Let’s Make This “The Death Of The Blind Sales Letter!”

Mar 14

Even though nearly a year ago, I posted about the state of the IM industry and how we all needed to take a stand against shoddy marketing practices and fraudsters, I still get emails on a regular basis from readers and subscribers who want me to review products that have nothing but blind sales letters. Please help me out by sharing this post or video with friends and your own subscribers if you can. It REALLY IS time we made a stand because the situation is not getting any better – in fact, in many respects – it’s actually getting WORSE.

I really want this message to get out there so that we can clean up the IM industry. Feel free to post any comments and spread the word!

Also – I’ll be releasing my the first issue of my monthly PDF newsletter in the next 48 hours. It’ll be yours free and will have plenty of good content you can use in your business. Stay tuned for an update…


  1. Hi, I wrote the same on one of my site. I never, ever purchase without knowing exactly what a software does. It’s all about about hypnotic sales pages :)

  2. Aaron…

    I think you’re ramming your head into a brick wall. The trouble is there’s a new bunch of would-be marketers coming online everyday. There’ll always be a nice new herd of sheep for these assholes to flock.

    Have you seen the scam from the alleged ex-stripper who claims to have extorted the “secrets” out of a high-rolling, big name marketer who frequented the club where she danced nude? This has to be the most outrageous salesletter yet.

    Well, of course,you know this product must work. Why? Because she’s telling you her “true” story. She wouldn’t be debasing herself by telling everyone that she used to strip for a living. And she, so clearly, points out that most of what is published by the gurus online is a sham and a fraud. That’s why she’s finally telling the truth. And amazingly for only $37…but it’s made her a millionaire.

    The product is called…wait for it…it’s coming…”Stripped Down Profits.” At least this story about “ex-stripper” Haley Milano is entertaining. At least it’s entertaining for those of us who have been around long enough to recognize it for what it is.

    This blogger named Dan did an investigation of the scam. Here’s his post. It’s really quite the hoot:


  3. Hi Aaron,

    Yes you deffinitely hit the nail on the head with this one, I’m stunned by the number of big name marketing gurus who have been sending me their affiliate promotions on all this junk as well.

    Personally I always thought that ClickBank had a strict vetting policy so only good quality products got past their approval process but these days it looks as though they can’t see past the money either.

    Good advise on the people who promote this junk, obviously they don’t have their subscribers best interests in mind and are just looking to make some fast commissions by any means possible so don’t deserve to hold on to those subscribers.

    I’ve even noticed that their promo messages are starting to get more and more vague as well like :-
    “Hi firstname, Want to make $XXXXX in the next 24 hours?” and a Click Here Button, then not even adding their name underneath as though they are ashamed to do so (And So They Should Be!)

    I agree these cryptic product salespages should be stamped out as should the so called “Gurus” who promote them.

    Keep up the good work


  4. Thanks for posting this. I referred to this video in a blog post I just wrote. It is so exhausting to see all the crap out there, and I have only been doing this for about 6 months. I have been pulling away from IM because of it and decided to go back to focusing on my writing instead. But, guys like you and others who are trying to squash the BS, make me think there is still hope!

  5. Aaron, what’s sad is that there are some real quality products on Clickbank that hardly sell at all because the marketers in question don’t have a bunch of gurus promoting for them.

    IM has become a lot more about who you JV with than it is about the customers. It’s understandable and it’s kind of how the whole world works, but that doesn’t make it right.

  6. Aaron /

    Hi Joel

    Whilst it’s a tough challenge, I certainly don’t think it’s impossible or that we’re banging our heads against the wall.

    Think about it… the only reason these products sell well is because of the hundreds of JV partners behind them. If THEY stop promoting them, the products (and these crap marketing methods) will die a natural death. It is true that thousands of new “would-be” internet marketers jump online everyday but the only reason they generally hear about such products is through existing marketers. Unsubscribing sends a strong message to those (affiliate) marketers that we’re not interested in listening to that garbage any more.

    Re Stripped Down Profits – yes I saw many comments on this one… primarily relating to images from stock photo sites being used when they were supposed to be the product “creators” actual house etc. What a complete sham. Sadly though, the product will still probably sell ok – unless we can get the message out that these type of products are not worth people’s time or money.

    Thanks for your contribution to my blog Joel! :-)

  7. Carol Dankelman /

    Just before I read this post, I started watching video #1 for Instant Cash Empire. I only went there because it was promoted by a well-known IM marketer. I watched the first minute or two in which the video detailed how much money you could make in one month with only 7 clicks, and I was waiting for the presenter to laugh and say something like “Just jolking, folks; that’s not really possible.” But he was SERIOUS!! So I cut the video short and then got a series of “but wait, click on cancel for a special deal” boxes. I clicked on them just to see what kind of outgrageous deals they would offer to try to pull you in–and the last one actually ended up on a Clickbank order page. These guys (and gals) should be tarred and feathered and run out of town.!

  8. Aaron,
    Just want to thank you for “taking a stand” amongst the many, many droids out there that are simply following the poor examples of some of the less scrupulous marketers.

    As someone said above, there are new “sheep” coming online every minute and 99% of them will get suckered in to this type of evil marketing as soon as they start searching for that magic silver bullet. It does seem to be a bit wishful thinking to believe that we can make some impact on the state that IM is in at the moment but I do believe we can do something to help.
    There are 3 things that we can ALL do which will hopefully divert some of these “newbies” and naive new consumers from falling prey to this form of marketing:
    1- Unsubscribe from ANY marketer that promotes that crap. So far I have unsubscribed from 7 “gurus” some that I’ve followed for several yrs… and if given the chance to say WHY I was removing my name… I gave them a blast. If enough people do this, it WILL send a message, especially if we do it in large quantities right after a new blind sales letter product launch. At first I thought it may be a bit like doing the “stop buying gas for 1 day” protest (which is totally fruitless) but in reality, more and more marketers will get the picture.

    2- TALK ABOUT IT… get on the forums, get on Warrior’s, chat with your other IM friends, leave posts like this on blogs complaining about that style of marketing. It WILL get noticed if enough blog and forum posts start showing up.

    3- SUPPORT the Marketers that are ethical and show some moral fibre. I have been a buyer and ardent follower of Aaron’s since the days of Infinite-Revenue and trust his integrity impeccably. There are others out there like him that don’t follow the examples of some of those “get every freakin’ dime in that dumba** newbies pocket” gurus that are out there selling their souls in the name of making the payments on their BMW or 3rd vacation home. Guys like David Lockley (BZ9), Eric Holmlund (Eric’s Tips), Jason Fladlien (Pratical Profits), Joel Osborne, Mark Austin (Resell Rights Weekly), Bryan & Alex (AuthorityPro), Adam Short (NicheProfitClassroom)… and many more. All of the mentioned marketers have shown me that they care just as much about their clients/customers and their integrity as do they of their cash flow. Most of them have created THEIR OWN PRODUCTS… which is in its self a lesson for all of us out there. Why prostitute yourself by selling other peoples junk… build something you can be proud of an they will come.

    Enough said!
    Cheers and THANKS Aaron,

  9. Aaron /

    Hey Daryl

    Thanks for your comments. Your ideas to help the “cause” are excellent and if there is enough “noise” about these sorts of marketing tactics, people won’t be able to avoid hearing the message!

    It was never going to be an easy battle to fight but I believe that together we can make significant inroads and send a strong and clear message.


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