Alex Jeffreys Coaching Classes Reopen At Just $27!

Feb 18

You may have heard the buzz about Alex Jeffreys Coaching in the past. His “Marketing With Alex” coaching programs have sold out every time he has opened them up to new students.

500x484 mwa2 300x290 Alex Jeffreys Coaching Classes Reopen At Just $27!

Usually he prices access to “Marketing With Alex” at $997 and when I tell my subscribers about it, a good number of them take him up on the offer. Hundreds of students have now seen amazing results from taking Alex Jeffreys Coaching and many are making 6 figure + incomes!

Alex Jeffreys coaching is well known for delivering fantastic results.

The reason for this post is that I wanted to quickly let you know that as part of a very limited time Warrior Special Offer, Alex Jeffreys coaching “Marketing With Alex” is being sold for just $27. This is EXACTLY the same coaching as others paid $997 for so it goes without saying that this is a fantastic deal. But… you’ll need to act quickly because an offer of this magnitude won’t last for long. Remember – Alex Jeffreys coaching is highly sort after and sells out everytime he opens it up.

Get all the details on how you can get hold of Alex Jeffreys Coaching for just $27 by clicking here.

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Hello world!

Jan 09

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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“The Internet Marketing Newbie Guide” Is Now LIVE!

Jan 07

package 300x219 The Internet Marketing Newbie Guide Is Now LIVE!

IM Newbie Guide - Make Money Online

I’ve just launched my latest product called The Internet Marketing Newbie Guide which is designed to help those who have struggled to get to grips with making money online.

This 74 page content packed guide is priced at a crazy low price and will definitely be useful for those who still consider themselves “newbies.”

A resell rights option is available from within the report itself.

Get all the details and a bargain by clicking here

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[HACKED!!] Don’t Become Yet Another “Statistic” – ACT NOW

Dec 29

WordPress is a fantastic platform to run your websites on and is hugely popular these days for many very good reasons. While it‘s great for blogging, it‘s also the perfect platform for those creating their first website because it‘s so easy to setup and you don‘t need any costly software or any knowledge of html and the like.

Unfortunately though, with the huge number of WordPress sites now dominating the web, hackers now have a large “playground” to test their skills.
Repairing hacked sites can be very time-consuming and also lead to significant downtime and / or data loss. Databases can also be corrupted and you can even lose search engine ranking if your site is indexed before you’ve managed to repair the damage. And that doesn’t count the financial loses due to your site being out of action whilst repairs are completed.

Simple Steps You Can Take Right Now To Start Securing Your WordPress Sites

The great thing about WordPress is, that because it‘s so immensely popular, developers are extremely quick to react when a security flaw is uncovered. That means that new updates are regularly available and that in itself makes it more difficult for hackers.

The problem though, for many people, is that they do not keep their WordPress sites updated. Often they have too many WordPress powered sites and they just forget to keep them updated. Or they have too many and they just can‘t find the time to update them all. And of course, there are those who are simply too lazy to do it—even though it doesn’t take long to do.

So, the simplest step you can take today to ensure that your WordPress sites have a decent level of protection from hackers, is to keep them updated with the latest version of WordPress.

The next thing you can do very easily is make sure you use a very stong password to access your WordPress dashboard. I know this sounds really basic but you‘d be surprised how many people will use a simple word that can be found in the dictionary! Hackers will be able to “guess” your password if it‘s too basic so make it as difficult as you possibly can. I recommend a mix of numbers, letters and even special characters. If you are wanting to create a really secure random password, make it 10 characters or more. You can use the free tool on this site if you‘re stuck for ideas! If you want to check how secure your password is then you can check it via this free resource on the Microsoft website.

One other thing to remember (since we‘re on the subject of passwords) is also to make sure that your web hosting account itself has a strong username and password combination!

Another simple thing you can do is to make sure that you don’t use “admin” as your username for accessing your blog. Try using something else. This again will make your username and password combination very difficult for hackers to hack. If you already have a user setup called “admin” then you can simply create a new user under another username and give them administrator privileges, test it to make sure you can access your WordPress dashboard ok with it and that you have full administrative access and then delete the existing “admin” username!

Well—that‘s about all we have time to discuss within the scope of this article. I hope you’ve found it useful and more importantly, will put the information into ACTION if you are not already following the above methods to keep your WordPress sites secure.

If you would like more detailed information along with step-by-step procedures for securing your WordPress sites with almost bulletproof armour, then you might want to check out my WordPress Lockdown? Security Guide.

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[MONDAY MADNESS!] 25 x Health Niche PLR WordPress Blogs (INSANE DEAL)

Sep 05

Could this be my most insane deal yet?

25 Niche WordPress Blogs (with PLR) all focused on different areas of the “health and wellness” niche for just $???

Click here to find out!

75 packages only at this price – so be quick. It’s a “no brainer!”

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“Together we can help each other succeed!”

Your friend in success,


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