My Take On “AutoTraffic Avalanche”

Aug 20

As you may know by now, earlier today I committed to purchasing AutoTraffic Avalanche and letting you know what I thought of it.

Well – to be honest, I haven’t had a LOT of time to give it a thorough test however here are my initial impressions:

The sales page states that only 234 copies are available however given the number of affiliates promoting it, this is most definitely not the case so from a scarcity point of view alone, don’t be pressured into rushing in and purchasing.

As you will see, the product itself costs $39 on the front-end. The sales process involved not one but FOUR upsells. To be honest, I found these quite annoying and didn’t read them thoroughly by the second one.

As for the product itself… without giving too much away, the product focuses on using Facebook Ads. I can’t honestly say I personally feel comfortable about using the software as it is intended to “cheat” Facebook into approving your ad regardless of their Terms and Conditions. HOWEVER there is more to the product than the actual software itself. For some reason I got the impression from the sales page that it WAS the software that was the main component however there are several useful videos in there that are not reliant on the software.

Just re the software, I am kind of of the opinion that if too many people use it, then Facebook will soon “cotton on” to what is going on anyhow, and ultimately could start banning accounts.

For $39, this product has given me the kick in the butt I needed to start using Facebook more in my marketing plan and in that respect, I think it was worth the spend for me.

Plus there were a couple of great resources mentioned for checking out the demographics of sites you are looking to promote.

All in all though, I wouldn’t recommend this one to most people. If you don’t mind using unethical tactics in your marketing then you’ll love the software but just be warned, you may very well wake up to find your Facebook account shut down!

If you’ve purchased and wanted to add your comments, feel free to post them as a comment on this post.


  1. Hey Aaron,

    Thanks again for another great review and honest feedback of yet another massively promoted offer. I think I received this email from around 4 different guru’s and for a minute it sounded OK. A quick check on the Warrior Forum (where I found your post as well) quickly showed me that this program is not for me! It would probably work for a little bit however like you, I am trying to win at this game as ethically and true as I possibly can. Scamming or at least tricking Facebook would not fit into that category…

    Thanks for reviewing the big launches – it really means a lot to us all!
    Take care,

  2. Aaron,

    I did purchase it as well. I actually don’t plan to use it to “cheat”, as I don’t agree with that. But I did use the specific ideas to start some campaigns. After 1 full day of spending on 3 different campaigns (as described), zero results. I know that’s not enough time, but from first glance, looks like a refund in the making (meanwhile a lot of $ down the drain).

  3. Hi Aaron,
    I would not be suprised if the upsells cost them customers it was only curiosity that kept me going.

    I doubt the software will be of any use in about three weeks time. The people running Facebook will already have the tech boys on this.

    Like yourself I got the kick in the butt, the information alone is worth the cost.



  4. Good for you! These reviews are invaluable. I am absolutely inundated with similar product offers every week and after MANY disappointing results and much money wasted, I for one have decided to ignore them all unless they are vouched for / recommended by reliable sources. Many of these product’s pitches are hyped ridiculously and some to the point of blatant lies – it’s a total disgace.

  5. Thanks for your post. I bought this program and feel the same way. I hated all the upsells and am not interested in fooling Facebook.

  6. Vincent D /

    Your experience and that of your members (as noted by their comments) are just like mine…overhyped & not worthy as a business tool for the long run. The members of the Warrior Forum say the same for Auto Traffic Avalanche and Blogging Espionage “thumbs down” for both. Can we ask you about other products we may be thinking about to save time, AGGRAVATION & money?

  7. Great to read an honest review! I purchased it and have asked a refund. Fooling Facebook does not appeal to me either, and any success will be short-lived; Facebook are way too smart for that. Keep on “telling it like it is!”

  8. Thanks for the honest review. I bought this product and I am also very surprised about the techniques adopted to “cheat” Facebook. And I agree with you that once getting more and more people using this software, Facebook will be alert and start to take action.

    Ming Jong

  9. Hi Aaron
    Yet another piece of junk comes flying by for the unwary in the I.M. niche!
    Learn how to cheat Facebook – yeah and GET BANNED!!!
    All this new traffic from the latest ‘special software’ …. YAWN!
    I wonder how many others are getting so p****d off with the latest so called ‘Guru’offering’
    Give Us A BREAK
    Graham in UK

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