Instant Commissions Script (Plugin) For WordPress! Your Questions Answered…

Mar 03

Yesterday I told you how I had just purchased a brand new Instant Commissions Script (well it’s a plugin really) for WordPress that allows you to easily setup products for sale on the fly complete with your own affiliate program. The best part is that your affiliates get paid instantly to their paypal account when they are owed commissions.

The instant commissions script is called Instant Action Profits and works in a similar fashion to the highly popular Rapid Action Profits script which many marketers currently use.

There are however several distinct advantages in using the Instant Action Profits plugin as opposed to other scripts for those looking for an instant commissions script.

The key benefits as I see them are:

=> Far easier installation. (NO complicated scripts to install or complicated configuration settings!)

=> Price! This plugin is far cheaper than many of the other instant commissions scripts which can often cost upwards of $197

=> You get to build a BUYERS list! (Every person who purchases goes on your BUYERS list so that you can email them later and sell them other related profits.)

=> You get a constant source of free traffic (in which you ONLY PAY when you get sales… no need to pay for traffic that doesn’t convert! You ONLY PAY for conversions!)

Why use an instant commissions script or plugin?

The most common reason for using an instant commissions script or plugin is to make it easier when it comes to taxes and not having to deal with paying out commissions every week or month. It frees up your time to do other more important things, such as look for MORE affiliates!

Another key reason to use instant commissions scripts or a plugin like Instant Action Profits is so that affiliates can be motivated by being paid instantly to their Paypal account for every X sales (you get to set how frequently they get paid – i.e. 50% commissions mean that they get paid INSTANTLY to their Paypal account every second sale.)

Here are a few questions I’ve received over the past 24 hours since telling my readers about Instant Action Profits:

I am a not a “techie type” person. Will I be able to set up my product to sell without the need for technical knowledge?

Yes – most people will have no issues in setting up the plugin and their product for sale.

Can I sell multiple products for sale on the same domain?

Not currently as far as I am aware, HOWEVER the current release is the first version of the plugin and the developer has promised to provide updates at no additional cost. I for one have already requested this feature for a future release. I’m almost certain it will be added very soon.

If I purchase now, will I get upgrades free?

Yes – the developer is offering free upgrades for those who purchase the current version and no. The first few updates that have been released were indeed free… however MAJOR updates such as significant new features actually come at a cost. When I checked it out, it was an extra $67 for all future updates.

Can I use the plugin on more than one domain?

Yes. You are permitted to use the plugin on any domain that you PERSONALLY OWN.

How exactly does Instant Action Profits work?

Check out the video below and you’ll see!

Grab Your Copy Of Instant Action Profits for WordPress here

Right now Instant Action Profits may not have EVERY feature that I’m going to need in the future but after speaking with the creator, I’m pretty certain that future updates will make this well worth purchasing now.

My personal recommendation to those considering getting an instant commissions script or plugin is to go out and grab Instant Action Profits while it’s still going cheap!


  1. Richard /

    Maybe I was a little slow on the draw, but the upgrades are not free. I had to pay another $67 for lifetime upgrades … whoa, now I guess I’ll just watch for the PLR giveaway version coming soon … ugh.

  2. Aaron /

    Hi Richard

    Yes – you are correct (to a degree anyhow). I was under the impression that future upgrades were free however they were to a point. The first few minor updates were free however major updates are not. I spoke to Bryan (the product creator) about this and he clarified this for me. Originally I thought it was free lifetime updates…

    Having said all of this, I think it’s probably still worth the extra $67 if you want to get all the future additions. I know Bryan has quite a lot planned for the future. Sorry if I put you wrong here… I honestly thought that ALL updates were free.


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