Profits Theme Re-Opened – MASSIVE Discount Until 21 March 8AM EST

Mar 16

Profits Theme for WordPress has just been re-opened and will remain at the special low discounted price of just $297 $97 $27 until Monday 21 March 8AM EST.

I bought this one when it first came out about a month ago and haven’t regretted it. Profits Theme has to be one of the easiest products of its kind!

Watch this video of Profits Theme in action and you’ll see what I mean.

Grab Your Copy Of Profits Theme Here Before Monday 21 March 2011 – 8AM EST And Get A HUGE Discount On The Official Price.

With Profits Theme you can create:

=> Squeeze pages

=> Landing pages,

=> Product Launch pages

=> Sales pages

=> Multi-Level Membership sites

=> Drip fed content sites

=> Thank you pages

=> Legal pages

and much, much more!

Here’s why I personally like Profits Theme:

=> It’s easy for my subscribers and readers to setup and use almost immediately. Even if you’re relatively new to setting up websites, Profits Theme will make it so much easier and faster!

=> It’s fast to create high quality sites

=> It’s based around a proven platform – WordPress!

=> It’s super low cost

=> It saves myself and my clients a ton of time.

ProfitsTheme 248x300 Profits Theme Re Opened MASSIVE Discount Until 21 March 8AM EST

The Profits Theme “drip-fed content” feature alone is worth every penny!

Just think about the possibilities to use some of your existing knowledge as content to build a drip-fed membership site where people pay you even just a small amount each month or week. Profits Theme will make sure that those members only get access to the content that they have actually paid for and it will look as though you are creating new content every week or month – when in fact, you’re barely even working on the site!

Oh – and just so you know that I did in fact buy this one to make sure it’s as good as I say it is… here’s a copy of my receipt 😉

profitsthemereceipt 300x290 Profits Theme Re Opened MASSIVE Discount Until 21 March 8AM EST

If you want to see REAL REVIEWS from actual Profits Theme users, then head to the Warrior Forum by clicking herejust be aware that you WON’T be able to order your copy from that page any longer but you get the exact same pricing from the link below if you order before Monday 21 March 2011 at 8AM EST.

Grab Your Copy Of Profits Theme Here For JUST $27 If You Order Before Monday 21 March 2011 – 8AM EST

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Let’s Make This “The Death Of The Blind Sales Letter!”

Mar 14

Even though nearly a year ago, I posted about the state of the IM industry and how we all needed to take a stand against shoddy marketing practices and fraudsters, I still get emails on a regular basis from readers and subscribers who want me to review products that have nothing but blind sales letters. Please help me out by sharing this post or video with friends and your own subscribers if you can. It REALLY IS time we made a stand because the situation is not getting any better – in fact, in many respects – it’s actually getting WORSE.

I really want this message to get out there so that we can clean up the IM industry. Feel free to post any comments and spread the word!

Also – I’ll be releasing my the first issue of my monthly PDF newsletter in the next 48 hours. It’ll be yours free and will have plenty of good content you can use in your business. Stay tuned for an update…

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Facebook Ads For Free – What A Load Of Crap!

Mar 06

I felt compelled to tell you about another new release from Jani G (Facebook Ads For Free) that has hit the Clickbank marketplace recently. From all accounts, it’s one you should avoid at all costs!

Personally I wouldn’t waste my time watching another boring “guru hating” sales video that does little but waste valuable time from your precious day… however, if you’re determined to see the sales video, you can do so here:

Facebook Ads For Free – (no affiliate link there I can assure you)

I will tell you right here and now, I HAVE NOT even bothered to purchase Facebook Ads For Free. You’re probably then asking yourself – “What gives you the right to offer an opinion then?” Well – to be honest, some of my subscribers HAVE purchased it (and regretted it) and there is enough bad feedback around for me to categorically tell you that I’d be wasting my money and time. There are even several marketers out there who actually DID promote it to their lists and have gone on to advise that it was a mistake. Good on them for at least admitting that they made an error of judgment. Many marketers won’t.

Personally, I can’t understand how anyone can even promote Facebook Ads For Free to their lists and expect people to trust their recommendations. My inbox has been bombarded with well-known marketers promoting it in an attempt to earn big commission payments – but I suspect it may be to their own detriment when their subscribers see the quality of the product.

See a totally impartial review of Facebook Ads For Free from actual users here

BTW – the last product that Jani G (the creator of Get Facebook Ads For Free) produced (AutoTrafficHijack – yet another terrible release by all accounts) has resulted in a dispute with his developers whereby it is alleged that he has not paid them for the development work. This has resulted in the developers canceling all licenses and replacing customers’ software with their own version!

Hope this helps to save you some of your hard-earned cash… and if you HAVE purchased and are disappointed, you always have Clickbank’s refund policy to turn to!

man with thumb down 300x300 Facebook Ads For Free What A Load Of Crap!Again – I want to remind you of my commitment to NEVER promote CRAP to you just to make a buck. If ever you feel that I have let you down, then I really do want to hear about it. I’m trying to continue to build my business around trust, loyalty and integrity and I value every one of my subscribers and readers far more than making a quick buck like many of the “other marketers” out there.


Bottom line – my advice (for what it’s worth) is DO NOT purchase Facebook Ads For Free!

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[NEW WSO] SEO Revolver Is Getting Great Reviews

Mar 04

Over the last few months I’ve been getting more and more queries from my readers about SEO, particularly running a profitable OFFLINE SEO Business.

Well – I thought that the best way to assist those of you who are interested in this incredibly lucrative market was to find a decent product that I could recommend. There are a ton of local businesses who haven’t the foggiest idea about how to get a SEO optimized website up and running.

It’s really not as hard as most people would have you believe!

SEORevolver 300x264 [NEW WSO] SEO Revolver Is Getting Great Reviews

This WSO delivers on a number of levels. I’ve been waiting for it to be released for some time and finally today is the day.

Check Out The SEO Revolver Package Here

The thing I LOVE about WSOs (apart from getting a great deal) is the fact that you can easily find HONEST reviews, right there on the sales page, from other USERS of the product.

You’ll want to check this out… one guy reckons it should be called SEO BAZOOKA rather than SEO Revolver.. LOL

Oh – and although I haven’t got to that part yet, the course even covers coping with the new Google algorithm changes.

From what I’ve seen so far – it looks great!

Check Out The SEO Revolver Package Here

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Google Sniper 2 – NOT Off To A Good Start!

Feb 15

Another BIG new release is taking a HAMMERING on the Warrior Forum.

You MUST read this if you are even CONSIDERING purchasing Google Sniper 2.o (which I am NOT promoting and have not added my affiliate link anywhere here.)

I should also remind you that I’m certainly not out to “bash every new release” but I feel it’s my duty to keep you informed of ALL the facts before you get caught up in the hype and end up grabbing this without knowing all the facts.

Google Sniper 2.0 – You’ve Been Warned!

Apart from the fact that version 2.0 is basically just a re-hash of version 1.o, what amazes me is that the “early bird” purchasers of this product ACTUALLY PAID MORE than those who waited 24 hours before purchasing. According to my research, the initial price was $67 but now it’s been slashed to just $47 just a day after the launch. I still can’t believe that. To me that just defies all logic!

I’m sure you got plenty of emails telling you to RUSH IN and GRAB IT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

I guess there will ALWAYS be price reductions in life but so soon into a launch? I know you can go to the supermarket one day and buy a loaf of bread for one price and then come back the next day and it’s on special at a dollar less…

But I don’t believe it should happen in launches like this.

I Actually Had To Ask For Confirmation Of This I Was So Surprised!

In my book, I see nothing wrong with RAISING the price (effectively giving early adopters the chance to get the best deal) but I have never heard of a launch which works more like a Dutch Auction!

Perhaps if we wait a few more days, the price will be reduced to $27???

Were you duped by all the hype yet again? Feel free to post your comments and tell us about your experiences with Google Sniper 2.0. I’m all for a BALANCED argument but the initial feedback I’ve seen hasn’t been good so far.

Read The HONEST Reviews Here

Oh and don’t forget to check out the ONE product that I HAVE recommended lately and why – if you’re looking to make money online. Click here for details on that.

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Clickbank products SUCK!! I’m hopping mad!

Feb 07

Ok … so perhaps the title of this post has already got you wound up a bit but that was kind of intended because I REALLY want to hear your opinion on this so it was important that it got your attention and stirred up enough emotion one way or the other so that you made an effort to leave a comment.

Before I get started I also want to stress that I’m NOT writing this post simply to take some “moral highground” but merely highlight frustrations that many of people in the IM industry are having right now.

Ok … so let’s get started!

You see – about the beginning of last year I pretty much stopped promoting most of the major internet marketing launches and stuck to doing my own thing – promoting my own products or building businesses in niche markets outside of IM. To be quite honest – I’d had enough of the crap. It was starting to make me feel sick inside!

Sure – I possibly lost out on some easy cash in the form of commissions, but to me it’s not about making money by deceiving people. I doubt I could sleep at night if I felt that I’d ripped off a bunch of my subscribers so I won’t recommend products I haven’t used myself.

Anyhow, I sat back and watched all the hype from the sidelines for most of 2010. Rarely did I even pass judgment in the second half of last year. I foolishly thought that perhaps these “scam” products would die a quick and painful death if I ignored them for long enough. Unfortunately I was wrong… dead wrong. (Hey – as a total aside – I even admit to my wife that “I can be wrong too at times!” LOL)

Today however, I’ve decided to start some discussion again because in the last few months I have noticed an alarming trend – and because a good portion of my lists are new to the Internet Marketing arena, I wanted to ensure that these people didn’t get carried away (aka RIPPED OFF) with this “latest craze.”

The “craze” I’m referring to here are all those $37 automated software products popping up on Clickbank on seemingly a daily basis. They all seem to use the same “cookie cutter” sales letter, false scarcity and a “blind” sales video that tells you nothing about what the actual product is or does (except make you a lot of money – supposedly.) They all seem to promise instant riches virtually at the click of a button.

What really gets my back up though is the number of promotional emails I’ll receive for these completely useless pieces of software. Have ANY of these guys who promote this stuff actually even TESTED the software? I know for a fact that most of them haven’t – because if they had, they’d realize they don’t get anywhere close to delivering what the sales letter promises.

And when you get to the sales letter, to be told there are strictly 200 copies available is a complete and utter lie. Apart from doing some basic maths, I know it’s a lie because I am offered invited to promote these products as a JV partner and I know that some of the best promoters can clock up 200 sales on their own! So for the product creator to say that they are strictly limiting sales to just 200 or whatever is just total deception.

The relentless trend of “blind” sales letters is crazy. All these guys harp on about how great their one-of-a-kind software is and how “point and click easy” it is – yet none of them are prepared to put their money where their mouth is and SHOW you the software in action BEFORE you have to make the decision to purchase it (or not!)

In any case, do you REALLY think that a guy who makes 1,067,237.34 in just 3 short months is going to share his “revolutionary autopilot software” for just $37? You know he won’t right? Unless of course the software now no longer works as it once did!

I’ll say one thing for them though – these guys have balls, that’s for sure! The one great thing about Clickbank from a customer’s perspective is that there is virtually NO RISK. Clickbank will cheerfully refund your money (no questions asked) in just about EVERY SITUATION so you are pretty safe in purchasing any Clickbank product. I guess for the creators of these types of products it is simply a “numbers game” and they bank on the fact that many customers won’t actually bother to ask for a refund. (I know I haven’t at times in the past – I probably only ask for 50% of the refunds that I SHOULD ask for.)

Most of these recent $37 launches have been PLAGUED with problems and the feedback I’ve seen on some of the forums I go to is nothing less than atrocious.

– Blind sales letters that leave you salivating for this secret software that’s supposed to rake in tons of cash on autopilot but not knowing what the heck it’s supposed to actually do before you buy!

– Software that, once you DO decide to purchase, simply doesn’t work, no longer works as it once did or is BLACKHAT and using it could most likely get you into all sorts of trouble.

– Customer service that is pathetic – leaving customers to struggle for days on end without a reply.

– And last but not least – dodgy marketing tactics on the backend! (Endless upsells, downsells, cross-sells and telemarketers calling to entice you into some high end purchase!)

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Warrior Forum or not – but if not, then you should familiarize yourself with it. It’s a goldmine of information. As an example, check out these scathing comments on some of the recent releases:





LOL.. If you try and leave the sales pages for the above two, you’ll get taken to the sales video. Take a look at the background of the video on both the above two and see if you can spot something in common! They look like they’ve been filmed in the same room! (Nothing wrong with that I guess but it’s a bit of a laugh.)





The above one was launched in August 2010 and was supposedly limited to 250 copies – yet I just visited the sales page again and it’s still up and live!



and just released today (so brace your inbox for a bombardment from all those “marketers” who try to sell you something they won’t use themselves)



(albeit released at a $39 pricepoint rather than the “traditional” $37 one.)

And these are just a SMALL handful of the recent launches.

Common sense would tell most people NOT to buy something that sounds “too good to be true” (at least without concrete evidence) but there’s something inside everyone that tells them “there must be an easier way!” and these guys know that a good number of people WILL actually buy. That’s how they do so well from these launches!

Don’t get me wrong – there are a TON of FANTASTIC products on Clickbank but as of late, many of the big launches have unfortunately resorted to shady promotional tactics and crappy software products that simply don’t work as they are supposed to.

I’ve had enough of the BS and I’m sure you have too. Isn’t it time we all stood up and said we’re not interested? Sure – we can just NOT BUY their crappy pieces of software and that will definitely help, but unfortunately there will always be newcomers to the IM scene who will fall victim to these guys. I need you to help me send them a message that they can’t ignore. If you feel the same way, please post a comment on my blog. Tweet about this post to your friends. Spread the word. I want to get these so-called “gurus” to understand that we’ve had enough and we won’t stand for it a day longer.

If you’ve got first-hand experience of one of these types of products be sure to post a comment about it – GOOD OR BAD. I’m all for a balanced argument 😉 but I’m a firm believer that NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is a substitute for hard work, perseverance, a positive mindset and working to a proven system!

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