CBPredator – It’s been two months now. What did YOU think of it?

Jun 25

It’s been two months since I posted my review of CBPredators and I wanted to hear from those readers who purchased it.

As you will see from the above review, my recommendation was DEFINITELY NOT to waste your hard-earned cash on it. (I took the time to review it BEFORE even CONSIDERING marketing it and I could see it was flawed from the outset.) I wonder who “recommended it” to you?

Perhaps my review was too harsh?

I have started a poll below. ONLY if you purchased the product, please post your opinion.

If you purchased CB Predator, what is your opinion of it?

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  1. Hi
    I purchased the cheapest version of CB Predators when the product came out but I had big problems with installing my first site. I asked for technical support help but got none, so in the end I asked for a refund. I got it, so I should be happy!


  2. Looking4Cash /


    I’ve paid (and continue to to pay) for the so-called platinum membership. I set up one site and I’ve yet to generate any income whatsoever.

    They keep promising platinum content, but I’ve yet to see any advantage – other than I have access to all the sites they make available. Supposedly, they limit the amount of sites that can be set up for any one product.

    Truth be told, I haven’t done much with the product. I’m hoping to set up a site for every product in the next couple of weeks to see if I can truly generate any income. If not, I’ll be canceling and asking for a refund for not ever receiving any of the promised platinum content.

    I hope I’m wrong, but…

    Has anyone made any sales with this product? I’m curious to know.

    Thank you,


  3. I’m not sure why I thought that it was a good idea but I thought that it was at the time, maybe it was my new medication? I had regular problems, the cb support was non existant, they didn’t work weekeneds!!! I also gave up going to my web host support team because it was getting embarrassing. In June we were supposed to get new programs to promote, by the time I had called it a day nothing had come through. Initially I only got a refund for June, I had to go back to clickbank to tell them that it was a 60 day guarantee. If they ever sort the problems it might be a useful system?????? But they need to learn how to run a membership business first.

  4. Aaron /

    Hi Looking4Cash

    Well from the small sample of respondents to the poll right now it ain’t looking good.

    At this early stage we have 7 responses and 7 people who have asked for / plan to ask for refunds.

    Just make sure you don’t leave it TOO long to make a decision as you have up to 60 days but anything longer and you’ll miss getting your initial payment back.

    I’m still curious who recommends these products without testing them themselves! LOL


  5. Hi Aaron,
    I’ve discovered a secret, schhh…….
    Want To Know What It Is?
    Come closer then and I’ll whisper it to you
    ready? ……………..

    The Money is Not In The List (as the so called ‘Gurus’ tell us)…..

    It’s in the cool sounding name they give to the Product!!!!

    ClickBank Predator …. see what I mean?
    and you thought you were going to ‘clean up’
    clever little $%^”%$^s aren’t they!!!

  6. Looking4Cash /

    Hi Aaron,

    Appreciate your response. Graham is not too far off base with his comment… the name and the T-Rex graphic is awesome, but that’s not why I purchased. It actually made sense at the time, being a newbie and all.

    I really am curious if ANYONE has made ANY sales whatsoever.

    As for promoting items without actually testing/using them, that’s exactly what the ClickBank Predator system does – oddly enough!

    Is the Affiliate Silver Bullet system basically the same thing?



  7. I couldn’t get it to work. Asked for and received a refund.

    My experience with Clickbank and membership refunds is that I have never received more than 1 month subscription returned. For example, if I paid an initial fee, plus the first month membership (at the same time), then let it go until after the next month billed, I never get 100% back. I get back the initial fee and 1 month, but they will keep the 2nd month of subscription.


  8. greg /

    The promoters for CB Predator seem to be like the J.P. person from ETHIC CASH – a most unethical man.

    All of the excuses as to why he will not refund your money. This is even when you cancel within the guarantee period.

    Where are the honest Internet Marketers?


    No Support ever given or responded to.

    Gave up after 2 months of pathetic performance.

    I was not brave enough to pay extra to see a “platinum pile of crap”

    Had to fight with CB to get my initial fee PLUS the first monthly charge.

    “If it sounds too good to be true THEN …..”

  10. Also got suckered into buying the full package but soon realized that this wasn’t going to work especially after asking for support and receiving squat (generally a good indication that the product sucks)asked for a refund and got one. Feel sorry for those that keep trying to get this to work.As the old adage goes If it sounds to good to be true……

  11. A huge disappointment, Aaron! I should have known from the outset that ‘you can start earning in as little as 15 mins from now’ is absolute crap. It took me over a week to get an answer out of support after the content integration system didn’t do what it was supposed to do. Even at launch a number of things hadn’t even been thought through properly, eg they’d forgot to mention that one needs self-hosting. Fine for me, but newbies wouldn’t have even known where they were coming from.

    I guess the thing that really peeved me with this, is that nearly every self-proclaimed guru had jumped on the bandwagon to promote this. Some of these guys I’d formerly held in high regard. No more! Touting something like this is shameful!

    The same with the Cashbook Code .. all promotion – and NO support, despite the fact they were supposed to have a 48 hour response period. And again .. I have a list of some 31 names of well known marketers promoting this. I guess what really upset me, was that I was being encouraged with their PLR package to profess to expertise I didn’t have, eg in weight loss, breast cancer etc. Sorry, but I am not about lying! I’ll bet most of these marketers competing for ‘top spot’ hadn’t taken the time to even check out what it was they were promoting.

    I sought and finally obtained refunds on both of these products.

  12. Carol /

    I too got sucked into CB Predators and have since got my money back, thankfully!
    It actually took about 2 days for my first site to get set up from go to woe, not 15 minutes. They kept saying they were doing things at the time of email but when checking a few days later, this was not done and nothing had changed whatsoever.
    All in all very dissapointed, thought this one might have been different but no, just another waste of money…where have all the good programs gone????? (were there any to start with?)

  13. Purchased the monthly subscription and the platinum package, no support, lots of ‘this is happening, this will happen, and this is done’, unfortunately NADA! and no updates to membership area after month one

    Got a full refund of both the monthly x 2 and platinum through clickbank. Bit of hassle but clickbank came through :o)

    WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY and still lost out because of domain names purchased which I right off or spend some time creating content for.

    VERY dissapointed

  14. John L /


    I did NOT by the product, and your review helped sway me in that direction – and I am so glad you were candid!

    To those of us that are still in the process of developing some momentum, it is just as helpful to have a trusted advisor warn what to stay away from as well as pointing out genuine assets.

    I have a collection of “Can’t Lose” products and systems on my hard drive, and I am very grateful for your help on preventing that list – and the drain of dollars – getting any larger.

  15. Has anyone noticed how many of the gooroos have started using the “It’s all a bunch of crap” sales strategy?

    It seems like I’m getting at least five or six such pitches everyday. It’s always the same approach…”Everything is crap…except for my product. My product is the real thing.”

    Yep, you gotta give these guys credit. At least they’re good at hearing the collective voice. That’s the voice that’s yelling, “I’ve had it with the phony BS sales letters.”

    We can put a stop to this if we’ll just stop buying their garbage and Aaron, you’re a big help. Keep it up with the truthful reviews.

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