[HOT] Internet Marketing Graphics – NO PHOTOSHOP required!

May 14

These internet marketing graphics will save you a TON of money on designer fees and add a “touch of class” to your sales pages… and the best part – you WON’T need Photoshop like many similar packages. (But you CAN still use it if you have it.)

MarketingGraphicsToolkitV2Details 300x228 [HOT] Internet Marketing Graphics NO PHOTOSHOP required!

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You’ll be provided with the software that can handle modifying these graphics just like Photoshop can – all as part of this crazy package.

You’d normally pay hundreds of dollars to get graphics like these created – but not today 😉

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I could go on all day about how great looking these graphics are but you really just need to click the link above and see for yourself first hand.

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  1. Joel Cole /


    I can’t join your video site because I don’t do Facebook. I have no need to chat or trade pictures with people I barely knew in high school. The fact is that FB doesn’t work for marketing. The social media trade press has been replete with articles the past few weeks about how Twitter and Facebook are not working for business. People who come to the web for business, or looking to do business,go to Google or another search engine and Facebook is the farthest thing from there minds

  2. Aaron /

    Hi Joel

    As always I respect the opinions of my readers, HOWEVER I would beg to differ on this one.

    I myself was reluctant to get into using Facebook simply because I initially saw it as a “time waster” more than anything else – however I have recently started using it for Fan Pages especially and it is definitely worthwhile. There are an overwhelming number of people who are seeing great success marketing their businesses (both online and offline businesses) on Facebook and therefore I believe it has a place in most online marketers’ arsenal of marketing tools.

    Having said all this I’ll email you personally some additional info.


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