I’m GIVING AWAY Spin Master Pro licenses!

Jan 26

Spin Master Pro – Article Spinner – Yours FREE!

There will be quite a few marketers that will literally want to throttle me after they find out what I am doing here – but I am going give you a FREE copy of Spin Master Pro anyhow!

Spin Master Pro is a great little article spinner which allows you to generate hundreds of unique articles from a single article with very little work. It’s a great time saver and allows you to avoid penalties for duplicate content.

Before you download your free copy of Spin Master Pro though, please read on as to why I am giving you this…

It actually amazes me the number of marketers who try to convince you that you should purchase many of the new “fandangle” products from them and once you do, you’ll receive GIVEAWAY RIGHTS! LOL… if the product comes with giveaway rights, then I say “Why not just give it away?”

I’ve actually heard marketers moan that products are being “devalued” by other marketers who give them away. That is definitely true to a point HOWEVER, in my view, if the license ALLOWS me to legally give them away, then I see no reason why I wouldn’t. Why would I want to SELL something to you that you could most likely get for free elsewhere? (I should qualify this by saying that ethical marketers ALWAYS stick to the terms of any license agreement. If it states that it cannot be given away, then it can’t be given away – plain and simple!)

When I buy the rights to any product I always look carefully at how I can use it.

The license for Spin Master Pro allows me to give it away. And that’s exactly what I am doing here. You’re going to get Spin Master Pro WITH Master Distribution / Resell and Giveaway rights and sales page at no cost.

As a token of my appreciation for visiting and reading my blog, I’m GIVING AWAY free copies of Spin Master Pro and Easy Auto Spinner along with complete GIVEAWAY and Master Resell Rights!

Just click the download button below to start downloading your free copy of Spin Master Pro

Box350 Im GIVING AWAY Spin Master Pro licenses!Click Here To Download Spin Master Pro


  1. Thanks Aaron…

    I was going to buy this for ten bucks but free is a whole lot better price.

  2. Then I say – RESPECT SIR – thank you very much!

  3. I want to thank you for your honesty and generosity.

    I purchased this product yesterday (it had a different name)for a few dollars just to take a look, but didn’t get Giveaway Rights. In fact there was no license file at all.


  4. Venkatesh /

    Oooh lovely!

    Thanks a lot. I must say this was a touching, unexpected, pleasant and unusual gesture.

  5. Thanks so much for this resource.This looks amazing and I’ll implement that ASAP!

  6. brendz /

    I really appreciate you offering this software. Thank you

    The problem is it cannot be used without an activation key. I have installed it and it keeps saying I need to enter the key in order to activate the product.

    I tried to use the request License Key button and it goes to a page unfound.

    Is there anyway to use this product without buying a key and where do we get the key?

    thank you for your help

  7. brendz /

    I apologize – it was my fault as I had my firewall setup to block the program.

    Everything is good now – thank you

  8. Neat Software.

  9. Simply amazing. Couldn’t believe you’re giving this away for free. This can really take off some financial burden in my IM do.


  10. Amazing Generosity…
    Thank you muchly

  11. Youry /

    Dear Aaron,
    Thank you for your wonderful programs and generous offer. When I studied medicine many years ago, my Teachers wanted to form this warm-hearted attitude to people…

  12. Dear Aaron, It’s Powerful software, Amazing. Thanks Very much.

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