May 15

I’m going to show you a tool that will allow you to make instant Paypal payment to your affiliates… but first….

Running your own affiliate program is probably the VERY BEST way to get tons of targeted traffic for free.

Think about it – you only pay a commission once a sale is generated. No sales = no commissions.

That means, you get totally free traffic until such time as you make a sale.

But how do you best motivate your affiliates?

The best way I know of is to pay them INSTANT PAYPAL PAYMENTS but until now that has been almost impossible without expensive scripts and even then, there are limitations.

Most instant Paypal payment scripts pay on a rotational basis – meaning the first sale goes to the vendor and the next goes to the affiliate (in the case of 50% commissions.) This can be less than ideal for your affiliates – and cause YOU headaches in situations where someone asks for a refund.

Well – what if I could tell you about a solution that allowed ALL PARTIES (including an equity partner – if you had one) to be paid INSTANTLY at
the time of each sale?

Would that interest you? Well now it’s possible:

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Now you can in fact pay everyone instantly so your affiliates have no more waiting for commissions, you can better save time and manage your cashflow – and most importantly, you can attract more affiliates and earn more money. This is an instant Paypal payment plugin like no other I’ve seen and after talking to the developers, it’s only going to get better in the future.

Forget the basic looking sales page – it’s not the most “aesthetically pleasing” sales page I’ve ever seen but I urge you to look past all of that. Look at what this Instant Paypal Payment WordPress Plugin can do for you and ask yourself if your business could benefit from something like this.

=> Get Full Details On WP InstantPay Here

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

Q. Can I install one than one copy of WP InstantPay?

A. Yes – you may install as many copies as you want provided you are using the same PayPal account on all of them. If you need to install one or more copies using a different PayPal account, you will need to purchase additional copies of WP InstantPay because they are licensing this per PayPal account.

Q. Are you going to support Coupon Codes?

A. Yes, we are – most likely in the first upgrade coming within the month.

Q. Is it going to support Recurring Payments?

A. Yes it will – they are waiting on an issue with the Paypal API to be resolved before they can deploy it. This is going to be HUGE! Just think of the possibilities!

Q. Is support provided for 3rd party AutoResponder integration?

A. Yes – this is in progress.

Q. Can I offer suggestions for future upgrades?

A. Absolutely – as long as the suggestion will tend to benefit most users, the developers are than happy to incorporate them if at all possible.
I’ve grabbed my copy because I have never seen anything quite like this. I’ve bought a few so-called “instant payment” scripts but none do what this one will do. And most require you to be a technical genius to set them up!

Not WPInstantPay… it’s simple, powerful and super effective. And if you grab your copy now, you get future upgrades for free. I’m personally chomping at the bit to see the RECURRING PAYMENTS feature when
it is released very soon. Just imagine setting up a recurring membership site and having all your affiliates paid instantly each time a subscription
payment rolls in.

Well – stop “imagining” because it’ll be here VERY soon. In the meantime, you can use all the other powerful features of this instant Paypal payment plugin to grow your online business.

Grab your copy AND future upgrades here:

=> Grab Your Copy AND Future Upgrades Here

Scripts “similar” to this sell which offer instant Paypal payment usually sell for $197 or more normally and have limitations that this won’t. You won’t pay ANYWHERE NEAR that if you grab WP Instantpay today.

=> In My Eyes, This Is SERIOUSLY Good Value

Get your hands on the cheapest and most innovative instant Paypal payment script available today.

“Together we can help each other succeed!”

Your friend in success,


P.S. There really IS no better what to motivate your affiliates than to pay them via instant Paypal payment.

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