Clickbank products SUCK!! I’m hopping mad!

Feb 07

Ok … so perhaps the title of this post has already got you wound up a bit but that was kind of intended because I REALLY want to hear your opinion on this so it was important that it got your attention and stirred up enough emotion one way or the other so that you made an effort to leave a comment.

Before I get started I also want to stress that I’m NOT writing this post simply to take some “moral highground” but merely highlight frustrations that many of people in the IM industry are having right now.

Ok … so let’s get started!

You see – about the beginning of last year I pretty much stopped promoting most of the major internet marketing launches and stuck to doing my own thing – promoting my own products or building businesses in niche markets outside of IM. To be quite honest – I’d had enough of the crap. It was starting to make me feel sick inside!

Sure – I possibly lost out on some easy cash in the form of commissions, but to me it’s not about making money by deceiving people. I doubt I could sleep at night if I felt that I’d ripped off a bunch of my subscribers so I won’t recommend products I haven’t used myself.

Anyhow, I sat back and watched all the hype from the sidelines for most of 2010. Rarely did I even pass judgment in the second half of last year. I foolishly thought that perhaps these “scam” products would die a quick and painful death if I ignored them for long enough. Unfortunately I was wrong… dead wrong. (Hey – as a total aside – I even admit to my wife that “I can be wrong too at times!” LOL)

Today however, I’ve decided to start some discussion again because in the last few months I have noticed an alarming trend – and because a good portion of my lists are new to the Internet Marketing arena, I wanted to ensure that these people didn’t get carried away (aka RIPPED OFF) with this “latest craze.”

The “craze” I’m referring to here are all those $37 automated software products popping up on Clickbank on seemingly a daily basis. They all seem to use the same “cookie cutter” sales letter, false scarcity and a “blind” sales video that tells you nothing about what the actual product is or does (except make you a lot of money – supposedly.) They all seem to promise instant riches virtually at the click of a button.

What really gets my back up though is the number of promotional emails I’ll receive for these completely useless pieces of software. Have ANY of these guys who promote this stuff actually even TESTED the software? I know for a fact that most of them haven’t – because if they had, they’d realize they don’t get anywhere close to delivering what the sales letter promises.

And when you get to the sales letter, to be told there are strictly 200 copies available is a complete and utter lie. Apart from doing some basic maths, I know it’s a lie because I am offered invited to promote these products as a JV partner and I know that some of the best promoters can clock up 200 sales on their own! So for the product creator to say that they are strictly limiting sales to just 200 or whatever is just total deception.

The relentless trend of “blind” sales letters is crazy. All these guys harp on about how great their one-of-a-kind software is and how “point and click easy” it is – yet none of them are prepared to put their money where their mouth is and SHOW you the software in action BEFORE you have to make the decision to purchase it (or not!)

In any case, do you REALLY think that a guy who makes 1,067,237.34 in just 3 short months is going to share his “revolutionary autopilot software” for just $37? You know he won’t right? Unless of course the software now no longer works as it once did!

I’ll say one thing for them though – these guys have balls, that’s for sure! The one great thing about Clickbank from a customer’s perspective is that there is virtually NO RISK. Clickbank will cheerfully refund your money (no questions asked) in just about EVERY SITUATION so you are pretty safe in purchasing any Clickbank product. I guess for the creators of these types of products it is simply a “numbers game” and they bank on the fact that many customers won’t actually bother to ask for a refund. (I know I haven’t at times in the past – I probably only ask for 50% of the refunds that I SHOULD ask for.)

Most of these recent $37 launches have been PLAGUED with problems and the feedback I’ve seen on some of the forums I go to is nothing less than atrocious.

– Blind sales letters that leave you salivating for this secret software that’s supposed to rake in tons of cash on autopilot but not knowing what the heck it’s supposed to actually do before you buy!

– Software that, once you DO decide to purchase, simply doesn’t work, no longer works as it once did or is BLACKHAT and using it could most likely get you into all sorts of trouble.

– Customer service that is pathetic – leaving customers to struggle for days on end without a reply.

– And last but not least – dodgy marketing tactics on the backend! (Endless upsells, downsells, cross-sells and telemarketers calling to entice you into some high end purchase!)

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Warrior Forum or not – but if not, then you should familiarize yourself with it. It’s a goldmine of information. As an example, check out these scathing comments on some of the recent releases:





LOL.. If you try and leave the sales pages for the above two, you’ll get taken to the sales video. Take a look at the background of the video on both the above two and see if you can spot something in common! They look like they’ve been filmed in the same room! (Nothing wrong with that I guess but it’s a bit of a laugh.)





The above one was launched in August 2010 and was supposedly limited to 250 copies – yet I just visited the sales page again and it’s still up and live!



and just released today (so brace your inbox for a bombardment from all those “marketers” who try to sell you something they won’t use themselves)



(albeit released at a $39 pricepoint rather than the “traditional” $37 one.)

And these are just a SMALL handful of the recent launches.

Common sense would tell most people NOT to buy something that sounds “too good to be true” (at least without concrete evidence) but there’s something inside everyone that tells them “there must be an easier way!” and these guys know that a good number of people WILL actually buy. That’s how they do so well from these launches!

Don’t get me wrong – there are a TON of FANTASTIC products on Clickbank but as of late, many of the big launches have unfortunately resorted to shady promotional tactics and crappy software products that simply don’t work as they are supposed to.

I’ve had enough of the BS and I’m sure you have too. Isn’t it time we all stood up and said we’re not interested? Sure – we can just NOT BUY their crappy pieces of software and that will definitely help, but unfortunately there will always be newcomers to the IM scene who will fall victim to these guys. I need you to help me send them a message that they can’t ignore. If you feel the same way, please post a comment on my blog. Tweet about this post to your friends. Spread the word. I want to get these so-called “gurus” to understand that we’ve had enough and we won’t stand for it a day longer.

If you’ve got first-hand experience of one of these types of products be sure to post a comment about it – GOOD OR BAD. I’m all for a balanced argument 😉 but I’m a firm believer that NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is a substitute for hard work, perseverance, a positive mindset and working to a proven system!


  1. sweet
    tell it as it is

    I like everybody else get a ton of these emails in my 2nd account !!!! otherwise it just jams everything

    I don’t even bother to read half of them,
    some of the tips in th epre release are ok but only ok and basically old hat stuff.

    Anyway not going on a rant here but great post
    The last few emails i sent out said ‘nothing to buy or sign up to’ just gave them somme help and good cheap products

    I recently bought a backlink creator for $15 it is brilliant and my local search stuff jumped right up in a few days

    steer clear of all th emass email junk


  2. Linda Luck /

    I agree with you. Everyone who buys these things that are pure junk should get it all over the internet so others won’t be took advantage of. I keep a list of those that put out that crap to make sure I don’t get on their lists. I do believe in asking for refunds! They would be put out of business if people would get refunds. I don’t want anything bad enough to cheat someone else. Why can’t people be honest?????

  3. Couldn’t agree more, it really gets to me how bad this trend is for everybody.
    Newbies getting ripped off, the IM business taking another step back in it’s reputation, even the seller I would have thought.

    I actually bought one of these out of curiosity, turned out to be article submission software.
    So most of the people buying it thinking it was a magic traffic producer would just refund, while people who might have been in the market for an article submitter had no idea what it was!

    Just crazy! In my not altogether humble opinion ;-D

  4. I have to agree with you Aarron and I personally think that ClickBank should either tighten up on their rules or at least fire a warning shot across the bows of some of the obvious perpetrators.
    It’s risen to a sickening plateau and I for one am sick of the pathetic attempts to get you to open their emails. My server ‘blacklist’ has never been so busy.
    There is no better words to describe them other than lowlife, pathetic, scumbags.

  5. Aaron
    Yeah, much like you I’ve started fighting back!
    I never have bought a lot of these products, but when I would and got hoodwinked, I’d tell myself to roll with the punches and take the loss. I didn’t normally asked for refunds unless it was a large amount of money, a half days pay for example.
    As the economy continued to go north and freeze up, and I would buy a product looking to help me figure out a way to just make a few extra bucks every month, and they turned out to be massively confusing or a total scam, I made a decision in late 2009 that I’ve never regretted.
    And that decision was to start getting my money back when I got fleeced!
    I fortunately never did buy into all of the “Launch” madness.
    And, while I’m far from the greatest on understanding some computer programs or software, I also understand the difference of “easy” to do versus those that take some hard work to make something happen, versus something that no matter how hard you try at it, WILL NEVER WORK!
    So, if I buy something now as before, I’ll delve into it, cause I want it to work, that’s why I bought it. But if it doesn’t, guess what? I go for the refund plain & simple.
    I discovered that it’s only fair to the seller, the affiliates selling it, the payment processor, and it’s especially fair to me & my family to get the refund on a “bum” product.
    Let me put it another way. In a 60 day period in 2010 I bought 10 different products for that magical $37. None of them did as advertised. We were out $370 dollars! But not for long because I got the money back on each one.
    That’s only fair right?
    I think so. And I hope in the process a bunch of other people that were fleeced took the opportunity to get their money back as well. But only request refunds on a truly bad product!
    If we all stop letting these sellers and affiliates sell this trash, it’ll be better for everybody.
    The payment processors don’t really want to be associated with, or have to deal with the refunds, so they clean the litter box so to speak. And eventually it become’s a better market place.
    Except for the one’s peddling this garbage. And that’s ultimately good for them too, cause they’ll learn we’re onto ’em…

  6. Hi Aaron,

    It’s good of you to bring this up again and also to inform your new subscribers of these BS in the market. I myself learnt the hard way and wasted $$ on similar launches. How I wished there were people like you to flag out useless products then. Nowadays I run like hell when I see these types of launches. Wished there were more marketers would be like you.

  7. Hello Aaron, I can certainly relate to what you
    are saying here!

    I bought ‘into’ several of those types of programs,
    (from $37 – $67 ) and yes they are all cut from the
    same cloth! That money just lets you see the page
    that wants you to ‘upgrade’ to anything from $97 –
    $497, plus a monthly fee if you expect the program to
    work ‘for you’. (lots of luck).

    Unbelievable ” hog-wash ” !
    Just outright lies and rip-offs.

    I did get refunds for them all, but it is the time
    wasted, and time ‘waiting’ for a refund that, if they
    told the truth and gave you what you initialy pay for
    would not happen.

    These ” GOO-RUS ” certainly have put me completely
    off of wanting to buy anything related to marketing even
    though some of the programs are likely worthwhile.

    To me, they are hurting the entire network marketing system.

    Discouraged, ( much more careful)


  8. Hi Aaron,

    Yes, like you I have been ignoring all of these product launches, but I suppose it is time to stand up and say enough is enough!

    I know my inbox get flooded every single day just like yours and it drives me nuts, I now tend to quickly skim through them to see if there’s anything important and if I don’t see any then I just hit the mass delete button.

    Ten seconds later I think “Was I paying enough attention as I was check through them, or have I deleted some important ones as well by mistake?”

    When I do get dupped into visiting a salespage of these offers, I do tend to laugh at all the “so called” proof of income, sure they show you income stats of their PayPal and / or CB accounts etc, but that doesn’t show were that income come from, just a total of earnings.

    For all we know the earnings haven’t come from actually using their product, it’s probably from selling it to us poor saps, plus they never show the stats of their expenses statements do they?

    I’d better stop now before my blood pressure hits the roof and they have to carry me off on a stretcher, but you go for ’em Aaron, give ’em hell


  9. Hey Aaron, I fully agree with you on this and we’ve taken a similar stance as you have by cutting a few ties and not promoting much of anything except our own business.

    It’s sad to see so many people ripping people off just to make a quick buck.

    Their days are numbered though and once enough people stop buying those products and JVs stop promoting those products these will pass.

    It’s great people like you and others I’ve seen are finally taking this issue public.

    Maybe someday clickbank will get more ethics on what they approve and disapprove also.

  10. Yeah, I just laugh at all of the $37 launches that are out there. I have a way of dealing with them and it is amazing how much time it has freed up for me. Send me one of these deals and I will immediately unsubscribe you.

    The end result has been a drastic reduction in the amount of mail I get…but that’s okay because I really don’t need to be seeing all of this cookie cutter crap anyway.

    My story:

    Back when I was a totally green newbie I bought a (big surprise) $37 product from Tim Bekker. There was no upsell but part of the registration process was providing my phone number. Big mistake. My phone immediately started ringing every other day. Bekker’s phone room was on the line and was there for about a month trying to sell me everything from live coaching programs ($2000 a month) to traffic packages ($997)…I guess they thought they had a live one. I constantly told them I didn’t have the money to spend and they’d go into their pitch telling me that if I didn’t buy their stuff I might as well just forget ever being an online success.

    The end result, I don’t give out my phone number any longer. If registration requires my phone I give them (123) 456-7890. The computers don’t know the difference they just look for a number, so I give them one.

  11. As a newbie I am finding it a big problem constantly being bombarded with rubbish offers that will not work, but then being encouraged to pass the offer on and rip someone else off.

    I have ignored all the new launches for this reason as I want to make an income online but not by ripping someone off.

    These people should be named and shamed so everyone knows who to avoid.

  12. I have learned by my (painfully expensive) mistakes. Bought too many of these rubbish “products” and in the end I was confused, frustrated, and almost broke. Aaron I agree with your attitude completely and had already forced myself to learn two vital things before completely going under… First Golden Rule: Never EVER buy anything without researching it on the Warrior Forum. Here is one place you can get the REAL TRUTH (as well as on Aaron’s blog!!). You will also read the horror stories and find out exactly what’s behind these “blind” sales letters. Second Golden Rule: If you abuse me by promoting this crap to me and lying to me I will instantly unsubscribe and NEVER buy anything from you again.
    In my opinion these people are the utter dregs of the IM community, but I guess it’s time to grow up and take responsibility – fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
    Trust is important and there are very few now on my white list. Aaron – you are one of those few.

  13. You know what? That’s exactly what I was thinking earlier today when I got an email promoting a supposedly amazing traffic sucking software product. And claim to release only 200 copies. Crazy! Thanks for posting this and alerting newbies from spending money buying craps. :)

  14. Years ago before the internet our mail boxes were filled with junk mail including get rich quick schemes, chain letters, and other such scams. As always the lure of riches and little work causes us (or many of us) to plunk down our money and hope for the best.

    The only thing that has changed is that now our email inboxes are filled with get rich quick schemes, chain letters, and other such scams.

    When will people learn if it sounds to good to be true it probably is!!!

    Dave Weaver

  15. Hi Aaron- you are so right on this topic. It makes me sick too. I haven’t seen a decent product launching on CB in a very long time. But you know what’s even worse than these products? The lost money and lost hope of all the people who bought them. I would imagine that CB is going to get some heat from the FTC at some point in the future but for now everyone should avoid these types of products from robbing them of their hard-earned money -Dave

  16. Hi everyone! Aaron thank you for your principled stand.I am a newbie – am making my first site as we speak and people like me need reviews like you have just presented. I am on social security and it is critical that the products I purchase do as they claim. Unfortunately quite often they do not. I have returned all that I purchased from clickbank like the ones mentioned in your article. I perceive these people as crooks – they ask for a upsell on a product you have no idea how it works. Frequently their software is simply a duplicate of something you already have and are happy with.

    I was directed to your site from He writes reviews similar to yours.

    I will sign up to your list and open all emails from you.

    Thanking you…..

  17. Hi Aaron,

    Great Post! I couldn’t agree with you more..

    It’s about time someone came out and named names – although your post didn’t actually name the individual marketers behind these dubious products (I understand why) you did name some of the products!

    I had a few good rants about these snake oil salesman on Facebook most of last year. They are preying on the innocent!!

    Sometimes even the more experienced marketer can get caught up in the “hype”, which leads them into thinking these so called “gurus” know something they don’t!

    There is NO magic button..

    Your post certainly lived up to the name of your blog!



  18. No website yet as I am a newbie in online business. I am very savvy at off line business and am applying techniques I learned over the year to strain out the scams. I am glad you wrote this article but you were much to easy. Once I get established believe me I will join your cause. So far I have researched hundreds of emails and sites patiently and believe me I am glad I did although I do need to build a money making business as I lost all my life assetts due to illness. That is a story for another time and day. You are absolutely right regarding follow up support and you would not believe the number of refunds I have requested. The sad part of this activity is that new customers that want to participate are getting scared to do so because they do not know enough about internet to make the choices properly. I will say to anybody out there that there are lots of good ideas but keep in mind you cannot determine whether a business is successful without time. At least 3 months to familiarize and maybe 6 months to see positive results. And it does take work but can be fun. You can be successful but as anything in real life you have to work at it. Think this way. If it was instant everybody would do it and be successful. Then there would be too much competition and then no opportunity. The opportunities seem to be endless on the internet and you can start a excellent business with minimal amount of money. It is a tradeoff how you can get ahead. Time or money. I have a lot more to suggest but that will come later. Good for you Aaron it is time the good operators say something. Rudy

  19. hye.. I’m Izham from Malaysia.
    just want ask you this..

    What deference this two product.. They are the same guy?! the price of these product deference to. $37 and $39.

    Someone can answer me..

    P/S : My english not to good :-)

  20. Misato Katsuragi /

    What I can’t stand, and in some ways, is even worse than the fraud, is the fact that you can’t post the truth about a product that is no good or is being promoted deceptively, because heaven forbid if you do.

    I mean, go to any internet marketing forum and try that. Try to tell others where product X falls short or is not as described by the sales material that is promoting it, and yiou will see what happens then.

    Not only do you not get a “thank you for telling me this”, you get severly trounced by all the gurus in that forum, and also by a lot of the novice internet marketers who are still trying to make money, and even threatened by the mods at some of these forums.

    If you did this in the offline world, it would be appreciated. You may even get Consumer Reports to agree with you. Do that on the internet though, and you will get the exact opposite response. Go figure.

  21. @ Izham

    They do SOUND similar and I can’t tell you definitively that they are not the same thing as I am still not sure what exactly the second one does.

    There is however a link on the Warrior Forum that gives a bit more info:

    Hope this helps.


  22. Whether it’s WF, CB, DR or any site, the issues are the tactics and un-tested gimics that send me thru the roof…

    thanks for writing…

    (btw, tho – your “powered by” at the bottom – promotes a CB link (lol) – with 2 extra popups when closing the boxes! arrrgh!)

  23. HI Aaron, I was so glad to read your post & you are a life-(money)saver! I lost my biz due to sickness, deepin debt & have a family to support. I NEED to get a serious honest biz up and running really quickly or I wont be able to put food on the table. Im a newbie,doing my due dilligence and on quite a few newletter lists to learn about the biz. I read the salesletter from PUsh Button Cash Site & believed it. Bought the product, and the upsell and started to go to work making it happen.,.. nothing happened and I felt like I was too dumb to get it up and working right. The Money for the basic product was scraped together and the OTO offer made it sound like the original product I just bought wouldnt be effective without buying this upsell.. I did it… now yesterday I read your article and went to Warriors Forum and felt like I was a dumb sucker to have bought in the first place. I had googled the product +scam and it all sounded like a good deal.. now I know that they were all faked reviews just to get me to buy from their link.. learning alot, but at what a price. My wife thinks Im nuts for trying to make money online, since Im not good with computers, but Im 62, I cant get a job offline anymore,but HAVE to work to keep my family together. I know now to look at your site and Warriors to see whats good and whats not, but are all the cheaper product just hype? I cant afford a Frank Kern or Mike Filsame product…what can I do to start and get an income going soon? I think you see my “why” is pretty clear, its just the “how & what” thats the next hurdle. Any specific product help would be gratefully appreciated. God Bless you for your integrity, its really a rare commodity these days online, more so for us beginners. Thanks, Will

  24. Finally,
    I have been saying the same thing for some time and I too am probably missing out on all those ‘affiliate payments’ and getting rich quick, but I am with you. I can’t sleep nights knowing that I am making money by scamming people. I have even gone so far as to close my Aweber account and removing my opt-in forms. I wrote an article a little while ago that may interest you. It can be found on my blogspot,

    I am constantly looking at these different offers and I also opt-in just to be able to look at many of them. The result is that as of today, 2/9/2011, I have over 10,000 emails and they are all ‘offering’ the same dozen or so offers, products, software or services in some form or other.

    Perhaps some day we will be able to once again search for what we need and know that we are getting what we are promised. Until then I am with you an I am working on eliminating clickbank and similar products from my websites.

    Great post and thank you.

    Cagleonline is my portal to all my Internet content.

  25. Aaron I totally agree with you and your article about the number of scamming Clickbank products that have been been coming out. In fact I was so upset about the number of them being promoted last year I created a new category on my blog and used Warrior Forum discussions as the place to find out the truth. And like you said, not all Clickbank products are bad so I included a few positive reviews to add some balance to the category.

    And 1 of the things that really disturbs me is when some of the “gurus” who have promoted many of these “false promise” products come out with an email or blog post warning people about blind sales pages and products that could never do what’s implied. Sure, some of them may not have known about the first 1 or 2 they promoted however after their eyes were opened and they wrote about what was going on you would think they would have quit promoting these types of products. Unfortunately, many didn’t.

    Like so many others who are sick of these over hyped up and impossible to get the same results products, I have unsubscribed from many lists. And that’s what I encourage my readers to do when they get lots of email always promoting the latest Clickbank product from someone.

  26. Hi Aaron,

    I myself have been very fortunate to have mostly purchased products, such as Market Samurai, which I’ve been very happy with, and have only been disappointed in a purchase one time. I did get a partial refund for it, should have asked for full!

    Launch days are comical! Ten emails, all with the same subject, from different marketers who all claim the same results…delete, delete, delete.

    I do worry about folks who are new to IM as they are obviously the targets of these “latest and greatest” products. Shameful.

    As for me, I’m keeping to the high road and hoping the days are numbered for those who choose not to.

  27. Aaron,

    Thanks very much for this post. I agree indubitably (always wanted to use that word in a sentence:).

    I’ll admit to falling prey to some of the “instant profits” junk. However, since I began following your advice and the Warrior Forum my money has been much better invested.

    I’d had enough yesterday. Every time an e-mail came in promoting “Auto Click Profits” I went straight to the “Unsubscribe” link. Now my life really can be better with just a couple of clicks: Unsubscribe, Confirm, See ya!

    Thanks for the consistent integrity you have shown in your business. Yours is one of the few e-mails I open, read and take seriously.

    All the best,


    p.s. Thanks for the advanced WP Tips.

  28. I tend to view the ClickBank products by who’s selling them and the product being sold. We shifted all of my wife’s organizing products over to ClickBank because they handle all of the affiliate paperwork which is a chore.

  29. Once again, I agree with you. I hardly promote to my list anymore because I don’t have my own product right now (am working on a big one though) and so much of the rest of what’s out there these days I wouldn’t want my name associated with.

    Of course, even some of the good stuff doesn’t seem worth promoting to me these days as so much of it, to be successful, assumes an established infrastructure, knowledge, etc., that very few on my list actually have.

    Anyway, keep up the honesty. Maybe one of these days we can work together on something.

  30. Well said everyone. The upside of this is that there is certainly a growing ‘niche’ for authentic, values driven marketing. Discerning marketers will rise to the surface over time as people are generally not stupid and value integrity above the kind of practices being shown by some.

    I still think that the majority of prople are authentic in their motives and behaviors. And why is it that the $37 trend seems to be coming from the UK?

  31. Aaron,

    I’ve known you and Dave for what seems like a 100 yrs (I guess 6-7 yrs on the internet is LIKE a 100yrs!) and not once have I ever questioned the way that you 2 have done business… always in an ethical, moral way showing respect for your customers and ALWAYS with integrity.

    You both have been around for a good time, so tell me… why are we in this pickle right now? Is it greed, over-saturation in the market, running out of authentic ideas or just emulation of bad behaviour?

    It’s obvious that as the saying goes “There is a sucker born every minute…” (and I have fallen prey to that fault on many occasions) but do we really have to build a business model based on that known certainty?

    Thank you for putting some FACTS on the table and for helping to educate us so that we are more able to spot the crud and find the gems. There needs to be more people willing to “step up to the plate”.

    I hope that eventually with enough people (like yourself and anyone on here that has posted a comment against this practice) protesting, offering insight and showing contempt for this process we might make a change toward a higher quality product base. But then again… maybe human nature and greed will prevail.

    I think Tim (above) has the right answer though… if we all get tired of reading this junk… UNSUBSCRIBE and maybe if the senders lose 30% of their lists someone may wake-the-heck up! No one hears a tree falling in the forest unless 1/3 of the forest falls all at once!

    Thanks Aaron… PLEASE keep doing what you are doing!!

  32. Hi Aaron,

    I have bought some gut wrenchingly awful products in my time, but usually through clickbank so I’ve always got my money back. Some of the drivel that has been put together by so called Guru’s is appalling, but unfortunately is targeted at those in dire need of making some of this monee stuff, and some times you just can’t help yourself.

    On a lighter note I actually bought auto click profits shortly before this email first came out, but the bonus that Paul Ponna was offering meant that I had to do it. Apart from the bonus I’m glad that I bought it. Once in a while you do get some decent material coming out.

    Have fun,


  33. Hi, Thanks someone has finally stood up for the truth. These push button software guys are actually ripping alot of people off with their so called magical software that puts money in your bank account faster than machine gun bullets can fly. No proof, just hyped up sales letter and doctored screen shots.

    The proliferation of these so called software into the market is solid proof that these so called Gurus are capitalising on people’s desire to make money. Where is the honesty? where is the transparency? Their greed exceeds their scruples and poor newbies are being milked times without number hoping someday they will find the elusive pot of gold at the end of the road. Wake up before is too late and avoid these too good to be true hypnotic lies from these liars.

  34. This is so-So TRUE, and yes, I have purchased so much GARBAGE from those so called Gurus on clickbank!!! I too am so tired of reading the same old sales page rhetoric. And you are absolutely correct, They all offer the World for $37. I purchased the facebook product and I have not made one cent. I truly wish the Departmenet of Justice was no longer out of business because the consumer is getting screwed royally…There is no such thing as a real guarantee….All we do is spend our hard earned money and when we do what the “gurus” say we should do we only get screwed more and again. I am glad someone spoke out against this garbage and I am willing to work with anyone who is truly willing to work to put a stop to this loss of integrity in the market place…

  35. Misato Katsuragi /

    I agree with those who say that maybe we should unsubscribe from all of these lists. I have been doing that very thing for the past couple of months now.

    If I see blatant scam, or someone sending me a get-rich-quick offer more than once every couple of weeks, or offers from a list that everyone else and their mother is promoting, I unsubscribe right there.

    There are even some lists that will want to know why you unsubscribed when you do. I flat out tell the owners of these lists why.

    I simply tell them that I am getting too much email and that I am cutting back by unsubscribing from the lists that do nothing but send me get-rich-quick offers but never actually help me in any way.

    Maybe we should all start doing this.


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