About Me

MAaronPhoto About Mey name is Aaron Leighton and I am an internet entrepreneur (notice I DIDN’T call myself an “Internet Marketer” – more on why that is shortly.) I live in New Zealand with my wife and 2 children.

I have been marketing online since 2002 and during that time, I have developed a number of very successful internet businesses. I previously worked in partnership with Dave Isaacs however he recently decided to take a bit of a break from marketing online in order to fulfill some other aspirations. Therefore I now work my businesses with my wife, Renee.

Some of those businesses include:

MyMarketingGoldmine.com – my premier membership site which offers all the tools and services you need to start a business online.

I started the IMIntegrity.com blog because at the beginning of 2010 I noticed a trend in the Internet Marketing arena that I was starting to get quite disturbed by. I felt that the whole marketplace had lost its “integrity” and that almost everyone was just out to make a “quick buck” at the expense of those eager to set themselves up with their own profitable online business.

I finally became so appalled by the situation that I vowed to do whatever I could to put a stop to it.

This blog is YOUR chance to speak out and be heard. If we all band together we can make sure that only HIGH QUALITY products become successful in the marketplace and the trash is exposed for what it is!

I hope that you will join me in this revolution.

Your friend,

Aaron Leighton