“The Internet Marketing Newbie Guide” Is Now LIVE!

Jan 07

package 300x219 The Internet Marketing Newbie Guide Is Now LIVE!

IM Newbie Guide - Make Money Online

I’ve just launched my latest product called The Internet Marketing Newbie Guide which is designed to help those who have struggled to get to grips with making money online.

This 74 page content packed guide is priced at a crazy low price and will definitely be useful for those who still consider themselves “newbies.”

A resell rights option is available from within the report itself.

Get all the details and a bargain by clicking here

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[MONDAY MADNESS!] 25 x Health Niche PLR WordPress Blogs (INSANE DEAL)

Sep 05

Could this be my most insane deal yet?

25 Niche WordPress Blogs (with PLR) all focused on different areas of the “health and wellness” niche for just $???

Click here to find out!

75 packages only at this price – so be quick. It’s a “no brainer!”

Click here to see this insane offer.

“Together we can help each other succeed!”

Your friend in success,


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Your Secret Source Of UNLIMITED PLR Content!

Jun 19

If you’ve ever been stuck for PLR content that you can use for virtually ANY aspect of your online business, then look no further than what I’m about to share with you today.

For some time now, I’ve been a member of BigContentSearch and it’s been well worth the investment so far – with PLR content on all manner of topics.

In order to give you a MUCH better idea of what the site offers, I recommend watching the video below:

bigcontentsearch Your Secret Source Of UNLIMITED PLR Content!

BigContentSearch is NOT just some Article Directory or PLR article pack or anything like that.

This is your one-stop source of UNLIMITED and SEARCHABLE PLR content!

The best part about the site is that you can really “drill down” and search for articles and PLR content like no other site I know of. It’s truly a timer saver and an easy way to generate new content. They even have a inbuilt article spinner to help you churn out “unique” content in no time flat.

Just imagine the possibilities:

– Write your own ebook by compiling a few related articles together.

– Generate quick and easy viral reports that build your brand and drive a ton of traffic to your sites.

– Use the PLR content on your websites (take advantage of the inbuilt spinner and you’ll have fresh content that the search engines will love.)

– There are just tons of ways you can use the PLR content at BigContentSearch

Click Here To Grab a FREE 3-Day Trial and You’ll See What I Mean About The BigContentSearch PLR Content Membership!

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Which “Payment Processors” Do You Use / Trust?

Jun 13

I’ve seen a lot of talk recently about several well-known marketers having their Paypal accounts frozen for various reasons. These are certainly NOT new issues either – such things have been happening for years. Whilst I don’t know all the “ins and outs” of each case, I know enough about doing business online to say that as marketers we should always have a backup plan. If you take nothing else away from this blog post, please remember that!

I certainly don’t ever recommend “putting all your eggs in the one basket” – especially if it’s your livelihood at stake. And that includes using Paypal as your only source of payment option or becoming solely reliant on ANY one payment option.

I’m certainly looking hard right now at how I can become less reliant on any one payment method and I wrote this post so that I could hear your thoughts.

I should also make it clear here that I’m NOT here to bash Paypal but simply to offer a platform where we can share trustworthy alternatives for those who no longer have a Paypal account, can’t accept Paypal due to where they live or simply do not trust them.

It’s no big secret that there are a lot of people out there that HATE Paypal. You only have to jump into the WarriorForum or any other respected forum and you’ll hear the horror stories. There are whole sites dedicated to exposing some of the Paypal horror stories… some which of course are not entirely accurate or present a slightly biased view.

It would be fair to say that many of those who have had their accounts suspended or frozen have in fact broken one of Paypal’s many Terms and Conditions. The problem is though that you can talk to two different reps at Paypal and get two completely different answers – so it’s hard to know what IS acceptable and what ISN’T until it’s too late.

Having said all of that, there are far more people that actually LOVE them than HATE them!

That’s what makes it tough for us as marketers – because even when we offer alternatives, 90% or more of our customers choose to pay via Paypal. I’ve tested this in my own businesses and well over 90% of my customers pay via Paypal.

So…. I wanted to hear your opinion on a few things…

AS A VENDOR (SELLER) what are the alternatives? What’s your fallback plan if anything was to happen to YOUR Paypal account?

AS A VENDOR - Which Payment Processors Do YOU Use?

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AS A CUSTOMER - Which Payment Methods Do You Use and Trust?

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There is a lot of talk and speculation amongst the Internet Marketing community (rightly or wrongly) that Alertpay may become the next big payment option for marketers. They operate in a similar fashion to Paypal but appear to be a little more “flexible” in their Terms and Conditions.

Do you have an AlertPay account?

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Do you have an active Paypal account currently?

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And finally…. if you use Paypal regularly….

AS A BUYER - What is it about Paypal that you like the MOST?

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AS A SELLER - What is it you like about Paypal the MOST?

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As marketers, we need to share our ideas and solutions to problems which arise from time to time. We need to be prepared for any eventualities – even if they seem unlikely. That’s why I want us to start some discussion about these things now so that we can take steps to reduce the risk.

Please feel free to share any comments as I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on alternatives to Paypal or related issues.

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FREE INTERNET MARKETING NEWSLETTER – May Issue Of My IMIntegrity PDF Newsletter Is Ready

Jun 10

I’ve just finished putting the “final touches” on the May edition of my IMIntegrity PDF Newsletter (a free internet marketing newsletter) and it’s ready for download.

It’s a bit later than usual because I was sick with a cold and didn’t get a lot achieved in the last week or two…

newsletter FREE INTERNET MARKETING NEWSLETTER May Issue Of My IMIntegrity PDF Newsletter Is Ready

Inside (amongst other things) you’ll discover:

– How To Choose A Good Autoresponder For Your Business

– Why 99% Of People Will Never Make A Dime Online …. And How YOU Can Become One Of The 1% That Does!

– How To Hide Your Download Pages From The Search

– The Best WSO’s From The Past Month

and TONS more including a large array of free resources you can use in your business.

A number of people I’ve spoken to have said I should be CHARGING for this free internet marketing newsletter – but I originally decided that I wanted to keep it free simple smile FREE INTERNET MARKETING NEWSLETTER May Issue Of My IMIntegrity PDF Newsletter Is Ready

Download your copy in .zip format here at NO COST:


or download the PDF directly here:


If you missed any previous issues, you can grab that from:


Have a FANTASTIC week ahead!


p.s. Remember – I’m not charging a dime for this free internet marketing newsletter!

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Your $1500 Per Month Guarantee?

Jun 04

If you’ve tried all sorts of ways to make a living off the internet but never had any real success, then it’s time to seriously consider taking some sort of positive action that will virtually ensure your success is guaranteed …. that IS if you’re SERIOUS about making money online!

My friend William can help you – and not only that, but he’s guaranteeing that you’ll make money when you use his training system ….

“Join My Training Program And By The Time You Finish It You Will Be Making AT LEAST $1500 Per Month – Guaranteed”

“If you join my program, implement the lessons, contact me when you need help and follow all of my instructions exactly as they are and don’t make money, I’ll make money for you.”

It’s a bold claim but he’s that confident that he can help you.

You can see from his Warrior Forum profile (below) that he’s  no “fly-by-nighter” either and delivers real value to the Warrior Forum as a whole:

williamrs Your $1500 Per Month Guarantee?

Interested in hearing more? Click the link below:

=> http://www.IMIntegrity.com/likes/guaranteed-income

I’m not going to try and trick you here – the program will take a bit of effort so if you’re into looking for “pushbutton riches” then this ain’t for you… then again – I’ve yet to see ANY “pushbutton” system that actually works as claimed!

Stop chasing your tail and consider using a “system” that delivers real and sustainable results:

=> http://www.IMIntegrity.com/likes/guaranteed-income

With William’s guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

“Together we can help each other succeed!”

Your friend in success,


P.S. You could easily spend the type of money we’re talking about investing in William’s training very quickly on garbage products that don’t deliver. If that’s what you’ve been doing up until now and you still haven’t seen results – then how will continuing to do so be any different?

This is definitely worth careful consideration – surely? What could YOU do with an extra $1500 per month?

=> http://www.IMIntegrity.com/likes/guaranteed-income

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