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Feb 11

I have been literally blown away by the feedback I’ve had over the past few days regarding my recent blog post about the crappy $37 software products that have been bombarding us lately. It’s really got me believing that “together we CAN make a difference.”

[I apologize for not having replied to everyone individually. I definitely will post a lengthy reply to address any points as soon as possible.]

Anyhow… today I have an insight for you. I hope you’ll see where I am coming from with this one.

Here goes:

I was having my breakfast this morning whilst flicking through a magazine that was lying on the table. It certainly wasn’t one of my usual reads… in fact it was one of my wife’s magazines! LOL

I flicked to one of the pages and read a small quote:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish!”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 – 1944)

Immediately I thought about how relevant this was to many of my readers. I honestly believe this is the CRUX of why so many people do such a miserable job of making any real money online. They have a goal – “they want to make money online” – but they have no real PLAN. And therefore, time and time again, they fail. But the most important thing these people need to realize is that it is NOT that they are not CAPABLE of achieving the goal. They just don’t have anything or anyone to guide them step-by-step to that goal.

Ironically, the most bizarre thing was, just the night before, I had stumbled upon the very thing that I thought might REALLY help my readers.

As you know, I very seldom recommend products to you these days. I’m not interested in “peddling crap” to you like some of those other “marketers” who make out their doing you a real favor by letting you know about the latest and greatest pushbutton solution! You and I both know, you’re smarter than that! I’m sure you’ve wised up to those guys.

Well, I just purchased the Adsense $100k Blueprint (Yep – that’s MY affiliate link and I’ll stake my credibility on the fact that this could just be one of your best IM purchases for a very long time, if you decide to grab it AND follow it.)

And just so I can PROVE to you that I’ve actually PURCHASED a copy for myself so that I can thoroughly review it and I’m not just trying to make a fast buck… you can see my short video below. (I’ll even show you a quick peek behind the scenes!”)

I bought this blueprint so that I can work on it with my wife who knows virtually nothing about marketing online. I want to have something she can follow along to and build sites to build an income for herself.

If you want a bit more info on this one, you can download this free report which gives you more info.

What I like about this so far:

1) The sales video is not 30 minutes long, only to leave you wondering what it is you might be purchasing. It’s less than 5 minutes long and shows only proof that these guys are actually making the income they claim.

2) This is NOT a brand new product so there are countless real reviews from countless real customers on the Warrior Forum. They are almost all positive (something that VERY RARELY happens on the Warrior Forum. Usually products there are RIPPED TO SHREDS!) I have NEVER seen reviews like this on the Warrior Forum.

Click here to read those reviews

3) The creators are actually RESPONDING TO queries or comments made as part of the reviews on the Warrior Forum.

4) The blueprint is comprehensive and detailed.

5) You don’t have to do anything BLACKHAT, or breach of Terms Of Service or anything dodgy like that to make this work for you. The same cannot be said for some of the “pushbutton / one-click software” that has been released recently.

6) There were NO dodgy sales tactics such as price reductions when trying to leave the page without buying! (I REALLY HATE that tactic. It oozes desperation and also leaves a good portion of customers with a foul taste in their mouth when they realize that they could have got the product cheaper.) I’m really pleased that these guys did not use that awful tactic.

7) I didn’t have to navigate my way through countless high priced upsells. I will say there IS one upsell but it is just a forum membership and is certainly not required to make the most of the blueprint itself. In fact, at this stage, I have not bought it. I may do once I start working through the blueprint.

What you MAY not like about it:

1) It’s not a pushbutton solution. You’re going to have to work a little bit and follow the blueprint but the rewards should definitely be worth it if you stick with this and follow the plan. Plenty of others have already done it and there is no reason why you can’t too!

So who do I think Adsense $100k Blueprint is for?

– Anyone who has not made any real money online yet.

– Anyone who is not afraid of doing a few hour’s hard work. (Just think about how much time you invariably waste surfing the net looking for the “next big thing.”)

– Anyone who wants to add additional income streams to their existing business.

What Adsense $100k Blueprint is NOT!

– It’s NOT a get rich quick scheme (even the creators clearly state that in their short sales video)

Here’s the deal!

If you purchase the Adsense $100k Blueprint through my affiliate link, I’ll make sure I help you in any way I can to get the most from this purchase. I’ll also give you my latest MP3 audio called “Success Mindset Solution” which I haven’t even advertised yet to help you get yourself into the right frame of mind for success. I’m a firm believer in the power of your mind to achieve incredible results and if you go into anything with the wrong mindset, you’ll undoubtedly be disappointed with the results.

once I have verified that I have been credited with your sale I’ll send you your bonus within 24 hours along with details of how to best contact me if you need assistance to the email address you used with your purchase.

So – if you trust me enough to make a recommendation to you based on my thorough research and personal experience so far with the Adsense $100k Blueprint, click here to order through my link and I will make sure you are personally looked after.

There will probably be a few people who will “question my integrity” in making this recommendation and to that I will say “I have NEVER said I wouldn’t recommend products to you that I HONESTLY THOUGHT will work for you. I have no problem in doing that. If I DID NOT DO THAT, I would in fact be doing you a DISservice.”

So click here to join me in working through the Adsense $100k Blueprint.


  1. Hey Aaron,

    As you already know, I trust you implicitly when it comes to all things IM! 😉 So before even grabbing this I can tell from your post that you fully believe in the possibilities of this product, and I look forward to seeing the “inside.”


  2. Aaron, I for one, have been petrified to get in to the ‘Adsense Game” as I just keep hearing all the horror stories about people losing their shirts while they figure it out. Obviously having a guide like this would help, but the one question I still have is… isn’t it getting tougher and tougher to create adsense campaigns that are both affordable (not the $1.20/click) and profitable?

    It seems to me that the cost per click has just gotten crazy over the past 2 yrs.


  3. Hey Daryl

    Good to hear from you buddy. I trust all is well with you.

    I think you might be more referring to “Adwords” rather than “Adsense”

    I agree that “Adwords” these days takes a BIG budget even to get started and it is very easy for newbies to lose a lot of money before they manage to hit on a winner however the soaring costs per click are actually in the Adsense marketer’s favour given that Google pays you a cut of whatever the advertiser pays to advertise on your site.

    There have been a few stories of “Adsense” account holders having their accounts shut down but that is generally the result of not adhering to the terms and conditions are creating crappy sites with auto-generated content.

    Hope this helps to clarify.

    Take care


  4. Hey Daryl

    Re the share that publishers get from Adsense…

    I just learnt from the Blueprint (a fact I was unaware of) is that Google actually pays Adsense Publishers 68% share of the advertising revenue per click!


  5. Absolutely right Aaron (as usual… heh!).
    Sure appreciate everything that you and Dave have done in the past and continue to do. Even if it is correcting that pretty newbie mistake of mine. Ha!
    That was indeed what I was talking about. Word on the street is not very inviting for Adwords advertisers these days.

    Keep doing what you are doing…!

  6. No worries buddy… done it myself on plenty of occasions in the past :-)

    Thanks for the kind words!


  7. Hi Aaron – I appreciate your honest straight forward reviews. I purchased the 100K Adsense Blueprint through your link, and read the blueprint cover to cover. I’m fairly adept at keyword research so I dove into the research to find some keyword groups that fit the Blueprint’s parameters (which I don’t want to reveal here out of respect for their product). To my dismay, I couldn’t find any. And again – I’m an experienced keyword researcher!

    When I went back to review the blueprint and look at their examples… the examples they gave of their sites didn’t follow their parameters either! (hint: look at the search results they show for some of their keywords and they’re not using exact match… which is what they say to use). So I’m perplexed. I’ve sent them a support e-mail, but have not heard back from them. Very frustrating.

    Also – their upsell is their forum… which I assume is where you can ask them or others for help. While I really appreciate that they didn’t throw in a bunch of upsells, I have a hard time paying for support of a product that I’ve bought, especially when they print their e-mail at the end of the blueprint and tell you to e-mail them if you have any questions.

    I need some clarification of this blueprint to make it work…

    I’m interested in hearing if you’ve found some keywords that fit ALL of their criteria, and if you’ve had any success with your Adsense sites using this method.

    thanks Aaron!

  8. Hi Stacey

    I started really getting into doing some keyword research with my wife the other night and was going to continue with it this week but with the earthquake down south I have done little but stay focused on the news on the TV. I WILL say however that keyword research is probably the hardest part of the blueprint. They do make mention of this in the blueprint saying that if you get this part right then you’re onto a winner (as long as you follow the rest of the blueprint.) I did find a couple of promising niches the other night but still have to get back to those.

    I will definitely keep you and others updated though as soon as I get back into it again later in the week.

    Hope this is ok.

    Kindest regards,



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