Google Sniper 2 – NOT Off To A Good Start!

Feb 15

Another BIG new release is taking a HAMMERING on the Warrior Forum.

You MUST read this if you are even CONSIDERING purchasing Google Sniper 2.o (which I am NOT promoting and have not added my affiliate link anywhere here.)

I should also remind you that I’m certainly not out to “bash every new release” but I feel it’s my duty to keep you informed of ALL the facts before you get caught up in the hype and end up grabbing this without knowing all the facts.

Google Sniper 2.0 – You’ve Been Warned!

Apart from the fact that version 2.0 is basically just a re-hash of version 1.o, what amazes me is that the “early bird” purchasers of this product ACTUALLY PAID MORE than those who waited 24 hours before purchasing. According to my research, the initial price was $67 but now it’s been slashed to just $47 just a day after the launch. I still can’t believe that. To me that just defies all logic!

I’m sure you got plenty of emails telling you to RUSH IN and GRAB IT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

I guess there will ALWAYS be price reductions in life but so soon into a launch? I know you can go to the supermarket one day and buy a loaf of bread for one price and then come back the next day and it’s on special at a dollar less…

But I don’t believe it should happen in launches like this.

I Actually Had To Ask For Confirmation Of This I Was So Surprised!

In my book, I see nothing wrong with RAISING the price (effectively giving early adopters the chance to get the best deal) but I have never heard of a launch which works more like a Dutch Auction!

Perhaps if we wait a few more days, the price will be reduced to $27???

Were you duped by all the hype yet again? Feel free to post your comments and tell us about your experiences with Google Sniper 2.0. I’m all for a BALANCED argument but the initial feedback I’ve seen hasn’t been good so far.

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  1. Thank you for sending this informaation, to me.!! I’m not surprised however. I’m sorry but I’m not…I’ve had so many do this to me, it’s like a Radar, now in my Brain, I just got sent one program, and it was attached to a nice little TROJAN!!! Oh I’m so mad..
    Anyway, thanks again.. Much appreciated, too.

  2. Yes, it’s a shame, Google Sniper was a great starter product, helped us a lot.
    But definitely losing faith in George now :-(

    No free updates for previous purchasers, reducing the price after the early bird list got in, and there’s very little changed in the course that I’ve found yet anyway!

  3. Nice post, and I have also read the comments on the WF and it’s not looking good for this product.

    I have actually received a few emails on this and have watched the videos. It did look interesting but it just seemed like it’s about setting up wordpress sites and getting them ranked to get visitors, which I try to do already, so didn’t think it would contain anything worth spending money on, but that’s just me, it may help other people, I don’t know.

    What makes me a really disapointed is that he gives examples of how much money his sites make for just a few posts and not much else but you just can’t trust what he’s saying is true. I’m not saying he’s a liar but there seem to have been so many product launches lately that offer big money for little work and a lot of these examples they give of the money they’ve earnt by whatever system they are sellling are just total and utter lies. I think it’s really time something was done, because to me it all just seems one big con and basically many of these launches are just literally robbing unsuspecting newbies or whatever of their money.

    Having said all of that this may actually be of good value to some people so if you find it of value then keep it, but if you think it’s a waste of money then don’t hesitate on getting your money back, and regarding the early birds paying more I would get a refubd just because of the fact I would probably just feel like I got conned. Maybe he will offer them $20 back, if his customers mean anything to him at all he should offer something to compensate them because I would be pretty fuming myself.

  4. Aaron, again thanks for your watchdog service. Not only is the lower price not a very nice thing to do but I also don’t link being forced to accept paying a monthly fee just to purchase the product. In this case it was $47/mo you had to agree to right with the $67 order for the product. I know you can cancel the monthly subscription but it should be made a separate offer. I don’t want to have to remember to cancel something and then end up with a surprise monthly charge to my paypal account or credit card. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Aaron

    Thanks for the info – it’s a joke isn’t it?! It has obviously bombed big style with a price reduction coming so soon. And then they try to ‘big it up’ by saying because of the heavy volume the servers crashed for three hours, when everyone knows this is just an excuse to email everyone again because the response was so low. It’s an insult to the average person’s intelligence!

    Best wishes


  6. Hi

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I bought on the early bird and paid the $67.00. Not because I thought they would run out, I am not that gullible to believe that. Simply, I was at the computer at the time. I have been around for years and years, I know how the game is played.

    I have to admit though it is the first time I have had that happen to me, where the price was dropped the next day.

    Just to clear up some confusion in the comments. The product GSniper 2 was $67.00 and that was it, NO monthly fees. They offered also another program called Sniper X for free. If you checked off both then you paid $67.00 plus you got the monthly fee of $47.00 if you unchecked Sniper X, you only paid a one time fee of $67.00 for GSniper 2. A little bit of slight of hand there.

    Now it is true that they are offering it one day later for $47.00. I just went through the checkout again before you make the final payment and it is $47.00 one time payment just for the GSniper 2.

    I will never buy another product from this individual no matter how good it is. I passed on it when it was GSniper and should have this time. Perhaps a refund is now in order, directly through Clickbank.

    Thanks and have good one.

  7. Hi,
    I have to larf at all the poor sods who jumped in.
    Will people never learn after all that’s been discussed on here, blogs and in forums all over the planet.
    People are getting desperate and are hyping up anything to make money!!. There is so much recycled and re hashed stuff being peddled and everyone is looking for an angle on the last genuine seller.
    A bit of hype for a good product isn’t so bad but it seems to have got completely out of hand.
    I’ve attempted to leave sales pages and been bombarded with as many as 5 – 6 exit pop ups. That’s desperation for you!
    All I can say is if your suckered into it, demand a refund and learn a lesson.

  8. Hi there

    Thanks for the warning. I bought GSniper. I guess it was ok, but I wasn`t impressed. It seems to me George is milking the cow now. I will certainly pass on this one.

  9. Hi Aaron:

    Thanks again for another great heads-up. You just
    can’t trust anyone anymore as everything is so hyped up it makes me instantly back away.

    Most of the time its the same old, same old junk being re-hashed.

    Keep up the great postings, thanks.

  10. I am a newbie and research everything I try. I also rely on my gut feeling and my gut said no. I note the comments on people downloading different products and getting junk including viruses. When that happens I email the party and sometimes get a thankyou. After all no one is totally immune. Make sure you have the proper protective programs. You will find spending the extra buck is well worth it. It is the best investment before you go all over the internet doing your research. Have a happy day. By the way great information. Thanks Rudy

  11. Phil mentioned being bombarded with pop-ups. I’ve even had it happen on freebie sites!

    One particular site had a freebie I passed on, then, believe it or not, because I tried to click out, they offered me a paid product.

    Seriously, if I pass on the freebie, why would I buy the paid product?

    But that wasn’t the end of it. I was offered more freebies, and more paid items.

    Now that’s desperation!!

    There were probably six pop-ups in all. And yes, I admit it, I kept it going to see how far they would go. I eventually got fed up and got off the site.

  12. Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking to buy but after all the horror stories a rathe search online for free material that I’m sure it is available.


  13. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the heads-up on this, I will admit it wasn’t a product that I was contemplating buying but that could well be different next time so I’m glad you’re watching our backs.

    I must agree with everone on the exit pops issue, one is quite acceptable but when you get bombarded by loads of them it seems the site owner is just trying to bloodgen you into acceptance,

    I’ve even had a fair few that ended up with being taken to the ClickBank payment page, astounding considering I’ve said No seven times already, perhaps they think using this tactic would have worn down my resistance.

    I’ll even go as far as to say that now I’m take aback when I hit the Close button on my browser and it actually closes straight away, it does show that not all vendors feel they have to revert to these under hand tactics to make a sale.

    But it is getting harder to distinguish between the good products and the bad so thanks again for letting us know when a good product comes out, and not being afraid to let us know about bad ones too.

    So keep up the good work


  14. Thanks for all the comments guys. Looks like everyone is pretty sick and tired of the same old launches re-hashed, crap products and unethical marketing tactics that are being used these days, particularly in the IM niche! I for one won’t sit back and take it any longer and will be making sure the word is spread that “we’ve had enough!” – Keep the comments coming. It’s always great to hear from my readers.

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