My Take On “AutoTraffic Avalanche”

Aug 20

As you may know by now, earlier today I committed to purchasing AutoTraffic Avalanche and letting you know what I thought of it.

Well – to be honest, I haven’t had a LOT of time to give it a thorough test however here are my initial impressions:

The sales page states that only 234 copies are available however given the number of affiliates promoting it, this is most definitely not the case so from a scarcity point of view alone, don’t be pressured into rushing in and purchasing.

As you will see, the product itself costs $39 on the front-end. The sales process involved not one but FOUR upsells. To be honest, I found these quite annoying and didn’t read them thoroughly by the second one.

As for the product itself… without giving too much away, the product focuses on using Facebook Ads. I can’t honestly say I personally feel comfortable about using the software as it is intended to “cheat” Facebook into approving your ad regardless of their Terms and Conditions. HOWEVER there is more to the product than the actual software itself. For some reason I got the impression from the sales page that it WAS the software that was the main component however there are several useful videos in there that are not reliant on the software.

Just re the software, I am kind of of the opinion that if too many people use it, then Facebook will soon “cotton on” to what is going on anyhow, and ultimately could start banning accounts.

For $39, this product has given me the kick in the butt I needed to start using Facebook more in my marketing plan and in that respect, I think it was worth the spend for me.

Plus there were a couple of great resources mentioned for checking out the demographics of sites you are looking to promote.

All in all though, I wouldn’t recommend this one to most people. If you don’t mind using unethical tactics in your marketing then you’ll love the software but just be warned, you may very well wake up to find your Facebook account shut down!

If you’ve purchased and wanted to add your comments, feel free to post them as a comment on this post.

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UnderGround Traffic Blueprints – Adwords Proof

Jul 15

I’ve been testing out just ONE of the methods outlined in Simon and Jeremys’ Underground Traffic Blueprints.

So far I’m very impressed with the results.

See the video proof I’ve put together where I show you that it IS possible to get 1 cent clicks – even in traditionally high-cost keyword niches.

(If you’re having trouble seeing things on the small screen click here to watch the video on YouTube itself)

If you like what you see, grab your copy through my link and I’ll give you my bonus package (outlined in the my review).

Your friend in success,


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My “Underground Traffic Blueprints” Review

Jul 13

UTB 250x250 My Underground Traffic Blueprints ReviewVirtually every business on the internet is looking for ways to drive more traffic to their website. I don’t think there are many people out there who wouldn’t like to start bringing in thousands of new visitors virtually overnight.

Traffic is the lifeline of any internet business. Without it, your business is dead in the water. With thousands of targeted visitors daily, even to the weakest of offers, you can expect to start generating at least a moderate income.

Underground Traffic Blueprints is created by Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson and is due to go live at 8 AM EST on Tuesday 13 July.

Over the past week or so I have been going through this product to see if it’s something that I HONESTLY think would benefit my subscribers and readers. If you’ve read any of my past reviews you’ll know that I do NOT recommend products that I don’t think will be of benefit to my readers. As with my past reviews, this will be an honest look at the product itself and whether it lives up to the claims on sales page.

Ok. So here goes…

The Underground Traffic Blueprints product itself consists of 32 individual videos. There is also a bonus set of videos called Underground Ad Secrets which consists of four separate videos.

Initially I was a little worried that 32 videos might be a little too much to sit through. I’ve purchased many courses and products in the past where the videos are so overwhelming that you never get a chance to actually put the information into practice. In this regard, I was pleasantly surprised.

The good thing about Underground Traffic Blueprints is that it is broken down into modules each focusing on a particular technique or method.

Phase One consists of twelve videos covering four different topics.

The first six videos focus on little-known Adwords techniques that you can use to get traffic to your website from as little as one penny per click. Even if you didn’t get traffic at one penny, you can still get it DIRT CHEAP using this method. Now to be quite honest, I had in fact heard of this technique before however this was only because I recently purchased a high end course that was focused solely on this method of generating traffic. I paid $197 for that course and it didn’t provide me with nearly as much benefit as these six videos. As a general rule, I would say that very few people know about the sheer power of using this method to drive traffic with Adwords.

One other neat thing about the Adwords videos is that they reveal an incredibly powerful keyword research tool that I bet you’ve never heard of. In reality, the Adwords video series in itself is worth the price of the entire course – in fact, as I said – I paid $197 for something that didn’t deliver anywhere near the info these guys shared.

Before we get too carried away though, I do have one word of caution… if you’re not familiar at all with Adwords then you’ll probably need to get your hands on some sort of basic Adwords tutorial. Keep reading the rest of this review and I’ll provide you with some resources in this regard.

The next two videos focus on how to get masses of traffic from News sites.

The final four videos in Phase 1 look at Article Marketing. I thought I knew a fair bit about article marketing, but I was blown away by several of the tips they shared. There were some real gems in here that I am already in the process of testing out. Did you know you can EASILY find the hottest topics to base your articles around with a simple piece of code you can simply throw into Google? I honestly had no idea until I watched these videos.

Phase 2 contains 3 videos on Social Traffic – which particularly focuses on leveraging Facebook in a way that will allow you to build a list of in excess of 1 million followers! Let’s be realistic – even if you only built a list a 10th the size of that, that’s 100,000 followers. Heck… I’d be happy with that.

Now again –  you will need a basic knowledge of Facebook and how it works in order to be able to dive straight into this blueprint. Once again, I’ll provide a solution to that at the end of this review.

Also covered in Phase 2 is a half hour video on using Press Releases to generate massive traffic. Again – these aren’t some outdated techniques that have been done to death either.

Phase 3 contains 3 videos on SEO traffic – in particular providing you with a step by step blueprint on how to dominate the search engines. Whilst I have yet to work through the SEO blueprint in its entirety, it looks very comprehensive.

Phase 4 contains 5 videos on Contextual Advertising or what you may know as CPV or PPV.

You’ll also receive a further 9 Bonus videos called the “$50,000 a Month Massive Traffic Bonus”

AND of course – you also get Underground Ad Secrets as yet another bonus!

Things You Should Know Before You Purchase

The course itself costs $77 and payments are processed through Clickbank.

There is NO UPSELL – so you don’t have to worry about jumping through hoops just to get at the main product. (Doesn’t that make a refreshing change?)

Although the course is probably not aimed directly at someone who is literally just starting out online, it will definitely benefit the majority of people out there.

You can use the methods taught in the Underground Traffic Blueprints to drive traffic to virtually any offer – whether it’s your own offer or an affiliate offer, a CPA offer or a squeeze page. The techniques shown will work regardless of your situation.

The Bottom Line…

If you’re serious about making money online then snap this product up. At just $77 you can’t help but make money and with Clickbank’s 60-Day No Fuss Guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose. I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for products that don’t deliver anywhere near this much value and I almost guarantee you have too. To date, this is one of the best traffic courses I have seen at any price let alone at such a low price-point.

The Underground Traffic Blueprints contain something for virtually everyone and they are setup in an easy-to-follow fashion. It doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in, if you do any sort of business online then these blueprints will help you immensely.

One thing I really liked is that it wasn’t necessary to go out an BUY a whole lot of other tools in order to make it work. The resources they provide you with come with free trials or free equivalents to paid resources. By taking advantage of free trials you can then start generating a decent income before deciding whether or not to purchase a particular resource.

I rarely offer up testimonials these days because I am not prepared to put my credibility on the line by recommending something that’s not of the highest possible quality. This is one of the rare exceptions and you’ll find my testimonial on the sales page.

Ask yourself this…

When was the last time I actually RECOMMENDED a “new release” product to you? How many times have OTHER “MARKETERS” recommended crap products to you only to make themselves a quick buck? Who will you trust?

I’ll continue to provide you with the most honest reviews on the net but can only do so with your support.

My Bonus For You…

Remember I said that there were a couple of things to be aware of before purchasing Underground Traffic Blueprints? Well – I have a solution that addresses those concerns.

To sweeten the deal, when you order through the link at the base of this review, I will send you two additional video series focusing on Adwords For Beginners and Facebook For Beginners.

UTB bonus400 My Underground Traffic Blueprints Review

I’ve also added a Non-Transferrable Resell Rights License to SEO Traffic Vacuum AND 10 x Niche Video Squeeze Pages so that you can start using the traffic generation skills taught in Underground Traffic Blueprints to build MASSIVE niche lists.

Just give me 24 hours from when you make your purchase so that I can verify things and then I’ll send you the download links to the two video series to the email address you used for your purchase.

If, after reading my review, you feel that Underground Traffic Blueprints is for you, then please do purchase through the link below:

Grab your copy of Underground Traffic Blueprints here.

In return I’ll continue to wade through the tons of crappy products currently being peddled out there in the marketplace and expose those for what they are as well as let you know when one actually lives up to its claims.

Sound fair?

Grab your copy of Underground Traffic Blueprints here.

Remember: if we band together, I’m sure we can help each other…


P.S. Just so that we can keep this review “above board” in a couple of days, I’ll be adding a poll for those who decide to grab this one. I want to hear what YOU truly think of the product.

EDIT 18 July 2010 – I have seen some comments around the net that some of these techniques are not “new”. I don’t doubt that – in fact I mentioned in my review that the Adwords one was shown in a $197 product that I recently purchased – but that product only contained THAT ONE tactic. Hardly ANYTHING is a “secret” or “new” these days but what I will say is that I had not tried any of them and the ones I have tried so far DO actually bring in traffic. Having all these methods in one convenient place and at such a low price point, makes the UTB offer a “no-brainer” to me. And with Clickbank’s refund policy – how can you possibly lose? If it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back – no hassles!

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My Blogging Espionage Review

Jul 05

Below you will find my Blogging Espionage Review. As you will know if you have followed my previous reviews, I am not one to hype up them up in a bid to get you to buy though me. I will tell it like it is and my Blogging Espionage Review is no exception.

BloggingEspionage200 My Blogging Espionage ReviewRob Benwell recently released his Blogging Espionage product and it was promoted by a LOT of big name marketers. Did they do their research before promoting it though? You decide based on my review.

Usually Rob Benwell’s products are pretty good. That was another reason why I decided to purchase it.

As always, I purchased this product at full price ($37) and decided to give it a whirl in case it was something worth telling my subscribers and readers about. As you may already know, my track record as of late has not been good so I was not expecting big things.

The first thing that struck me is that the website stated that “Only 300 Available!” Given that I had seen several big names promote the product, I was surprised that it hadn’t already sold out. (Well to be honest, I wasn’t really but given that it WAS limited, it SHOULD have already sold out.) Needless to say, more than 2 weeks since I purchased the product, it is still being sold, so I hardly believe that only 300 copies were only available.

Anyhow, I ordered and was immediately hit with an upsell. From memory it was for several hundred dollars and involved a “coaching service” but don’t quote me on that as it was over 2 weeks ago and I’ve bought a fair few products since then!

Obviously I declined the upsells and just went with the base product.

What I received was a 40 page PDF report (36 pages when you take out the cover page, copyright info, table of contents and a brief introduction.) The product itself focuses on TWO methods to make money from blogs. Obviously I can’t go into too much detail about the specific methods here, as that would not be fair to the product creator. Pages 22 – 34 of the PDF focus solely on setting up your blog (i.e. how to register a domain name and install a WordPress blog using Fantastico – something you will see I showed you how to do on this very blog some time ago.)

Overall, I don’t doubt the method taught on the remaining pages MAY actually work, HOWEVER I think most people will be disappointed. The sales page claims:

“… It’s possible for anyone to follow and make money in a matter of a few hours… If you’re really lazy, within 24 to 48 hours.”

Personally I struggle to see how this is the case unless you are very good at writing your own content. The product recommends 6 months (approximately 60 posts) worth of content should be created initially. 6 months! Even by outsourcing that, I don’t see how it’s possible to have the job listed, your writer(s) selected and the content back to you within 24 – 48 hours??? And if you’re doing it yourself then you’ll be looking at a LOT longer. To be fair, he doesn’t recommend that they ALL have to be text posts however this will still make up the majority of the content you will need.

“The great news is you don’t have to worry about any of the following…

Having An Existing Website Or Blog
Having Any Technical Knowledge
Having Previously Made Money Online
Having To Work Long Hours
Having To Wait More Than 48 Hours To See Results
Having To Spend More Than Ten Bucks
Having Your Own Product”

If you don’t have more than Ten Bucks (the price for the domain you will need to purchase, then you can kiss goodbye to the idea of outsourcing your content.)

Personally I feel that the sales page and sales video is WAY over-hyped. The product itself is perhaps feasible if you were patient enough to follow the system, however I think that the financial rewards would be significantly less than is touted on the sales page unless you were EXTREMELY lucky.

Benwell’s guarantee is indeed compelling, however I would suspect that you would have to provide a lot of PROOF that you have actually REALLY TRIED to make the system work for you before being able to claim the $100

“$100 Guarantee #1

I GUARANTEE That You’ve Never Even Heard Of This Strategy Before… If You Prove Me Wrong And Have Heard About It Before Then I’ll Give You $100 Out Of My Own Pocket Plus A Full Refund!

$100 Guarantee #2

I Also GUARANTEE That If You Run With This Strategy YOU’LL Be Able To Make At The Very Least $1,000 By This Time Next Week… Again, If You Prove Me Wrong I’ll Send You $100!”

Overall – and sadly yet again, my advice is to save your hard earned cash. For the majority of people, there is just too much work involved to see results. IF I categorically KNEW that the system would in fact produce the results that Benwell claimed, I would indeed have implemented everything he recommended. Given that there are now thousands upon thousands of people who will be trying to use this method, I did not see it as worthy of further investigation.

Having said all of this, Clickbank does offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee so, if nothing else, you have a fairly good chance to test it out for yourself if you were that way inclined. Personally I wouldn’t bother spend the time or money on this one though.

I hope that you have found this Blogging Espionage review helpful. Check back for more reviews on other products regularly.

You can visit the Blogging Espionage sales page here and see it for yourself.

If you’ve actually PURCHASED the product, what are your comments? Do you agree with my Blogging Espionage review? Disagree? Leave your thoughts and be sure to vote in the poll below. I hope you enjoyed my blogging espionage review.

If you have purchased Blogging Espionage, what did you think of it?

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SEOPressor – Currently Under Review

Jun 29

seopressor reviewed SEOPressor Currently Under ReviewI have just purchased SEOPressor and my initial impressions are very positive. I want to do some further testing to see if it can really improve my Search Engine rankings but so far I’m impressed.

I’ll be sure to update you once I have some solid results (or lack thereof.)

Right now though, it’s priced at an introductory pricing. I really don’t know if this is just a tactic and whether the price WILL actually rise but I thought I should let you know.

One other word of warning: The sales process does involve a One Time Offer HOWEVER this is clearly stated on the sales page above the order button. Basically the One Time Offer just allows you to install the plugin on UNLIMITED SITES that you own as opposed to just one.

Now – if I had wanted to, I could have made a LOT more money promoting this to my readers as soon as it was released without even having tried it, however I am not in the habit of doing that. I’ll only promote something I actually use or have tested and found that works.

More soon….

In the meantime, you can check out SEOPressor here.

If you already use SEOPressor, what are your thoughts?

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CBPredator – It’s been two months now. What did YOU think of it?

Jun 25

It’s been two months since I posted my review of CBPredators and I wanted to hear from those readers who purchased it.

As you will see from the above review, my recommendation was DEFINITELY NOT to waste your hard-earned cash on it. (I took the time to review it BEFORE even CONSIDERING marketing it and I could see it was flawed from the outset.) I wonder who “recommended it” to you?

Perhaps my review was too harsh?

I have started a poll below. ONLY if you purchased the product, please post your opinion.

If you purchased CB Predator, what is your opinion of it?

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