Facebook Ads For Free – What A Load Of Crap!

Mar 06

I felt compelled to tell you about another new release from Jani G (Facebook Ads For Free) that has hit the Clickbank marketplace recently. From all accounts, it’s one you should avoid at all costs!

Personally I wouldn’t waste my time watching another boring “guru hating” sales video that does little but waste valuable time from your precious day… however, if you’re determined to see the sales video, you can do so here:

Facebook Ads For Free – (no affiliate link there I can assure you)

I will tell you right here and now, I HAVE NOT even bothered to purchase Facebook Ads For Free. You’re probably then asking yourself – “What gives you the right to offer an opinion then?” Well – to be honest, some of my subscribers HAVE purchased it (and regretted it) and there is enough bad feedback around for me to categorically tell you that I’d be wasting my money and time. There are even several marketers out there who actually DID promote it to their lists and have gone on to advise that it was a mistake. Good on them for at least admitting that they made an error of judgment. Many marketers won’t.

Personally, I can’t understand how anyone can even promote Facebook Ads For Free to their lists and expect people to trust their recommendations. My inbox has been bombarded with well-known marketers promoting it in an attempt to earn big commission payments – but I suspect it may be to their own detriment when their subscribers see the quality of the product.

See a totally impartial review of Facebook Ads For Free from actual users here

BTW – the last product that Jani G (the creator of Get Facebook Ads For Free) produced (AutoTrafficHijack – yet another terrible release by all accounts) has resulted in a dispute with his developers whereby it is alleged that he has not paid them for the development work. This has resulted in the developers canceling all licenses and replacing customers’ software with their own version!

Hope this helps to save you some of your hard-earned cash… and if you HAVE purchased and are disappointed, you always have Clickbank’s refund policy to turn to!

man with thumb down 300x300 Facebook Ads For Free What A Load Of Crap!Again – I want to remind you of my commitment to NEVER promote CRAP to you just to make a buck. If ever you feel that I have let you down, then I really do want to hear about it. I’m trying to continue to build my business around trust, loyalty and integrity and I value every one of my subscribers and readers far more than making a quick buck like many of the “other marketers” out there.


Bottom line – my advice (for what it’s worth) is DO NOT purchase Facebook Ads For Free!


  1. adhy /

    you right Aaron.
    I had purchase Jani G Autotraffichijack when I see the testimonial inside when it show an old nanny say” finally I can make money with this software”. But when I purchased it, and install to my computer it is totally “work” hijack my computer. All of my software installed get error result. And when I ask some questions there is never a reply. Just A junk product.


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