen videos – all of which had to be watched online initially. Later they set it up for download.

    Most of the videos were of extremely poor quality, including poor audio, and stop-start viewing. (I have super fast cable so it wasn’t the ISP I was using.)

    The ‘brand new’ info consisted of setting up a site using a fictional character.

    Duh! That’s been around for years!!

    It cost around the US$70 mark from memory, which at that time was well over AUD$100. (As you know, I’m an Aussie.)

    In the end, I asked for a refund.

    Before purchasing I was promoting the product, which is something I normally don’t do. In nearly every case I review a product before promoting unless I’ve had past experience with the creator, and know their quality is high.

    I withdrew my recommendation of the product almost immediately I purchased it (which by the way was via someone else’s affiliate link).

    I can’t for the life of me understand how this product ever made money. It was the crappiest product I’ve ever bought or reviewed.

    In addition to this, there’s one particular marketer I never buy from. I’ve found all his products to be rubbish, including his membership sites. He also breaks license terms for other people’s (MRR or RR) products he promotes.

    I won’t mention his name, because he might decide to sue me!! (And he has the money behind him to do so.)

    As you probably know, I have high expectations when it comes to purchases, but unfortunately they’re rarely met.

    It would be nice if some of these people developed a conscious, or at least found some morals…


  12. Hi Aron,

    Thank you for building this blog up. I hope this will be a reference for me in the future. I am agree with your though and honest review. I am sure it will save a lot of people 😀

    since today, The best product & support that i ve experience is when buying a ‘platinum popup’ The support was great and so friendly. I am also get bonuses! which i think so precious!.

    honestly, i rarely buying information product. I just always love to buy script, software and etc.

  13. Hi Aaron,
    This is the most refreshing review that I have read in a long time…so honest.
    I have been a member of MMG for a while now and have to say you have always been helpful, hosnest and give great service.
    Keep up the good work mate.

  14. Hi,

    Very good indeed. I agree with every word. I think I’ve been online too long! In truth, I am now in the ‘very wary’ sector and most marketers are wasting their time with me.

    I find myself playing ‘w-nk word bingo’ with every launch, looking for the initial buzz build, the scarcity, the testimonials (given for a link), the limited time offer, the OTO, the upsell, the downsell, the list goes on….

    If you take bloggingespionage as another example (launched this week). The sales page is full of ‘make easy $$$’ hype and the price is deliberately set at a “I’ll risk it $37”, with a ridiculous guarantee (try claiming it and see what happens). I did the usual searches i.e. bloggingespionage review etc. but these are not reviews at all, just thinly disguised affiliate sales pages. Thank goodness for the warrior forum, where I was able to find some honesty (and a basic recommendation to leave well alone).

    To be honest, I think these sort of sharp practices will continue without a break because these crappy sales techniques are exactly what the ‘so called gurus’ teach.

    My 2c worth.

    All the very best, Allen

  15. Love this. The haystack really is getting bigger, and it doesn’t help when you dive in only to be told that you’ve got a second, or third haystack being given to you ‘free’ to search.

    I honestly can’t say what my best and worst products are, but I will say that my biggest online peeve is when products have huge long lists of ‘bonuses’ that are really links through to affiliate programs where you have to enter your email (adding you to yet another list) to get your bonus, then get hit with an upsell and no sign of the promised bonus in sight. Hang on a sec, people, I haven’t even finished downloading from the first site I bought from, let alone buying something else just to get hold of a ‘free’ add on to it!!!


  16. Robert Hughes /

    Thanks for your honest input on the post.

    Wow, I really don’t know where to start, as I have been burnt so many times and I still see so much junk going out DAILY!

    I really don’t think I can even list the WORST product I have purchased, as I tend to stay away from the high priced stuff simply due to my budget, and I have tried so many of the lesser priced ones, that I have lost track of many of them.

    I will say I recently allowed myself to go into what is supposed to be a millionaire coaching program promising to show me how to make $xx,xxx” in 30 days by following their “shoot from the hip” coaching program.

    Sadly, as I shortly found out, this marketer has “changed his mind repeatedly” about how to “coach”.

    I was told I would receive 1 training video almost daily, yet since around the middle of March I have actually gotten probably no more than 6 ACTUAL training videos. The rest have simply been hour long rants about how if I don’t buy his products that he promotes, how can I ever expect anyone to buy from me?

    Talk about screwed up sales mentality!

    Just a few days after I decided to enter into the coaching, he actually violated what I believe is the cardinal rule of marketing – I.E., “FIND A HUNGRY MARKET AND SUPPLY THEIR NEED”! He actually got on a “Mission” and anyone who doesn’t want to follow that mission has been cursed and told basically how sorry they were for not following him, yet he still has over $300 of my money.

    Not to mention he regularly finds reasons not to make training videos, as he forgot about a ballgame he had to go to, etc.

    Then after about thirty days of realizing that people weren’t following what he wanted them to, he backed up and said, I think we need to start over on this thirty day training and go through it slower this time.

    Now, I have TWO copies of the 5 or 6 videos that he has sent out.

    Not to mention the fact that most everything he has promised to do himself, he has turned a complete 360 on and had gone in another direction. I was told that I would NOT have to purchase anything else after a certain point, but now if I DON”T purchase MORE, I don’t get the type of training I was promised!

    I am really losing my confidence in almost anyone these days.

    It is a breath of fresh air to hear an honest rant such as yours, and to know that there are still some who ARE ethical.

    I decided to review the ETS that you mentioned above after reading your post.

    Wow, what a joke! Poor command of the English language in the sales copy, all of the rules of writing sales copy broken, probably several offenses of the new FTC regulations pertaining to income projections, and to make it worse, and I hope you saw this, in images 2 and 3, the “stats” actually contradict each other.

    Image 1 purports that this site received OVER 2,000,000 hits on the 18th day – yes, 2 million – and then drastically dropped off the 19th day to about 40,000, yet image 3 shows that the hits continued to climb on the 19th day.

    And to go from 3 hits on day 16 to 2m two days later, REALLY!

    Not to mention that the TOS , if you click on those and READ them, actually state completely opposite of the sales page.

    I.E., sales page gives a 60 day guarantee, but the TOS specifically states ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. Product purchased as is.

    Ok, anyway, this is the reason in my opinion SO MANY hopefuls such as myself rarely seem to have any success.

    Everyone and their brother seem to go with the “Flavor of the Day” type of marketing.

    Today, adsense works. Tomorrow, it doesn’t.
    Today, quality sales copy is king.
    Tomorrow, sales copy is dead,and video is king!
    And there is no way that these guys have the time to test their theory. As soon as something hits the wind, everyone has the same mentality.

    Not to mention all of the “CANNED” cookie-cutter type e-mails that even the “GURUS” seem to have to send.

    I mean, is NO ONE original in their marketing anymore? I actually take the time to sit and think through what I want to say, and I write 99% of every e-mail I send out from scratch.

    And, I guess lastly, to comment on the trustworthiness of many marketers, I am amazed how many “FRIENDS” some of these guys have.

    Every day I get bombarded with “Just got off the phone with MY FRIEND Mr. X and he said ONLY I could do such and such”!

    Gimme a break! That is such a lie, and if you have got something to give me for free, stop making me sign up to so many lists to get YOUR free content!

    Usually, Aaron, if I offer something for free, I put it up on my own site so my subscriber gets a direct download.

    These guys have BLATANTLY over-cooked the JV aspect of marketing.

    Well, anyway, thanks so much for your honesty, Aaron. You guys are the type of marketer that I would truly like to JV with if I ever get my list up to a sizeable number.

    I don’t want to ever replace ethics with blatant misuse for personal gain.

    Please, keep up the good work!

    Thanks for reading MY RANT!


  17. I could not agree more with your comments, i am finding more and more that marketers are more interested in making a quick buck out of you than actually building a long term relationship with their subscribers, they really need to take a look at their business models because it is a false economy.

    Frankly i also feel it insults our intelligence.

    Regards and keep up the good work.


  18. Hey Aaron,

    I had the same idea just the other day, although your profile is WAY bigger than mine.
    Review QUALITY, not just to make a buck!
    Marketing has become very GREEDY over the past couple of years so I applaud your stand on this.
    I have spend way too much money on products and memberships over the years, but 2 things I value of very high quality have been Market Samurai, the Complete SEO software, I would not be without this gem as it has helped me to easily rank No1 on Google a number of times.
    The next was a mentoring course that I thought was being taught by Mike Filsaime when I signed on- Signature Mentors, but it was mainly taught by a marketer you don’t hear much of- Fabricio Cruz.
    This guy really knows his stuff and has been very successful online for quite awhile, well worth the $1000 paid.
    On the negitive side years ago I shelled out for over 6 months at around $175 per month to a leads program, Trafficoasis. Now if I had more experience at the time, maybe I might have had success, but all I got were MANY spam complaints even when offering FREE items.
    I think as Mylene says above- research is the best key to getting value. Go to forums and see what others have to say before purchase.

    Well that is my 2 cents worth.

  19. Hi Aaron,

    I wish everyone had access to this type of information before making a purchase.

    The best one I purchased: MiracleBot
    The worst one: Most of the others.

    It is hard to find any product that is not over hyped and/or oversold.

    I would love to see folks who harp about “Only 100 will ever be released” actually live up to their word.

    Keep up the excellent work!


  20. Hello Aaron,

    Great post, nice to see a product review site that actually gives true appraisals on products! (I thought such sites had disappeared many moons ago)

    These days I tend to be into software far more than infoproducts so my thoughts are clearer on those types of items.

    I would say my two best product reccommendations are HostGator hosting (unlimited hosting for less than tem bucks a month) and the excellent Parabots autoresponder script (Free).

    I would also say I’ve never bought a dud from Jim Daniels, Ken Mathie, Yourself and Dave or the boys from IMBuzz.

    Like everyone else, trying to come up with my worst ever product purchase from a huge mountain of junk is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but I will say every single one definitely has given me the needle!

    I look forward to your next reviews and thanks again for giving us the real low-down on all the stuff you’ve tried and found wanting, nice to know someone’s got our backs!


  21. Johnny /


    Good work as usual. I always enjoy and agree with your comments. Keep up the good work.

    One tactic that bugs me is when it says “Free Download” then you find it is really only a trial. The biggest offenders are those selling “Registry Repair” software. They tell you that you have 2,576 problems on your machine, but you have to buy it if you want them to fix them.

    Til next time,


  22. The very worst thing I tried was Diamond Flex, they conned me into buying more shares at half price and disappeared off the Planet back in January. No response to emails at all, the biggest mistake I ever made. also some ppc sites, where I have made thousands of dollars and requested payment nearly a year ago. They will give me advertising out of the commission no problem, but I am still waiting for payouts! Now I do not upgrade until I am sure the program works for me and shows real results. I recently wrote to Adzquick their advertising site is awesome! my clickthrough rate is over 35% the sheer beauty of this site is you can use your points to upgrade In giving them praise they were delighted. There are others that give me good results but personally I found this site the best for my clickthroughs. I write to the site owners when I get great results and also promote the sites purely by my own recommendation!
    Thanks for your honesty It is appreciated!

  23. John /

    The idea that there is some brand new secret to doing business, in ANY form, has been proven to be totally ludicrous! But the idea continues to make predators rich at others expense – year end and year out from time immemorial.

    It doesn’t matter what medium you slosh around in – the fundamentals of Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Delivery Systems has been fundamentally the same since, well probably, corn.

    “Find a Need and Fill It”. There are NO shortcuts. If there is something about that idea that you don’t understand – find somebody who does. They are all around you and MOST would be more than happy to help you for free. A successful plumber would be more helpful to you than most of these jerks on the internet!

    Don’t let the seduction of “new technology” blind you. It’s the same old song – just a different band.

    You might have to lose a few memes. And maybe a little bit of ego. But, this system has been the engine of evolution since the beginning.

    Find a need and fill it. That will teach you everything you NEED to know.

  24. M. Vincent /

    Thank God I found your blog – we all need this. Just one question right now. Do you believe anyone starting out in this business (or ANY business for that matter) should find a good mentor, if you REALLY want to succeed at it and be the best you can be? And if so, whom would you recommend?

  25. Bonny Huffman /

    I greatly appreciate the reviews. I’m tired of trying to find ways to make money online. It just seems like 1 scam after another, and again I appreciate you saving me the time of having to try them to find out they don’t work.

  26. Aaron /

    I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that I truly appreciate your comments and feedback and whilst I may not be able to reply to each one individually, I will endeavour to summarize everyone’s comments and reply to any queries one we have a few more comments in.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.


  27. Agnes /

    I have to say that I bought quite some good products online. Those products are not in the quick cash niche.
    Good products MS andmage.

    One thing I have to mention, you always have to take action to make things happen.

    Buying a product doesn’t mean you get results. You have to act.
    There is only ONE BUT the product owners say “it is your fault that you didn’t make that kind of money you didn’t took the action”

    Isn’t it time to force those gurus to set up one system FOR YOU that will make you money even if it would be $10 a month?

  28. Hi Aaron:

    Beautiful piece of work! I imagine you’ll have some hostile marketers in your face. Too bad – 95% of them need a good shake-up and should know how we feel and think. The problem is that there are so many honest, gullible and hopeful people to scam they can get away with pushing the useless junk with their lies and rip-offs. I, like many, have been unsubscribing more and more frequently, regardless of who the marketer is. As stated earlier, FREE is not free, not when you have to give your info and in some cases phone nos. too. Not from this cowboy, thank you very much! Keep your so-called free stuff which most is old as dirt anyway. Now I’m starting to rant!!! I’m leaving before I really get going. Bye.

  29. I appreciate that you are speaking honestly and from the heart…

    but to some extent your ‘rant’ is similar in nature to the products you (correctly) are slamming.

    That is, if you are so new you have NEVER gotten overhyped, overproofed (screenshots, and you KNOW those are always the truth)overpriced ‘guru’ mega-launch emails (from 25 JVs each claiming to have a bigger bonus than the other-all of them cookie stuffing you), your rant can save people some trouble.

    Otherwise, you forgot to mention the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and that if you leave youre real email on a blog response you WILL be harvested and spammed to death. 😉

  30. Vincent /

    Thanks very much Dave And Aaron as this is a much needed sauce to cover all the crap being put on the table as a tool, method or training for success on the internet. In fact, this is a great platform, as you can see, for other buying victims to reveal the rats called…marketers, mentors, coaches… who roam the worldwideweb looking to picket cash thru ad copy…autoresponders…photoshop…videos.
    Please keep this platform open so that more of them will be exposed & the novice & small marketer will have a chance.

  31. Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for the thread. Can’t agree with you more on CB Predators!
    I hate all the “offers” which are touted as push button and easy options. There really is no magic solution that takes out all the work and replaces it with easy money and I am surprised at how many folks must fall for it.

    Earning money anywhere is hard and especially online. I have only made a small amount online in my first year or so, mainly with affiliate sales and some Adsense and my main aim I guess these days is of course getting traffic. I would love your thoughts on Traffic Ultimatum by George Brown if you have time…

    I too also refunded the ClickBank code (not so much for the quality but because of its main reliance on Adwords which I thought was not properly identified in any of the sales hype) and I refunded ClickBank Pirate after about 4 hours of going through it. It just did not look like a good option.

    Products I do like and have at least made money from are Google Sniper however as a complete newbie, I could not have got anywhere without Niche Profit Classroom. It took me from absolutely nowhere and gave me a great knowledge on how the whole process works, building websites, writing sales pages, setting up your downloads, using and working with wordpress plus much more. It really was for me, the complete package and I am still a member today although I feel the monthly price is just a little bit too high. They do have regular upgrades (another one due very shortly) and additional features all the time so it is enough to keep me in. I also feel it is good for intermediate and advanced as there is always something for all in there.

    Also like a few people above, I always go to the Warrior Forum and also IM Report Card for info on any products I am considering. Normally I get enough info to make a good decision and they have both saved me a lot of cash!

    Thanks for the blog and keep up the good work!

  32. All of the lies are getting pretty intense. It’s no wonder one website coined the term “Sharketer.”

    It isn’t just the lies and tricks you have unearthed Aaron. How about the phony time constraints? “You have just 16 hours to take advantage of this deal and then it comes off the Internet forever.”

    But you book mark the page and go back in two days, and what’s this? It still says just 16 hours to grab this great deal.

    Or, how about the “Only nine of these packages remain in inventory.Once they are sold this offer is gone for good.”

    Now, we all know these are electronic products, they only exist on some gooroo’s hard drive. There’s no limit to how many copies they can…and do…sell.

    These are just a couple of the BIG LIES that have been pissing me off lately.

    What I’ve started doing is unsubscribing every time the gooroo lies. Hey,if enough of us refuse to buy this crap, they’ll at least have to come up with some new lies.

    Oh, and here’s a late breaking development! I turned over my name and email address for what was to be some free ebooks.I ended up on five…yep, five…lists. You’d think that at least they’d come up with different offers to send me. But I got the EXACT same mail from all five.

    Is there any end to the dishonesty these idiots will practice.

    It’s almost enough to make me want to take another look at Amway as a serious,honest home business.

    Keep up the good work Aaron. You may be a solo voice but yours is a voice we need to hear.

  33. Misato Katsuragi /

    Hello Aaron,
    I like the part about the upsells and OTO’s that you pointed out. I know exactly what you mean about the product should have to stand on it’s own.

    The fact tha a lot of them don’t anymore, has gotten to be really out of hand in the last few years, and this type of marketing seems to be a very popular band wagon that a lot of so-called gurus are jumping on.

    I have always said that a lot of internet marketers are doing nothing but holding the carrot in front of the horse, with no intention of ever feeding the dumb animal the carrot. They just use the carrot to lead internet marketing wannabes from one useless product to the other.

    Another thing I have always warned others about is that a great many of these IM gurus are not ever going to sell you something that will let you make any money, much less become financially independent.

    They are not about to let go of repeated sales by selling you something that will free you from never needing to buy another product from them. This is something that they will never tell you though.

    Every product they sell is always the only one you will every need, until….
    they come out with their next big thing, and then all of a sudden you now need that to, but…
    like the last product, this one too is also the only thing you will ever need, until…
    and this goes on and on and on, and unfortunately, some people never wake up to this, and these are the people who are the ones who end up wasting thousands of dollars, and throw away a lot more of their hard earned income than they can really afford to.

  34. I totally agree with your #2 – Many of the latest launches have sales pages that are VERY misleading. I find that this is the most discouraging thing with having to deal with email “deals” every day. Make me tired of reading my mail and sifting through the trash that comes into my in mail which should have been in the spam folder.

  35. Aaron man I agree with you we need to stop all the
    crape going on the internet every body have a great
    new product that we have to have If we want to make
    it on the internet.I am so tired of hearing about a
    new software program or a biz program the that will make
    you rich by doing no work just just install a script that you have to install on your host server only you
    have to know how to installed a script or pay us $30
    and the staff will do it for you.I am tired of all the
    black hat stuff that will help you steal from others.
    that’s all for now I will write more later on.

  36. WeiTeck /

    Hi Aaron,

    Glad you bought this up. I too am getting disappointed with the way the industry is heading. A few things I noticed nowadays are:

    1)Seems to me that people is only interested in ripping off others (if I may say so) as Little to no one gives values and quality nowadays. I have bought many products, memberships and services all promising you ways to make money but more often than not, they leave out vital info here and there and let you figure out the rest.

    2)there are also people from their own circle who is only interested in promoting other people products from their own circle without checking out the quality of the products while risking their own reputation. This is especially so when the gurus promote their “students” products which are of sub and poor standard.

    3)Nobody knows what they are promoting anymore and too often the tactics used are oversaturated. Eg, I am a friend of so and so orI was given access to this product and I think you should check this out…Think this is totally BS. More often than not, this pushes me off as I know its nothing more than a gimmick to get you to read. I only open if it comes from someone I trust.

    4) Gurus charge a lot of money for incomplete products and do not work…don’t understand why they are risking their reputation for this??

    Because of the above, guess the industry reputation is going down the drain. Honest people’s hard earned money goes to these unscrupulous guys and Honest people trying to make a living online gets more difficult.

    I could go on and on but I rather not be focussing on the bad, I always believed that good will overcome evil :) I believed there are still some good honest marketer out there who is willing to help and train people to make a living online…

    That’s why I haven’t give up hope of being a successful online marketer. I am somewhere between a newbie and an intermediate and I have my fair share of being burnt on the net. There are too many products to name (some of them are already listed above) but I like to share two memberships site which have helped me.

    a) Internet Income Academy by Curtis Andrew and Ryan Allaire
    Yes, I am an affiliate but only because its give good training for newbie to intermediate people who wants to learn the ropes to build an online presence. It gives you really good foundation and a step by step way teaching you from ground up all the way. It gets updated regularly and has constant webinars training.
    b) Niche Profit Classroom
    Another membership site that really helps although it is a little pricey. I am still a member though and will continue to be.

    The value given from the above memberships have given me a clearer picture of how to build a business.

    On the concept of upsell, this is something that I don’t like. You entice someone to buy at an affordable price only to be taken to another sales page stating that this works better with this other product. Nowhere in the sales page mentioned anything about it. To me this seems like a rip off. Besides, if you are on a budget, the upsell will totally screw your budget plan. Why can’t the marketer lays it all upfront along the lines like this:

    Buy this now for $xx but if you get this additional product that will make your system more effective for $yy, then this will take your business further. But if you don’t, your system will still work. Put it all upfront so the consumer will know.

    Anyway, enough of this, I am hopeful that there be more marketer like you, Aaron who has your subscribers at heart.

    Let’s make the internet a better place.

    Wei Teck

  37. If you ask me, most products nowadays are outright BS – many come with mala fide intent. I am yet to earh much online, and so, I cannot afford much, yet I do get the very distinct feeling that there is more crap being sold online than solid stuff – take all the various products to do with “local marketing” that have been flooding the market in recent days.

    The very best product I have bought so far is Market Samurai, and I am proud of it!

  38. Hi Aaron

    Over time i have realised that most of my memberships were wasted money and most products are useless or rehashed stuff. I agree with previous poster that if your business can support it Market Samurai is a useful tool (however it does nothing that you can not do yourself for free, just makes it simpler). As a Niche marketer i have one tool i use which i find indespesible which is sad as i have tried and tested literally thousands which has led me to create my own project which I hope will serve to stop potential Niche and Internet Marketers falling into the same trap as millions of us have done before.

    Although i let my MMG membership lapse (deliberately as i outgrew it) i would say to others that you and Dave provide fantastic value for money with your site if used properly.

    In closing i will say that i still buy products as i want to review them honestly for my fellow marketers and of those i do buy i would not reccommend purchase of 95% them, maybe 3or4% are worth something to particular groups or newbies who have not come across the techniques before and barely 1% have anything new or ‘must have’ to bring to the market. There are useful tools & products out there but finding them is a minefield, i aim to provide a map/plan of the minefield for my members (AT NO COST). Anyway, if you or anyone else are interested in what I’m producing or think you might want to be part of it, just get in touch i’m looking for partners before launch, again no cost but partners can make money!

    Love your honesty here and more power to you


  39. This is exactly the reason I’ve followed Aaron and Dave for almost 5 yrs now… I can TRUST them to give honest reviews, offer quality products and I know that they don’t sell out like a lot of the other “gurus” and promote anything and everything to make a buck.

    I’m so tired of seeing every “Tom, Dick & Harry” jumping on the seller’s bandwagon for every new product (most of them rehashed older ideas or products with new artwork and covers) of which most don’t actually even do anything.

    Where is the ethics… where is the integrity… where is the moral fibre or is it really ONLY about making a buck and not really caring about HOW you do that… I think there is another word for that? Is it stealing or is it prostitution?

    It is time to bring a modicum of decency back in to this crazy business and we need to stop fleecing every newbie that has a dream of making a few bucks online.

    Thank you Aaron for posting honest and straight-up reviews that show you actually have a back bone and integrity. I for one will keep following you and buying quality products that have been tested and verified as “useful”.

    As you can see there are quite a few people of the same mindset. Now all you need to do is find a way to MOTIVATE these people in to the proper use and the eventual success that will come. Instead of just buying and storing… many of us need to purchase, learn to use, make the time to put in to practice and EARN MONEY!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to spot off!

  40. Forgot to add the best and the worst purchases –

    Worst – Easy Chair Millionaire & My Cash Printer(can you still see the S for SUCKER on my forehead?)

    Best – Profit Instruments (Aaron you may want to look at that one… sold out now but I’ve started to put it together and it looks pretty plausible and is not too complicated)

  41. Hi Aaron,
    i fully agree that it lots of scrap on the net! Even ClickBank has lot of similare products to sell. The last product I bought from ClickBank was Blogging Espionage by Rob Benwell because it was a nice presentation, when I got it I was reading the 40 pages straight away and realize that it was nothing new, it was a compiled of stuff from the net. He also promised if we had not heard it before he will give you some dollars. I give it back but I think soon ClickBank will ban me for giving back so many products that’s not giving anything new! Lot of the promotion is made that you have to buy the uppsell to get everything. In the EU law, you have to deliver everything that you promote in the first step and uppsell is a new selling. I like your initiative and hope that more people look it the same way us our community.

  42. margeaux /

    Hi Aaron, So impress with this blog. Just want to leave my rantings as well.
    I bought Profit Instruments, and am only looking into the product at the moment.
    I can therefor not give an honest opinion yet. BUT, As some of the previous comments mentioned, one of the things that really annoyed me about this product is the endless upsells. The initial price was $197, which is stiff in my books. After that you need to have this and that and whatever to make the product work better. I wrote to the helpdesk to tell them that I thought this was misleding, as the main salespage never mentioned anything about spending any further money. I honestly think that it is totally unscrupulous, without integrity and dishonest to sell something for that kind of money and then not disclosing all the facts. It is not to say the product will not work without the upsells, but it always leave a person with this sickening feeling that you have been conned. Eventually nobody will buy anything from nobody!

  43. Hi Aaron
    Well I’ve read all the comments and feel the same way.

    Try this –
    I’ve got a free download for you – just click the link
    you are then taken to a page where you are expected to sign in, give your email address, for this free download. You have no idea who this is from, there is no header, name, or address on the page?
    Even if you don’t sign up for this wonderful free gift and exit, you are them bombarded with a minimum of 3 OTO’s.
    My reaction to this is mentally (verbally) telling them ‘where to go’ and stop wasting my time!
    My other pet hate is being sent to a video where you have no idea what the ‘offer’ is about, no control over the video, no idea of the length, you can’t pause it, and if you do – it starts all over again!
    Give me a break!!
    Worst thing I got? I bought a product for $39 from a well known ‘golfing’ Guru a few years ago, a few days later, I got a phone call from the USA offering coaching and a website from a company that knew I had purchased this product. Two hours later, I signed up for $1000’s of dollars, got a phone call once a month for 3 months that was worthless to me and didn’t help me at all.
    … a total scam that I’m still paying for now!
    Best product I ever bought?
    Difficult that one – they’ve mostly been total crap!

  44. Hi Aaron, I haven’t even checked on my emails today but I’m back here couple of days after you posted to get updated on what everyone else has to say… I am learning so much from all the comments.

    I just bought Blogging Espionage and just like with Margeaux rant on another product, it won’t be sufficient if you don’t buy into the upsell.

    I couldn’t afford the Profit Instruments but I think the value of its FREE presales videos are more than the PAID Blogging Espionage.

    I am back here because I am part of the “hungry buyers” market and it’s a sad position to be in.

  45. I must say you are a breath of FRESH AIR!! I just recently UNSUBSCRIBED from over 10-12 lists I was on, because all I get is promotion after promotion and so on and on and on….nothing with any genuine value or content, pointing me in the right direction. I will say I recently bought a “coaching/mentor” program, from a very good marketer. I will not say, as I am not promoting him on your blog, but this guy has pointed me in the right direction step by step and answers my questions, and helps me solve my problems when i have them. That said there are only two lists I now belong to yours and his. Please keep up the good work you guys!!

  46. Aaron /

    Once again – I just wanted to assure everyone that I AM reading every comment posted! Whilst I won’t reply yet individually there are some interesting trends emerging.

    I will say that I bought Blogging Espionage two nights ago and went through it within about 30 minutes. I forgot to check for the exit price reduction so paid $37 for it… only to find out later that I could have got it for $27 if I had only tried leaving the sales page before ordering! (When WILL I learn??! lol.)

    I will reserve judgment on it for a day or two whilst I think it over – but I WILL SAY THIS…
    He has a VERY BOLD guarantee… but because of the nature of it, it requires you to actually IMPLEMENT the stuff outlined in his report. Anyhow – I see a number of marketers promote it already. Bet MANY OF THEM haven’t actually tested the product before blasting to their lists!

    I’ll post again soon with more updates on this.


  47. Thank you for being so honest, I don’t think I have been more disappointed in a site, than I am in CB Predators. I wish I had known about your site before I bought it. Now, I see, that I am not by myself in the realm of what you get.

    I feel like a fish in an ocean, because I am new to internet marketing, and lately I have been taken for a ride, in some of the programs, I have purchased.

    Could you please post some good, honest, sites where a marketer can make some money the real way.

    Thanks for listening. It is very refreshing to see a true honest review of products.

  48. Aaron /

    I just tried checking our Profit Instruments that a few of you have recommended or asked me to review however when I got to the site, it was SOLD OUT.

    I do plan on reviewing any products I purchase but you can be guaranteed that I won’t be giving them glowing reviews unless they are up to scratch… :-)

    More again soon…!


  49. Hey Aaron, well done on the IMINTEGRITY site.

    My biggest bug bear in the IM world is the proliferation of buy this, buy that and but go through my squeeze page so I can spam you for life.

    Now I’m a big boy and realise that marketers value having email lists…I’ve been on a few which I willinly joined but once you are on a list rather than getting similar products or related service they send you bullsh*t offers for stuff that are not related.

    One marketer I like the look of is Dave Guindon …seems to have good products and reasonabley priced.

    One Product I like and use myself is Prety Link Pro
    …its a wordpress plugin so you can have easy to follow URLS eg

    And I’m not trying to scratch your back for you but the best value site I use was a site called …it became

    Keep up the good work Aaron. I’m always watching and learning from what you do.

  50. Thanks for this. As a relative newbie, it sometimes is hard to see through all the hype of new products.

  51. I promote integrity as well.

    I don’t recommend products unless I have purchased and tested them myself. I don’t send out standardized promotional emails. I write my emails myself.

    Oh, I might’ve done it a time or two, but not any more.

    (The need to evaluate products and services and write my own promotional material definitely slows me down though, and it means I don’t even promote to my list all that much or all that often anymore — but so far they seem to understand and appreciate.)

    And anyway, I don’t think all the con artists are going to continue to thrive. Maybe for a few more years, but then that’s it. People are getting too sophisticated.

    On the other hand, talking about integrity (even going so far as to use it in you domain name), and bashing a few products now and again isn’t enough to establish integrity.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good start, but it could just be a strategy.

    Sorry to be so cynical, but that’s just how it is.

    Everything I’ve done isn’t sufficient either, but I’m not done yet, as I hope you aren’t either.

    I hope this isn’t just a strategy and I hope you are serious about this, because if you are, we might do some very serious business someday.

  52. Aaron /

    Hey Richard

    I just wanted to quickly reply to this one :-)

    I have been doing business online for nearly 10 years now and during my time as an “online marketer” I have VERY RARELY promoted products that I haven’t personally used myself (and most certainly not in recent years.)

    I also do not use the canned emails that vendors provide. At worst, I might use small parts of them if I think they add value to an email.

    I agree that simply exposing bad products does not necessarily equal integrity HOWEVER those who know me well, will testify that I am in fact a man of my word. I look after my loyal customers and subscribers to the nth degree. Quite often I will actually advise someone NOT to purchase a product that I recommend if their circumstances are not suited to it. Yes – that means I make less money in the SHORT TERM but I’m more interested in LONG TERM LOYALTY and being able to help others to succeed as I believe there is plenty of money to be made from the internet without having to deceive my followers.

    Whilst this site is new, what it stands for is something that I have been an advocate of for many years now. Traditionally though, if a product was not up to scratch I simply would not promote it. Nowadays however, given the rise in the number of shoddy products out there, I have decided that it was time to speak up and let my subscribers know.

    I plan to test a number of products as they are released and let my subscribers and readers know my honest findings. This obviously takes a little time to do, but in the long run it’s better for myself and my readers.

    I certainly agree with you when you say that we will see benefits from this type of philosophy over the period ahead.


  53. Aaron, all good to hear.

    My impression is that we are in agreement about a lot of matters.

    I intend to have a product launch sometime later this year, and may try to get in touch with you about it — assuming you’re available and can spare a few.

    Meanwhile, I intend to keep on eye on this blog.

    Continued best of luck with your personal and business endeavors!

  54. Hi Aaron

    It is such a pleasure to find someone who actually gives an honest review on a product. There is just so much hype out there and everyone trying to make a quick buck that someone new to internet marketing can lose their boots before they even get started. People really should not promote products that they know nothing about, this is not a good way to build relationships with your list of subscribers.

    Michelle Jayes

  55. Hi Aaron
    Read a lot of these comments on the way to write my own and you might have made some marketers mad but none of the one’s that really matter. I am like all the rest with my feelings, it good to read the truth being spoken
    by someone who I have the greatest respect, glad to be a part of the team.


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